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Reasons to watch the New Russian Holmes series (2013)

I’ve blogged a lot about this show over the last month or so, but I’ve been meaning to make a big post about it all in one place, so here we go!

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A brief intro for those who care:

Sherlock Holmes (2013), or, as it seems to be popularly called, New Russian Holmes (as opposed to the old Soviet Holmes), is an eight-episode Russian-language Sherlock Holmes adaptation directed by Andrei Kavun, starring Igor Petrenko as Holmes and Andrei Panin as Watson. It first aired in Russia in November 2013, but has had no official English release.

So where can I watch it?

Despite the limited release, all eight episodes are available on Youtube, with English subtitles, translated thanks to the excellent @spiritcc​.

Yeah but why should I watch it?

Because it is excellent. I don’t want to spoil people too much because discovering things yourself is really the best, but let’s be a bit more specific:

The opening credits:

Even before the first scene, we get treated to a beautiful opening sequence with really great music, but this isn’t just a sequence to shove credits in your face, it’s not even just an aesthetically pleasing series of shots of Watson’s notebook, the opening sequence forms part of the episode and part of the series as a whole.

Every opening is unique, from the images to the voiceover, and is as much a part of the story as the substantive scenes themselves. 

The refreshing take on canon:

If you’re going to watch this, you need to know that the fundamental premise of the show is that the ACD canon lies. Watson’s “stories” are just that: stories. Holmes in real life is different, Watson is different, Mrs Hudson is different, the cases went differently, hell, even Gregson is different. So if you’re looking for a faithful replication of canon, this isn’t the show for you, but once you take on board this fundamental premise, it’s fantastic because it forces you to think about canon in a new light, and to consider the implications of Watson as an unreliable narrator.

You’ll get to see how and why Watson came to write “canon” the way he did, and you’ll get to see how everyone reacts to it. Every other adaptation (with the exception of Bert Coules’ radio series perhaps, but even that adheres to canon quite strictly) treats canon as more or less the “truth” and bases their version off that to create an output; this show treats canon as the output, and works backwards to imagine the “true” series of events behind it. This aspect (at least for me) was one of the most delightful themes to watch develop throughout the episodes, and it really shows how much original thought and passion went into the conception and creation of the show.

Watson as the true protagonist:

This sort of follows on from the fundamental premise of the canon stories being mere stories. Watson is the person through whom we get to know Holmes; everything we read is Watson’s doing, so it’s natural that the protagonist should also be Watson. We see the world from Watson’s perspective.

It’s not a story about this genius Holmes and his sidekick Watson, it’s a story about Watson and his adventures with this intriguing man, Holmes, and in that way it makes the show very grounded and very real.

Holmes the nerd:

For some reason, Igor Petrenko’s Holmes has been likened to Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes, but I don’t think that’s accurate at all. Whereas RDJ’s Holmes veers more towards grubby cocky action hero who happens to be good at reasoning (and I don’t say that with any scorn), Petrenko’s Holmes is very much grounded in the same sheer intellect that defines canon Holmes, only this version is a more flawed, nervous character, which I think makes him more interesting. Petrenko does an excellent job with the quirks and mannerisms of the character. He also keeps insects in jars in his room.


Watson the military man:

A lot of adaptations emphasise Watson’s role as a doctor, but few seem to remember that he was also a soldier, so it’s refreshing once again to see this series not only acknowledge that military background, but to explicitly keep it front and centre the entire time.

Watson the surgeon:

For all its joviality, the show doesn’t shy away from graphic realities either. Watson is more than just a doctor, he’s a surgeon. We see him handle the scalpel more than he does the stethoscope.

Watson the badass:


Watson’s facials:

I know I’ve posted a lot about this but seriously Panin’s acting is really one of the highlights of this show, he was such an excellent actor, absolutely convincing in his role.

Brand new revised subtitles by yours truly!

Over the last two months I’ve gone through and edited all the English subs for the series, so hopefully everything will read a lot smoother! Any remaining mistakes are entirely my responsibility.

The humour:

Sort of reminiscent of the tone of the Soviet series, this series shares that light-heartedness, but it sure as hell isn’t a joke either. It’s not dark and edgy for the sake of being dark and edgy. It doesn’t pull the cheap trick of taking advantage of your feels. The series sets out to tell a story and it tells a beautiful story and you will genuinely love the characters for who they are. And you will feel good about it. Yes, you will even love Lestrade.

Watson taking a bath:

The hilariously bad English (I laugh in good faith):

The creepy autopsy  man:

This weird ass scene:

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Moriarty hiding in the first fucking episode no less

not showing you, you have to spot him yourself

And finally, their timeless friendship:

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Never has a show felt more genuine or more satisfying to watch when the final credits roll. This is a Sherlock Holmes that has had thought, love, and appreciation poured into its making, and it shows. 

