llama i mean no

Random Drarry scene
  • Harry, waking up in St.Mungo's after an auror mission: How long have I been asleep?
  • Draco: 30 years. I'm Scorpius and I was send here to look after you by my father, who-
  • Harry, shocked: What!?
  • Draco: Ran off to marry your best friend Ronald Weasley and started a llama farm in the swedish mountains
  • Harry, searching for his glasses in a panic: fuuuuuuuck
  • Scorpius, whispering to his dad: How long until we tell him?
  • Draco: Not until we've arrived in Sweden. That should teach him to be more careful on auror missions next time.
  • Scorpius: Jag är en kyckling?
  • Draco, nodding: Jag är en kyckling.

Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @dogtit - featuring the voices of Elsie Lovelock as Moira, @totalspiffage as Tracer, and Tiana Camacho as Mercy! Why do we even have that lever? o: Also, I just gotta say: while this isn’t the first Overwatch/Disney crossover comic dub we’ve done here at the Overwatch AWNN production facility, it may quite possibly be the strangest. Yet. Putting that caveat right there: YET.

Hang on a tick, does this mean that Lena is the llama? I bet she’d be pretty chuffed about that! Of course, this means that she’s also David Spade, which is a less chuffed-worthy revelation.

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  • Maggie: okay Lena it's your turn
  • Alex: what does Kara love that starts
  • Maggie: starts with L and ends with A
  • Kara: MAGGIE
  • Alex: hey no that's way too easy
  • Lena: lasagna?
  • Alex and Maggie and Kara:
  • Kara: I mean, i do love lasagna but...
  • Lena: a llama?
  • Maggie: are you serious? Is she serious?
  • Lena: I don't know! It's hard!
  • Alex: okay... a clue. She has-
  • Kara: ALEX! Can we please not!
  • Lena: oh. Ohh?
  • Kara: Lena you don't have to. This is a silly game-
  • Lena: Lyra? Kara, do you have feelings for Winn's girlfriend!?
  • Kara: NO! RAO, LENA! NO!
  • Maggie: Is this a joke? Lena, listen, starts with L and ends with A... sitting right in front of me...
  • Kara: MAGGIE
  • Lena:
  • Lena: *looks at kara*
  • Lena: *points to herself*
  • Lena: me?
  • Maggie: DING DING DING

llamas-party-hat  asked:

Coran as a (Devil) and Allura as a (Angle)

i was srsly thinking of actually drawing Coran in a skimpy succubus type outfit but i couldn’t do that to Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man.

The Emperor’s New Groove starters pt. 1

  • “Will you take a look at that? Pretty pathetic, huh?”
  • “Well, you’ll never believe this, but that llama you’re looking at was once a human being!”
  • “I was the world’s nicest guy and they ruined my life for no reason.”
  • “Ok, this is the real me.”
  • “This perfect world begins and ends with me.”
  • “It is time for you to choose your bride.”
  • “Let me guess, you have a great personality.”
  • “The emperor had me thrown out a window.”
  • “You really should have thought of that before you became a peasant!”
  • “The nerve of some of those peasants, huh?”
  • “Whoa! No touchy! No touch!”
  • “I have been nothing if not loyal to the empire.”
  • “I’m here because I received a summons.”
  • “Word on the street is you can fix my problem.”
  • “When the sun hits that ridge just right, these hills sing.”
  • “Isn’t it great? It’s my birthday gift to me!”
  • “I give the word, and your town will be destroyed.”
  • “Pull the lever, ___.”
  • “Why do we even have that lever?”
  • “___, put your hands in the air!”
  • “I’ll smash it with a hammer.”
  • “Oh, right. The poison–The poison for ___. The poison chosen specifically to kill ___. ___’s poison.”
  • “I am one hungry king of the world.”
  • “Hey, did you see that sky today? Talk about blue.”
  • “This isn’t poison. This is extract of llama!”
  • “All your poisons look alike. You might want to think about re-labeling some of them.”
  • “Well I suppose there’s time for dessert.”
  • “Still think I’m not the victim here?”
  • “I am so glad I was unconscious for all of this.”
  • “Don’t listen to that guy, he’s trying to lead you down the path of righteousness.”
  • “You’re sort of confusing me, so begone.”
  • “Um, what’s with the chimp and the bug?”
  • “Can we get back to me?”
  • “What am I gonna tell the village?”
  • “Hope that doesn’t come back to haunt me.”
  • “I ate a bug today!”
  • “Um, I’m the one in the cart, remember?”
  • “You’re that whiny peasant.”
  • “What do you mean I don’t look like the emperor?”
  • “My face! My beautiful, beautiful face!”
  • “You’re the criminal mastermind, not me.”
  • “That’s giving you way too much credit.”
  • “Build your summer home somewhere else.”
  • “I don’t make deals with peasants!”
  • “Ooh, it’s a scary tree.”
  • “I’m born with an innate sense of direction.”
  • “Ok, that was the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Don’t worry your highness, I’ve got you! You’re safe now.”
  • “Maybe I’m just new to this whole rescuing thing, but this, to me, might be considered kind of a step backwards, wouldn’t you say?”
  • “Don’t tell me, we’re about to go over a huge waterfall.”
  • “For the last time, it was not a kiss.”
  • “Some day you’re going to end up all alone, and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.”
  • “Are you going to build a fire or what?”
  • “Well, he ain’t getting any deader!”
  • “You know that means you’re doing something nice for someone else.”
  • “Don’t shake unless you mean it.”
  • “Believe it or not, I think I need a bath.”
  • “I was going to have you imprisoned for life, but I kind of like this better.”
  • [plotting ways to kill Angelique]
  • Dorian: Ah, how shall I do it? Oh, I know. I'll turn her into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I'll put that flea in a box, and then I'll put that box inside of another box, and then I'll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives...
  • [laughs]
  • Dorian: ...I'll smash it with a hammer! It's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, I tell you! Genius, I say!
  • [knocks over bottle of poison on flower, which shrivels up and dies]
  • Dorian: Or, to save on postage, I'll just poison her with this.

Do you think Cory ever broke when RobinasOswald made sad eyes at him? 

Just like, “Oh, oh god I’m sorry *grabs* *hugs* *pets head* I didn’t mean it ur so special and wonderful and i love you”

“Cory pls, it’s been 34 takes”