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Llama Plaid and Llama Jumper by ηεl

I really wanted to make a plaid skirt. It took me a while but I think it turned out well. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the shirt though. I just started connecting dots until I ended up with this llama. I think it’s cute so I also made a separate jumper that my villagers will hopefully start wearing.

Reverse Falls AU Headcanons

SO… I just discovered this wonderful AU a couple days ago, and I already have some headcanons, so here goes! These are just my personal preferences for the AU that I have. They do not reflect that this is how I think the AU should always be. This is just for me to get a picture of the AU in my head in case I want to write or draw anything pertaining to the AU. This is going to be kind of a long list so bear with me.

  • Mabel and Dipper still have the last name they’ve always had. Pines. Same goes for everyone else. Pacifica is Northwest, Gideon is Gleeful, etc.
  • Mabel, Dipper, Pacifica, and Gideon are around 16 years old now.
  • Pacifica and Gideon are cousins.
  • Stan(ley) became the mayor of Gravity Falls after the old mayor died. And thus the twins live in a mansion.
  • The old mayor died, unlike in GF, before Mabel and Dipper came to live with their Great Uncle.
  • Stan took the kids in round age 7 because their parents died.
  • Because of the death of their parents, the twins personalities are darker than in canon GF.
  • Mabel likes to flirt with boys, but not in the way canon Mabel would. AU Mabel is seductive and likes to play hard to get. Her flirtation is is a mean kind of way, like making fun of boys. She is very touchy and doesn’t know boundaries.
  • Mabel likes to dress in a refined manner at all times. Wears slik nightgowns to bed. Her casual clothes are borderline casual and are usually always dresses.
  • Dipper is very arrogant and narcissistic. He likes for his birthmark to show because it makes him stand out. He has a constant urge to comb his hair when it gets unruly, so he carries a comb with him. Much like his sister, he likes to dress in a refined sense that shows he is above the “riff-raff” of Gravity Falls.
  • Dipper is obsessed with the occult, and that leads him into bad situations at times. It also leads him to constant meetings with Pacifica and Gideon. They usually save him from trouble if he can’t save himself.
  • The Northwest family is not rich like in canon. Nor are they related to the founder of GF. They are a normal family from California.
  • Pacifica lives with her cousin because she used to go visit him every summer and has become attached to Gravity Falls. She asked her parents if she could live there when she became old enough to go to high school.
  • Pacifica, aka Paz, loves llamas and is always wearing a silver necklace with a llama on it. Her clothing consists of large tank-top-sweaters and knee-length sweaters in the spring/summer, and regular sweaters with long leggings in the fall/winter. She’ll wear the occasional casual dress, and only dresses formal if the occasion demands.
  • She loves hoop earrings. Her hair is always up in a messy-bun or ponytail, and she ties it up with a scrunchie. Also has bangs, and likes to wear mid-shin length socks with patterns, usually wears these with sandals, like Birkenstocks or Chaco’s, so she’s always fit for hipster life or adventures. Likes to wear headbands across her forehead and bangs.
  • Gideon lives in the Mystery Shack with his parents and Paz. He wears blue a lot, and his outfit consists of a blue tee with a black vest, and black knee length shorts, usually wears white socks and black and blue tennis-shoes. Wears a cap with a blue question mark on it.
  • The twins and their great uncle run the Tent of Telepathy. Mabel usually wears some kind of unitard (black and cyan) with black panty-hose and black character shoes. Dipper usually wears a black and cyan tuxedo of some sort with black dress shoes. Both twins have amulets and real psychic powers. Mabel’s amulet is on her headband, and Dipper’s is around his neck. They both wear black capes during performances.
  • Stan is still a crook, he just actually knows how to hide it. He can be very serious and knows how to work crowds. Very manipulative, but not with the twins, he genuinely loves them.

Coffee, comfy clothes, quiet, llama socks, and my book. I’ve been so tired this week that I wasn’t exactly thrilled to have woken up at 6am…but oh well. Might as well make the most of it. I do love a quiet house in the mornings…except The Boo Boos is purring like a freight train…but he’s cute so I’ll allow it. 😊

Found out this morning that my favorite college professor (who is also one of my favorite humans) who had the most tremendous impact on my life and who I credit to an extremely large degree for my general life direction and attitude was diagnosed with lung cancer. I do not have many personal heroes–I admire many people, but I’m quite reluctant to use the term personal hero for most people. But, this woman is incredible. She is the best professor, and the world NEEDS her (especially now) to stay in the classroom and keep shaping our future social workers.

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