Suspenseful llama

Theory Time!

Originally I was very against the theory that Stanley was the author. My reason was the Cipher Wheel. 

We all knew that Stanley was represented by the glasses.

We also knew that the author was represented by the six fingered hand.

So This was my reason for thinking they were different people.

Now that it’s confirmed that Stanley and the author are in fact the same person, I’ve have to rethink the Cipher Wheel.

So what I’ve come to accept is that Stanley “The Author” Pines has not one, but TWO symbols on the Cipher Wheel.

So this opens up possibility that maybe he isn’t the only one…. 

with two symbols.

I hear the fandom on the Pacifica theory, but it doesn’t add up.

First, every other symbol has been strongly associated with it’s owner, usually worn. They’re what you think of when you think of the character.

Pacifica has only been related to a llama in one little hidden instance.

She wasn’t even on screen at the same time as it!

And then there’s this

I get the idea that Pacifica wasn’t meant to be anything but a foil to Mabel until the fans started clinging to her.

Mabel has worn the llama clearly.

Now that we know that there’s the possibility that a character can have two symbols, Mabel seems to be the better candidate to represent the llama.

After all…

Mabel is the key.


You probably remember sketch with anemone sweater I poster not so long ago (not on tumblr though, so I’ll need to post it now).

Since so many people liked it I decided to research where it comes from =)
So, meet The Farm =) This tiny lady hordes sea llamas that grow anemones on their backs, then collects them as fur and knits sweaters and scarves that have little fishes living in them =)

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