llama i mean no

people on my dash are complaining abt d+p’s branding for the tatinof movie and documentary. .. .  and i’m like …. my pals… . . remember ….this is their chance to dump it all and move on. they are leaving it all with a bang. the rebranding is coming. embrace the storm for now while you can.

onwards aoshima llama hedge

(well at least now i know for sure i can’t paint humans)


Ryan: I wonder if he is going to stick around in the city a bit more. 

Zach: Oh llama, I hope not!

Jeb: It wouldn’t be that bad, it means he isn’t bugging us is the suburbs. 

Haha, very funny Jeb. 

anonymous asked:

I've always hced Tim as a water bender due to his fighting style and his medical training with the llama could easily be for water bending healing I mean the batfam really need a magical healer but now I can't decide between water bender Tim or air bender Tim

I like Timmy as an airbender. AIrbending is supposed to be the element of freedom, of happiness. That fits with Tim’s early history of happily trailing after B&R, that desire to be free and to fly with them. He’s got some of the detachment, always feeling slightly apart from people and things. His tactics I think fit into that as well, Tim is one to outthink rather than outfight an opponent due to being so small, avoid and evade is a big part of Tim’s fighting style.

Plus I like the idea of the sweet idyllic Tim being slowly worn down and broken by the mounting tragedies in his life, maybe he finds himself struggling with his bending due to losing his sense of happiness and peace. But also using airbending in darker ways. I could totally see Tim stopping people from breathing until they pass out or overwhelming people with the wind.

No one looks at an airbender and thinks danger, at least not before Red Robin.


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@henryl89: missed u! #amber @ajol_llama #henber
@henryl89 : ouch! @ajol_llama #henber should we just call it official? amber just take it quickly … . ㅋ I’m going to be when I push
@ajol_llama: This means “Go Away” @henryl89
@henryl89: missed u all! #osaka #backstage @seojuhyun_s @515sunnyday @ajol_llama

in what way does it benefit me as an artist or indeed a human person to have a rando open up my page and present me with a 100% completely pointless and arbitrary llama badge

i would prefer radio silence to trying to decipher the meaning of the fuckng thing like is it supposed to be a kudo is that someone being like “hey, nice work”

just say “hey, nice work”

why did i come back to this site