Ashelia Riot has walked a short distance away from the High Seraph in the middle of the night, though the atmosphere makes it difficult for her to discern the time.
Edge Marbrand wakes at the sound of her movement and follows after her.
Ashelia Riot: I hope I wasn’t too loud.
Edge Marbrand shakes his head.
Edge Marbrand: Not at all. I figured you wouldn’t be able to sleep, and I was sleeping light anyway.
Ashelia Riot purses her lips, though she doesn’t seem overtly distressed.
Edge Marbrand is surprised he was able to sleep at all; it was impossible for him to feel safe here.
Edge Marbrand: I suppose we can let Arae'sae know we’ll take over the watch.
Ashelia Riot nods.
Ashelia Riot: …My dreams have changed.
Edge Marbrand: Changed? How so?
Ashelia Riot: I’m dreaming of myself, for once. In Azys Lla.
Edge Marbrand sits down on the cliffside overlooking the camp below, staring off into the distance.
Ashelia Riot: It’s never happened before. Perhaps once or twice throughout my life, but…
Ashelia Riot trails off, then goes to sit down next to him.
Edge Marbrand: Tell me about it?
Edge Marbrand’s voice is soft.

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things said on skype starters. 

❝ Congrats. You are a rich white girl. ❞
❝ Meant to be. ❞
❝ Oh god, I’m gonna die a hetro. ❞
❝ That’s it. Get in the octagon, you bitch. ❞
❝ I’m going to shove a XXL shrek dildo up your ass. ❞
❝ The only thing I need is black coffee to fill my darkened soul. ❞
❝’He’s nice’ is code for ‘his dick was in my mouth’. ❞
❝ Shove a flaming mailbox up their puny asshole. ❞
❝ And I have 99 ways to kill you, but I’m not bragging. ❞
❝ Can someone please murder me? ❞
❝ I look like a tanned, wrinkly walnut. ❞
❝ I’m married to jesus, you fuck. ❞
❝ That’s it. I’m kidnapping you. ❞
❝ I love you, but you’re seriously a dumbass. ❞
❝ You’re breaking my achy breaky heart. ❞
❝ Stop being so cute and talented. It pisses me off. ❞
❝ To see the boner, you must first be the boner. ❞
❝ Satan was the most beautiful angel. He had the most beautiful barf. I’m sure. ❞
❝ Dark humor isn’t everybody’s cup of liquidized dead baby. ❞
❝ I’d say ‘mark me down as scared and horny’, but I don’t get scared. Just horny. ❞
❝ Bitch, give me my fucking McMuffin or so help me, I will shove this fucking gun up your ass and fire it. ❞
❝ My ass is great, but I am not. ❞
❝ I will rip out your eyes and feed them to you. ❞
❝ No, I’m not buying a virtual dildo. ❞
❝ Why am I way more hardcore? I want answers. ❞
❝ That’s more unrealistic than world peace. ❞
❝ You know what else is really hard? My dick. ❞
❝ What’s the opposite of excellent? Gay? ❞
❝ Were you here when we talked about dick suckers anonymous? ❞
❝ That sounds like a you problem. ❞
❝ May the pussy spirit possess you. ❞
❝ I wish my uterus wasn’t such a little bitch. ❞
❝ I proudly have no dick. ❞
❝ God, I just love talking shit about people. ❞
❝ I’m so cute though that I’m pretty sure I’d be forgiven for murder. ❞
❝ May the gay be with us. ❞
❝ Get your ass back here. ❞
❝ My kink is vengeance and equality. ❞
❝ Go suck Donald Trump’s moldy dick. ❞
❝ Dweeb means ‘dick with eyebrows’ so you’re calling someone a walking
penis. ❞
❝ There is no con, you whore. ❞
❝ I’m not a ho, I’m a slut. ❞
❝ Pinch my cheeks and I’ll bite your finger off. ❞
❝ Stab him. ❞
❝ I have never appreciated being nippled more. ❞
❝ I’m so gay. ❞
❝ I will fucking fight you. ❞
❝ Go suck a dick, but with love. ❞
❝ Listen bitch. ❞
❝ I say some bombass shit. ❞
❝ Oh, that person is dead. Sucks for them. ❞
❝ Fry me, daddy. ❞
❝ Are we telling God to fry us? ❞
❝ I know what I said, bitch ass hoe. ❞

K, mut for real onks suomella mitään hienoi (t)urbaanilegendoi?? Kun joillain USA:lla ja japanil on kaikki mothmanit, slendermanit, mitkä lienee jänisdildot ja japanil kuolleita muijia vessoissa ja juna-asemilla jotka tappaa sut jos et oo saanu kokeesta hyvää numeroa?
Kuvittelen et suomen turbaanilegendat on semmosta settii mis kävelet Puotilan metroaseman päästä päähän kolme kertaa ja kolmannella kerralla juot kossu pullon ykkösel alas niin seuraavalla metrolla tulee kusen hajuinen Väinämöinen ruoskimaan sua vihdalla perseelle ja voit häätää sen heittämällä salmiakkia sen silmille.

so astoryheadedhome made me this for christmas