So, llamas, go forth! You can watch the entire series here. I hope you have as much fun as I did :)

great comet characters as shit my classmates have said pt. 2
  • natasha: "i gave my boyfriend a stick of deodorant to celebrate our one month anniversary"
  • pierre: "gender is a social construct, time is a social construct and i don't want to exist anymore"
  • anatole: *holding a bottle full of an unknown green substance* "do you think it would be dangerous to use this as a face wash?"
  • dolokhov: "why the fuck is there eleven water bottles in your locker? i'm not kidding what the fuck"
  • marya: *trying to read while a group of kids are arguing loudly* "our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name please give me the sweet release of death"
  • andrey: *after missing an entire week of school* "what the fuck am i doing here"
  • sonya: *after seeing someone throw a stuffed llama across the room* "do you think llamas have feelings?"
  • mary: "yeah my dad has some pretty funny nicknames for me. my personal favorite nickname is 'disappointment'"
  • hélène: *after angrily slamming a locker so hard that the lock breaks* "what class was i supposed to have now?"
  • balaga: "i just found a dried apricot slice in my sock"
  • bolkonsky: "i think i just forgot how to breathe for a minute there"

“My wife’s family owns a llama farm/vineyard combo here in North Carolina. This was her llama from when she was 12 years old. She used to travel the country showing him in llama shows (sorta like dog shows but with llama) so he is very special to our family!” - Tmo1992

Veronica and JD in Hats
  • *corpse lying on the floor*
  • Veronica: Explain what happened before I got home.
  • JD: Well, I was upstairs...
  • Veronica: Okay.
  • JD: I was sitting in my room, reading a book.
  • Veronica: Go on.
  • JD: And well, this guy walked in...
  • Veronica: Okay.
  • JD: So I went up to him...
  • Veronica: Yes.
  • JD: And I, uh, I stabbed him 37 times in the chest.
  • Veronica:
  • JD:
  • Veronica: JD, that kills people!
  • JD: Oh! Well, I, uh, I didn't know that.
  • Veronica: How could you not know that?!
  • JD: Yeah, I'm in the wrong here. I suck.
Llamas with Hats starter meme
  • There's a dead human in our house.
  • I do not kill people. That is- that is my LEAST favourite thing to do.
  • And I, uh, well I stabbed him 37 times in the chest.
  • Yeah, I'm in the wrong here. I suck.
  • My stomach was making the rumblies that only hands would satisfy.
  • You sunk an entire cruise ship.
  • I would think I would remember something like that.
  • Would you believe it's strawberry milkshake?
  • I will not apologize for art.
  • Looking at the trajectory of the moon and the sun, probably at the bottom of the ocean.
  • I have a problem. I have a serious problem.
  • Shh, do you hear that? That's the sound of forgiveness.
  • That is what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence.
  • I don't know about you but I am having a wonderful time here.
  • The people have spoken. Viva la resistance!
  • That was a foot. I appear to have swallowed an entire person.
  • Well, that explains why my mojito is taking so long...
  • It was horrifying. Your mouth unhinged like a snake.
  • That hurt my feelings. Now we're BOTH in the wrong.
  • Well, I'm building a meat dragon, and not just ANY meat will do.
  • I feel like I've been issued a challenge.
  • I totally don't remember your name.
  • Well, if you'll excuse me, I have some pictures to delete from my computer.
  • I'm not responsible for this. I've been jamming on the saxophone all morning.
  • Clue number 1- the imposter is a phantom.
  • What's that? It's hard to hear you over the sound of a melting city.
  • I ripped the tag off a mattress.
  • Who's laughing? Clearly not all the people who just exploded.
  • Friendship is two friends munching on a well-cooked face together.
  • You're right, it's not nearly as tasteful as I pictured in my head.
  • Probably because I'm a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence.
  • It's a lovely day out, we're having a great time, what have you done.
  • I stepped on a ladybug by accident.
  • I may have created a crack in space-time.
  • I think I was expecting worse.
  • But this is totally fucked, bro!
  • I don't understand how or why you do anything!
  • And the payment is baby hands.
  • I'm the Henry Ford of human meat.
  • It's not a meat grinder, it's an orphan stomper.
  • It's everything. Everything you've done, ever.
  • That looks like a meat dragon.
  • Did you finish your meat dragon?
  • Now how would you feel if I called your work a monstrosity?
  • Of course I had to use faces. Anything else would be disrespecting the art.
  • I disagreed with the election results.
  • I think their bodies are still in my blood canal.
  • You're sitting. You never sit.
  • Pianos aren't supposed to bleed and scream!
  • Why can't you go horrify someone else?
  • You made a mask of my face?
  • To some, you are now known as Nikolai Sponakoff, brutal leader of the Russian opium cartel.
  • I used up the rest of my savings buying the swans.
  • I buried a large chest of dubloons once, I could go dig that up.
  • A lot of something is in a hole somewhere.
  • I'm putting on some music. I'm not listening anymore.
  • I think I would have remembered dismembering someone and putting all their bits on the ground right here.
  • You said you weren't coming back.
  • I'm kind of just freestyling it these days.
  • Oh, it's my gore pit.
  • I think my legs are broken.
  • That's probably a basilisk. It probably won't bother us. The stupid thing only eats CHIPOTLE!
  • Were you always this creepy?
  • All the hands are eaten, all the meat creatures are made, unleashed, and then also eaten...
  • Yelling. Also a felony.
  • I'm sorry if this violates your restraining order, but it's important.
  • Oh, hey. I didn't do that...

