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Dude I think you would write the most amazing book ever!!!! Just saying I really like your writing! ��

omg I really don’t know what to say, this is such a beautiful compliment. Thank you very very much!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Creatures of the Night Part 4

Summary: Phil, PJ, and Chris are a small clan of vampires living in London. Phil discovers newborn vampire Dan, who was abandoned by his creator.

Vampire AU, featuring Phan and KicktheStickz

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

“Phil, how many vampires are in the whole wide world?”

The older vampire smiled in amusement at the question. “The whole wide world? That’s rather hard to say. I’ve only met around two hundred myself.”

“But there are some you haven’t met?” Dan asked curiously.

“Some,” Phil agreed.

“Are all of them nice? Like Louise and Zoe?”

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1. Who asks the other on dates:

Probably Amber since Krystal is too lazy to go out lol

2. Who is the bigger cuddler:

Amber since Krystal probably says something like “I’m cold” and she would have automatically a llama hugging her.

3. Who initiates holding hands more often:

Krystal. Amber is probably walking and looking at the background. It’s most likely to be like this since Amber would be running or trying to take pictures and Krystal will take her hand like “can you calm your shit down”

4. Who remembers anniversaries: Both. Krystal would be waiting for the day and Amber will probably forget it but actually she has been planning how to spend the day with Krystal. 

5. Who is more possessive: do I have to say it? lmao.

6. Who gets more jealous: Krystal lol since everybody is friends with Amber and Amber is like “Hey, Krystal, I bring Ellin to sleep with us. R u ok with it ”

7. Who is more protective: they both. Amber is like “have you sleep?” “Have you took your medicine” “do u want me to go with you” and she probably will give her life for Krystal. Soojung might look as she doesn’t care about Amber but actually she is 24/7 looking for her and reading fans comments in ambers ig to know who is she gonna hit up. She’s like “do what you want”, but if something happens to Amber, she will be the one to run and hit and kick the one who hurt her. She’s also trying to cheer up Amber when she’s sad and probably feel not enough to make her happy but actually Amber loves to have Krystal next to her.

8. Who is more likely to cheat:

I don’t think any of them will do it tbh. Amber is likely to get rumors since she’s friends with everybody and she’s like “lol Eric lets have a ship name lmaOH KRYSTAL SORRY I WAS JUST PLAYING SKDKSDKSSK”

9. Who initiates sexy times the most:

Krystal since Amber is to shy to have “the thing” lmao. Krystal will be like “HEY AMBER ;)))” and Amber is like “OH FUCK WHAT ARE YOU DOING *tries to cover Krystal with her shirt*”

10. Who dislikes PDA the most: both love PDA, but probably Soojung is like “wait until we arrive home”

11. Who kills the spider: At first I thought “Amber is gonna be like telling Krystal the animals rights and talking with the spider” but I remember that she’s the one who has to deal with spiders when she’s with f(x) because they get scared af.

12. Who asks the the other to marry them: Krystal and she probably say it everyday as a joke but lowkey actually mean it since Amber is too shy to ask her. Amber probably have been planning the day but when the day comes, she’s like “oh fuck, I forgot the speech” and Krystal is like “as I expected”

13. Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Amber since she’s Krystal’s sugar mommy. She would buy a whale for her if Soojungie ask her to. 

14. Who would bring up possibly having kids: Amber since Krystal is like “are you saying i need to have the baby in my tummy? Hell no, that space is for food. Amber is gonna have them.”

15. Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Of course Amber. She probably has been practicing her Korean in front of the mirror “hi, I’m the one who kiss and shake your [daughter] (br)ass.” 

16. Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Krystal would kick Amber off and even when the one who is angry is Amber, Krystal is like

Jsj: oh ok, then go to the couch

Ajol: OK *amber leaves*

Also Ajol: HEY!

17. Who tries to make up first after arguments: we have been thinking of Krystal as the princess and stuff, but actually when she does something bad, she will recognize it, but will not ask directly for kisses or stuff. She’s like “hey, im here and I know it was bad, come and kiss me”

18. Who tells the other they love them more often: both would do it equally. Amber say it loudly and Krystal smiles and in a whisper says “I do too, stupid” , maybe is like she doesn’t need to say it because it’s pretty obvious and she feel embarrassed to say it out loud.

Dan howell dad imagine - 1

up until 2 years ago when me and dan’s son james was born we have been extremly happy. i was sitting in my office on tumblr when a crying james came into my room clutching his finger. i turned around and pulled him up onto my lap and asked what’s wrong. he didn’t reply and started to howl and wimper i looked to where his finger was and noticed he was bleeding i lifted him up and rushed him into the bathroom. “james, it’s alight i said putting him and the ledge above the sink and looked in the cabinet below.” it’s gona be ok james, what did you cut it on “ i was colourin llama and them…bleedin, ” he said in his adorable 2 year old voice. i looked at the back of the cupboard to see no plasters left. “dan?” i shouted. “yeah babe.” he said slowly coming closer to the bathroom. “james has a paper cut and we have no plasters.” i said to him, who was standing in the doorway fixing his hair. “aww no do yu want me to get you some plasters?” he said coming in infront of james and looking closely at his finger. james nodded and continued to cry now holding his arms out for me to carry him. dan excited the bathroom and i followed with james stil whaling in my arms. i hugged him tighter trying to calm him down and gave dan a kiss goodbye. i asked james if he wanted to watching some adventure time whilst we waited for dan which he agreed and climbed u onto the sofa i his fluffy dinosaur onezie and hugging his llama dan gave him when he was born. phil was out at the moment with his girlfriend, lucy. which was kind of lucky considering i don’t think he will be happy if there is a two year old sobbing in his living room. james cried most of the way threw the adventure time episodes, until it had 20 minites left, dan got home. “hello dinosaur.” he said sitting next to james on the sofa. james lifted his head of my lap and shuffled nearer to dad. “daddy, what’s in the bag?” he got out a box of plasters and put one on his son’s finger the got out a small bag of malteasers and gave them to him.“ thank oo daddy.” he said kissing him on the cheek. james sat on dan’s lap and i watched dan throw him up in the air and catch him then twist him round in diffrent directions. “ i love you two.” i said watching them then kissing dan’s cheek. “i luv oo mummy.” james said and i kissed him forhead. “i love you Y/N and james too.” i turned to face him and he faced me to and we kissed with a faint ‘eww’ from james making us laugh in the kiss.


We have successfully wrapped up and executed our S.Coups 22nd Birthday Project! We are so sorry for the late update, but thankfully our Korean representative had delivered the listed gifts below (refer to pictures above), along with a donation certificate for Daegu Children’s Welfare Center (under ‘SEVENTEEN S.Coups’) to Pledis’ building on the 9th of August.

1. 4 Clothing pieces (voted by Carats)
2. Moleskin notebook engraved with ‘SEVENTEEN Leader S.Coups’
3. Llama hug pillow

Above all, we would like to extend our gratitude to every single one of you, who supported and donated for this project. Not to forget, our members who have worked hard behind the curtain in making sure this project is a successful one. We truly have no words to express the gratitude we feel, however we are thankful to all of you for being understanding, despite the conflicting schedule.

Please continue to support us for more projects in the future and give SEVENTEEN lots of love! 

International Carats


MODie: Hah, that game is totally fake. But still, my tablet kept crashing so I didn’t get to finish the tenth picture with the Mod of askbloodsugar and the Charlie Horse… well, Charlie Llama hugging it was gonna be cute! I hope you guys like (it’s an inside joke between me and the Mod of BloodSugar 😉 she’s gonna laugh so hard at this! Even though it’s not accurate XD)