llama riots

Announcement ~

mkay so within the next few days and over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to try to cut down on tumblr time because I have AP tests coming up and I am stressed out and I want 5s on them oKAY ;D so I’m in the process of making a queue but I’ll probably be on more in the evenings and such rather than the afternoons. Anyways, the queue will keep my blog updated and such :) but I personally will probably not be on as often.. at least in the afternoons/early evenings.

btw I love you all :)


I’m going to camp next week! From Monday til Thursday, and then I have a church conference on Friday and Saturday. SO I will basically be gone all week. I’m going to miss you guys a lot :( but the amazing Gre is blogsitting for me, and I’ll also have a queue running. So I’ll be back next Sunday! (possibly on Thursday afternoon, but I will probably end up sleeping instead, sorry haha)

Le announcement ~

so basically my internet sucks right now aka i can’t get on the internet on my laptop for whatever reason but BASICALLY it sucks woop. so right now i’m using my mom’s laptop.

anyways, today was my last day of mandatory school HOLLA ~

but i’ll be super busy the next few days with parties and graduation and etc. so does someone want to blogsit for me? Message me or text me if you have my number yeah.