llama babies

How the Types Respond to Cultural Apocalypse:

ENFP: Things are fine. Super fine. SO GOOD. {runs out and buys several puppies and a baby llama} 

INTJ/ISTJ: Now responsible for caring for ENFP’s puppies and baby llama. This is your life now. 

INFJ: *Hones in* on possible psychological causes of dictator’s childhood trauma, feels hurt when others point out this is completely impractical. 

INFP: Internalizes everything as a personal assault against their emotions, fantasizes about moving to the Netherlands where the people are cool

ENFJ: Tries desperately to fix morale, then falls into an underappreciated funk. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

ENTJ: Organizes 12 rallies and marches immediately, getting irritated when the media coverage isn’t balanced

ISFP/ESFP: Consumes inordinate amounts of edible glitter and potato chips, tries to hug everyone to death.

ISTP: Gives political rants on their outdoor survival channels and/or feels vaguely energized by all the turmoil.

ESTP: Attends a few marches, feels slightly guilty for enjoying the excitement

ESTJ: Picks up the slack of all the navel-gazers (so business as usual). 

ISTJ/ISFJ: Tries to carry on as best they know how. Wishes everyone would settle down already. 

ENTP: Writes and erases 13 think pieces, desperately looks for a way to help everyone beat the system. Finally, explodes in a ball of fireworks.

INTP: Gives the entire world the middle finger in between reblogging acrid political commentaries.

Kinks (Taehyung/Reader)

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Prompt: Hello! I was wondering if you could please do a Taehyung/Reader where you’re both having a lazy day and you’re watching TV on the bed. The remote falls but you’re too lazy to get up so you stretch across, and he goes “just get up lazy ass” or something and spanks your butt playfully, but you moan- which leads him to (correctly) believe you have a spanking kink ;)) which leads to some kinky smut afterwards!! Thank you so much <3

Genre: smut

Words: 3.5k+

Author: Admin Meyg

Summary: Wednesday was your favorite day for multiple reasons. 

Tags: Spanking, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Face Sitting/Riding, 69 position, etc.

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saph asks ✨ ✨ ✨

1. sun sapphic or moon sapphic?

2. ice-cream parlour date sapphic or sushi date sapphic?

3. photobooth sapphic or polaroid sapphic?

4. stargazing sapphic or cloud watching sapphic?

5. eggs on toast sapphic or avocado on toast sapphic?

6. concert sapphic or festival sapphic?

7. flowers sapphic or  love letters sapphic?

8. camping sapphic or cute b&b sapphic?

9. sweet sapphic or sassy sapphic?

10. bunny slippers sapphic or fuzzy socks sapphic?

11. fete sapphic or markets sapphic?

12. brunch sapphic or dinner sapphic?

13. road trip sapphic or airplane sapphic?

14. potted plant sapphic or flower bunch sapphic?

15. surprise sweet texts sapphic  or secret hidden notes sapphic?

16. getting a handmade zine sapphic or getting a painting sapphic?

17. library date sapphic or drive in movie sapphic?

18. witch sapphic or mermaid sapphic?

19. bubble bath sapphic or pool sapphic?

20. mix cd trade sapphic or favourite book trade sapphic?

21. mysterious sapphic or open sapphic?

22. morning sapphic or night owl sapphic?

23. tree climbing date sapphic or video game arcade date sapphic?

24. choc top sapphic or popcorn sapphic?

25. snapchat sapphic or instagram sapphic?

26. botanical gardens sapphic or planetarium sapphic?

27. tea sapphic or coffee sapphic?

28. blanket fort sapphic or pillow fort sapphic?

29. beach sapphic or rainforest sapphic?

30. bra sapphic or bra-less sapphic?

31. hermione sapphic, luna sapphic or ginny sapphic?

32. beanie sapphic or scarf sapphic?

33. space sapphic or history sapphic?

34. make-out session sapphic or cuddle session sapphic?

35. museum sapphic or art gallery sapphic?

36. farmers markets sapphic or second-hand clothes market sapphic?

37. crafternoons sapphic or movie marathon sapphic?

38. watching her hips move sapphic or watching her mouth move sapphic?

39. giggling sapphic or resting bitch face sapphic?

40. make brownies together sapphic or make pasta together sapphic?

41. sloth video sapphic or llama baby video sapphic?

42. face masks sapphic or manicures sapphic

43. lighthouse sapphic or waterfall sapphic?

44. morning walks sapphic or sleeping in sapphic?

45. jacket with pins sapphic or jacket with patches sapphic?

46. leslie knope sapphic or liz lemon sapphic?

47. watch the sunrise sapphic or breakfast in bed sapphic?

48. live music sapphic or live theatre sapphic?

49. karaoke sapphic or bar-hopping sapphic?

50.  gingerbread house decorating sapphic or christmas tree decorating sapphic?

Mycroft: Ladies and gentleman, I want to show you the greatest thing your eyes have ever beheld!

Eurus: A llama?

Mycroft: No.

Molly: A baby llama?

Mycroft: (scoffs) No!

John: A baby llama with a little hat on?

Mycroft: (angerier) NO!


my dad bought my mom 13 llamas for their 26th wedding anniversary, as one does, and so now we have llamas–including a new baby llama!

Domino got too cold last night and we thought she didn’t make it, but she’s a strong little girl. we brought her inside and have her in front of the fireplace to rest and warm up

Zoey is our red australian heeler and she has been VERY excited to have a new friend! we worried she might chase Domino bc heelers are herding dogs, but instead all she does is follow her little friend around and bark at anything else that tries to get too close

the cows are NOT happy about this bc they want to sniff the new skinny weird looking baby cow, and Zoey won’t let them

here she is, helping Domino warm up with snuggles, protecting her herd of one

Namjoon and Jungkook at a petting zoo:

Namjoon: *stroking cute baby llama*

Jungkook: NOOO!

Namjoon: *stands up and is genuinely worried* Jungkook?!

Jungkook: You’ll never take me alive!

Namjoon: *spots Jungkook engaging in a tug of war with an aggressive goat pulling with his map as if the fate of worlds depends on it*


Namjoon: The f**k?