i type back to hogwarts without looking at the keyboard

Underneath these straits I hear the sneer and feel r glances of my clustering my uncle and my aunt I can’t believe how cruel they alre and it stings my lightning scar that they’ll never ever give me want I want I know I don’t fever these awful rules made by the dutsleys here on pricey drive I can’t stand these stipud muggle s but despite all of my strifgle I’m still alive
I’m sick of summer and this waiting around man it’s September so I’m skipping this town it’s no mystery these nothing here got me now
I gotta get back to goateed I gotta get back to school I gotta get myself to hogwarts where everyone thinks I’m cool back to with China and wizard s and magical beast to givlins and ghosts and to magical feats i it’s all that I love and it’s al that I bed at hoagies hogaeay I think I’m going bald


Adventuring Belladonna Took!

I have a lot of headcanons (all of which are derived from that line about how she “had no adventures after she was married” therefore implying she had adventures before):

  • Belladonna was that kid who went traipsing everywhere and came back home covered in mud and leaves, bright-eyed and overjoyed with some new corner of the Shire she’d discovered.
  • Gandalf noticed this, and occasionally took her with him when he was traveling around the Shire, at first as a guide but then later as a helper.
  • In her late tweens Gandalf told Belladonna he had some friends who could use a hobbit’s help, and Belladonna went off to the aid of the Dúnedain, to act as a burglar and steal back their heirlooms from various brigands or recover them from tombs in the Barrow-downs, so on and so forth.  (This one is inspired by the Bree-land quests in LotRO.)  During this time Belladonna befriended several Dúnedain.
  • During the Fell Winter in TA 2911-12, Belladonna was the one who contacted the Dúnedain and asked for aid for the Shire.  A young Bilbo was quite surprised (and intrigued) to see his mother chatting so easily with all these tall outsiders.
  • Bungo and Bilbo loved to hear Belladonna spin tales about her adventures, although they always teased her about exaggerating things.
  • Several of the knick knacks and heirlooms around Bag End were Belladonna’s, and several of Bilbo’s books are her handwritten accounts of her adventures.
  • Belladonna and Bilbo were very close.  As a child, Bilbo’s natural curiosity and urge to explore were encouraged by Belladonna.  If she’d been alive when Bilbo went off with the Dwarves, she would’ve been so proud.

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Question to mod; what do you ship? Soriel? Sansby? something polyamorous? or did you just include both of the ships to incorporate both so people don't get upset? just, what do you shipppp

I honestly Ship Sorielby because I thing the 3 of them would be very happy together. Also because Then Frisk gets 2 dads for the price of one :D

But I included the concept of it on my blog because I knew people either shipped one or both parts of the couple and figured Ey what the hell let’s throw a ship I like in a blog- which is usually something I don’t do 

Hablemos del tiempo, el tiempo es relativo, relativamente gratis, relativamente costoso, barato y/o caro. Siempre debemos tener en cuenta a quién dedicamos nuestro tiempo y a quién se lo hacemos perder; por ejemplo yo quiero tener tiempo para todo, para mis estudios, mis amigos, mis juegos, mis libros, mi música y mis escritos pero entre tantas cosas no me queda más que elegir y… ¿cómo lo hago? por “orden” de prioridades, ya saben… primero el estudio, luego la diversión, blah blah blah, hasta este momento no he pasado de la “principal” prioridad de inversión de tiempo, y quiero pedir perdón a mis amigos y a mi misma por estar siendo egoísta u olvidándome de el tiempo que merecen y que merezco. Querido tiempo, hazte más extenso, disfrutable y menos volátil, no me alcanzas para nada.
—  yo.