remember the “punk edits irl” video? well it was one of my favorites so i decided to draw the selfie they took :) danisnotonfire amazingphil

this is a digital drawing done in autodesk sketchbook pro :3


Simlish Movie and TV Show Lunchboxes for Kids (or Adults)

I needed a break from working on my Bootleggers Paradise build so after spending the day making booze and boxes for the adults I decided to make something for the kids.

There are 6 lunchboxes including Denny the Purple Dinosaur, Llamy  Llamy, LLamy-Do and the Mystery Bunch, Star Wars, Melvin the Gnome and the Very Very Bad Messed Up Day, Harrold Potter and the Stenographer’s Phone, and of course Freezer Bunny and the Raiders of the Lost Ice Cream Cone.

I hope your sim kids enjoy these lunchboxes as much as I did creating the images for them.


Have fun :)!

Edit: There was a shadow issue on the lunchbox image that I corrected this morning.  I have updated the link with a fixed version of the lunchbox. So sorry for that. Please feel free to redownload this item.




The 2015 Smithsonian Folklife Festival has started, and it’s all about Peru! Which is a good excuse as any to post some pictures of cuddly mammals from Peru.

top to bottom:

chinchilla from Atlas de zoologie :.Paris :Germer Bailliere,

llama from The animal kingdom :.London :Printed for G.B. Whittaker,

alpaca from Compléments de Buffon. t.1.Paris :P. Pourrat Frères,

llama from Die Säugthiere in Abbildungen nach der Natur…. [etc.,1774]

chinchilla from The class Mammalia /.London :Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker,