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Hola! Volví con mi súper recomendación de películas! Espero que alguien lo vea...

10 Things I hate about you.

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500 Days Of Summer.

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El eterno resplandor de una mente sin recuerdos.

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Las ventaja de ser invisible.

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El club de los cinco.

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Perfect Sisters.

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Los juegos del hambre.

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Los juegos del hambre, En llamas.

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La vida de Adele.

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Wave two of M A  N   I    A is here 🌊 Champion is out now in most countries… s/o to south america for being the real MVPs and waiting for it to get released 

To celebrate, here’s a video that was shot recently at the berrics where we had a little skate sesh with Post Malone, Sewa Kroetkov, and the llamas. A day late, but happy go skateboarding day 

Official video coming soon 

my naem is yak
and thru the porte
i styck my nose
and giev a snoart,

but tunge is longe
and hyer i stand
you giev me bred
i lik yor hand

Period cramps (Batboys Headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request:  headcanon of the batboys taking care of a really grumpy s/o with really bad period cramps?


  • He’s a natural
  • Like he has this shit on lock
  • The day the period is supposed to start he’s locked and loaded
  • Brings you all the essentials, heating pad, painkillers, food, chocolate, pads or tampons
  • This boy know’s what’s up before you do
  • Sets up the living room with pillows and blankets
  • You bet it’s your favorite movie marathon
  • Lot’s of cuddles
  • More cuddles then usual
  • Will rub your tummy if needed
  • Will definitely play with your hair 
  • Will make horrendous jokes to make you laugh  


  • Jason much like Dick knows what’s up
  • He’s more prepared for your period then the apocalypse
  • Can’t deal with your mood swings well
  • Leaves you alone, knowing that if he gets angry he might upset you
  • Will make you the best food of all time
  • WIlling to go out and get you anything you want
  •  You once wanted a llama
  • Bamm, he rented a llama for a day from a petting zoo
  • Will cuddle with you if that’s what you need
  • Will happily plot the hypothetical murder of all the people you both hate
  • Knows to keep the sass to an all time low™ 
  • Knows you love when he reads to you, so for the duration of your period you have a live audiobook
  • Does everything to make you as comfortable and happy as possible


  • Tim would be lost af at first
  • Like dafuq is up with you girl
  • But after you let him know about your situation he understands
  • He does as much research as possible
  • Google happens to be his best bud
  • He brings you chocolate and a heating pad
  • Will even attempt to make food for you
  • After failure will contact Alfred
  • Alfred ends up backing you some kickass cookies
  • It’s pretty safe to say that Alfred would save his ass and know what to do
  • #LifeCoachAlfred


  • This poor boy will be clueless at first
  • But as time goes on he requires the knowledge from the period gods
  • Will ask all his female acquaintances of how to tackle this issue
  • The next time his even more ready then Jason.
  • He’s so extra™
  • Brings bouquets of your favorite flowers
  • Watches movies he hates with you while cuddling because as much as he wants to be the best Robin, he also wants to be the best Boyfriend.
  • Won’t even comment on how bad the movie is (You know he wants to)
  • Will fetch you anything you ask for without questioning.
  • You want Bruce’s cape because it looks soft and warm?
  • You got it 
  • Later in the night you have the dark knight pay you a visit
  • Good times
  • He’ll refrain from insults, sarcasm and sass just for you (Not that he insults you ever)
  • (Well he does playfully)


With love,