morally-ambiguous-llama  asked:

can i ask why you like bismuth so much? this isn't a callout or an accusation or anything - i just want to understand your reasoning behind finding bismuth to be one of your faves, if that's ok

I like how loving and protective she is of her friends. I identify with her anger and her feelings of helplessness and that her immediate response to betrayal is to feel worthless and self-loathing–she’s obviously mad about what Rose did, but she never calls her bad or even wrong for doing it; she tells Steven about how much she admired her despite knowing she betrayed her, like she doesn’t forgive her for it but she still respects her and wants to understand. I love her because all her flaws happen because her good points exist at such extremes.

I love what she brings out in the main Crystal Gems team!!! Garnet and Pearl are the selves they normally only show glimpses of (that is to say, both radicalized and self-accepting but also deeply vulnerable oppressed people, and old soldiers of a noble resistance to tyranny) the entire time she’s with them. She makes Amethyst feel better about herself and shows immediate respect for her, and even though Steven doesn’t understand her (and like, I don’t like the way it was written but I think he DID innocently misunderstand her; I would have responded the same way at 14…maybe not the re-bubbling) she recognizes him for what he is: Rose’s attempt to completely understand Earth and do better than she did the first time around.

I love her design…I love how interesting and complex but also deeply, fiercely loving and supportive she is in a well-done ship with Garnet and/or Pearl…I love her Working Class Hero vibe, I love her hair. I love the idea that her gem is a very brittle and low-hardness one, she could have cracked or shattered even more easily than Pearl could have? I love the idea that she went into every battle knowing, expecting that it could be her last, that she was the bravest of Rose’s army but would never call attention to it or take credit for it.

I love that her hands and arms are so big and she could carry Ruby or Sapphire or Pearl and probably even Garnet away from danger in one hand

wrt the bravery/brittle gem thing, I love the idea of Pearl comforting her when she was out of commission with a cracked gem on the battlefield and all they could do was wait on the ground, weapons ready, for Rose to get there, consoling each other with daydreams of freedom

(I hope this looks okay. I had to filter it a bit to make it brighter.if it doesn’t look good enough I can try taking another pic. plz message me if so. )

Llama with Dans legs

Dan: If these are here, then where’s the other half of the Llama? And does it have my legs?!?!?!?!

Submitted by @chillphann - our first submission! Looks good :D 

morally-ambiguous-llama  asked:

sorta random question about japanese cultures but here goes - what's halloween like in japan? is it a big sort of thing or is it kinda small and not really talked about?

Halloween used to be a thing Japanese people were aware of but didn’t know much about. Even like…four years ago, my students had no idea what date it was.

However, it’s rapidly gaining a lot of popularity. Increasingly every year you see more kids dressing up and going trick-or-treating (the businesses around the station in my town give out candy on the Saturday closest to Halloween for local kids), and more places decorating.

That said though, my coworkers at least are not aware of Halloween’s origins–they think it’s a Christian holiday, like moreso than Christmas or Easter. When I’ve explained where the practices come from though and point out that hey, it’s pretty damn similar in some ways to Setsubun, they find that really interesting.

merry christmas, @from-james-to-lily, who requested ‘met by a minor car accident’ au

“Hello? Ma’am? Are you okay?”

When she opened her eyes, a distraught, concerned looking boy was staring at her through her car window. Two of them, actually. Lily blinked, trying to refocus her gaze. Didn’t work.

He was so pretty she almost didn’t mind seeing two of him.

When she didn’t respond right away, he asked the question again.

Lily took stock—her knee hurt like hell, but the airbag had deployed, preventing serious injury. Her greatest danger? Sneezing from the bloody white powder hanging in the air.

She rolled down her window. “I’m okay. Did I hit the llama?”

His faces shifted from mildly concerned to gravely concerned.

“You—you don’t remember what happened?”

“Er…I hit a llama?”

“No. Are you sure you’re alright?”

Was there a llama?” she asked.

“That, or a mutant sheep,” he said, grinning. Lily’s vision finally focused. There was only one of him, but he was far handsomer than her blurry vision had given him credit for.

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