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Funfet Valley port

Oh my, I had some fun! :D

I also had all those empty lots to build in the town’s port, so I decided to get crackin’, since they’re only so much diner RH you can plonk down!

First, this little thing is two community lots: One for small boats, and the other so Simmies can commute to the island out there…

And what’s that next to it?

The Weeping Angel… This also how I used to make ships before IP. And I love IP, don’t get me wrong, but for building galions? Not the best, sorry EA.

Case in point:

Baby galion, lol!

Next to the Weeping Angel (scary, eh? don’t close your eyes!), we have the Flying Llama:

The Angel lost a mast! … Wee bit annoying, that, it was a nice shot otherwise.

Oh well, we make do.

More port views:

Observant people may notice something there. Care to guess what they all have in common save one? (pointer: doesn’t speak well of Sims morality!)

I had fun and this looks good, methink. I’m not the best interior decorator, CAS isn’t my thing, but I’m gonna say it: Sometimes, I rock the build mode!

Now to build that shipyard, since I haz ideas…

anonymous asked:

please please /please/ rec me some mermaid fics, whether teen wolf or just plain old mermaid stories or EVEN SOMETHING YOU'VE WRITTEN BECAUSE YOU'RE THE QUEEN OF MERMAIDS :D



Stiles is a mermaid(man?):

Derek is a mermaid(man?):

  • There is a serious lack in merman Derek fics and someone should def. fix that

(fun fact: I’m planning to write a mer!stiles fic in the near future)

Investigaciones Elisher

Hola bueno, solo vengo a compartir información que encontré el otro día mientras investigaba un poco, no me juzguen otros tienen pasatiempos mas raros xD Seré rápida y concisa.

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Según las investigaciones hechas por mi, el padre de Guillermo se llama Julio Diaz Jimenez científico titular en física o algo así (con doctorado al parecer) ya había escuchado por ahí por parte de willy que sus dos padres eran científicos, su padre ha hecho varias investigaciones sobre la contaminación ambiental, trabajo como 9 o 11 años en la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, pero actualmente trabaja en la Escuela Nacional de Sanidad en Instituto de Salud Carlos III como científico titular.

Y su madre quizás se llama Angeles Ibañez Jimenez Jefe de Servicio en Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio, aunque de esto no estoy nada segura (que sea su madre). 

Cambio y fuera, hasta aquí la información. 

PD: No se aloquen :v 


Each year on Easter weekend, the Archbishop of Los Angeles leads a procession of animals down Olvera Street, one of the oldest avenues in the city, where he performs the traditional blessing of the animals. It’s a tiny street full of stalls and stores selling traditional Mexican goods; on Saturday it became flooded flooded with dogs, cats, birds, snakes, cows, llamas, goats, and horses, followed by mariachi musicians, women and men in traditional costumes, and, of course, the Archbishop. He blessed a bucket of water, which he then used to individually bless each of the animals by touching them with a large brushed dipped into the bucket.

The Blessing of the Animals