LL5 thoughts

- About Rung: Rung’s memory problems at the beginning of this issue concern me. If the Functionist Dystopian AU Rung was used to make these crystals, it makes sense that the War Universe Rung was also used for this same thing. If that’s true, it makes sense that his memory of being used this way would have been erased by the Institute. 

Also, Functionist Dystopian AU Rung is a badass and I continue to enjoy him immensely. I can’t believe he even took his glasses off at the end before preparing to fight Rodimus. (How many fistfights has this Rung been in that he thinks to do this?)

- About Cyclonus: I love to see him showing concern for other members of the crew in his own way. His temperament is still the same but his relationship with his crew members has profoundly changed since the beginning of MTMTE. The panel of Tailgate grabbing his arm is so good, and just made me even more curious about what “story” Whirl told Tailgate…

- About Megatron: I took Roller’s commentary to be more about Megatron’s decisive leadership than anything else about him. 

Megatron’s statement that he “hasn’t thought about” whether Orion exists in this universe seems like a blatant lie, considering how he immediately provides a thoroughly thought-out, in-depth explanation as to why Orion probably doesn’t.

Also, Megatron’s faith in Orion is striking.

Megatron’s sure that if Orion existed in this universe, he’d be doing the right thing and fighting the good fight against the oppressive government. He doesn’t seem to think that his own early influence on Orion was important or necessary for this. Basically, Megatron sees something awful and concludes that if Orion isn’t fighting it, he’s gone or dead. I can’t help but think of that scene in Dark Cybertron when Optimus assumes that if something awful is happening, Megatron must be causing it…

When Terminus tries to talk Megatron into leaving his crew behind, the two people Megatron mentions are Rodimus and Minimus. It seems like despite Megatron’s recent behavior, he does value the opinion and moral compass of his co-captain. It’s less surprising that he cares what Minimus thinks of him, but it’s interesting that he calls him Minimus and not Ultra Magnus. In any case, it seems like he doesn’t trust himself not to turn this situation into a second version of the Autobot-Decepticon war if left on his own…

-About Rodimus and the Matrix: Rodimus continues to be a badass. Six Of Twelve talks a big game about how painful his weapon is, but Rodimus remains quite capable of telling him off while he’s being zapped.

I believe Rodimus when he says that whatever Six Of Twelve has, it’s not the Matrix. Rodimus knows what he’s talking about, but also Council apparently couldn’t make any new sparks from this Matrix…

-Other stuff: I wonder if it was Ratchet’s idea or Rung’s idea to hold Rung hostage in order to get past the Council?

I laughed about poor Sweep’s extremely low-tech broom. I wonder if his alt-mode is a roomba…

There’s only one fight in this issue and it happens off-camera because it’s not plot or character enhancing to spend panels on it. I love this.

I am sad that my guess about Lug was right. I really liked Lug, and I will miss her.

roboops  asked:

Thought, what about breakdown and knockout going on a double date with lug and anode, breakdown shows pics of wildbreak as a bean, everyone is alive it's v happy and gay

The four of them meet in the space between iterations, the little gap between the Transformers Prime show and the IDW comics, where Breakdown and Lug never died and Wildbreak is explicitly mentioned to be their son. Knockout shows them photos of Wildbreak when he was little, before that damn combiner team of boyfriends convinced him to move really far away to earth. Breakdown reminds him that they go to visit constantly, that Wildbreak is fine, and Knockout complains about having to drive on dirt again.

Anode confesses about her “misconception” of sorts, and Knockout mentions that he has an old pal who had a role in Transformers Animated, where there were literally dozens and dozens of babies to spare. He could pull a few strings, give these lesbians a baby if they want. Lug explains the stupid plot device of LL5, and Breakdown is so pissed off about it he punches the fourth wall, giving you, the reader, a bloody nose which he immediately apologizes for.

“TF writers still don’t know how not to kill the gay ones, huh?” Breakdown jokes, but there’s a pain in his voice that all gays understand.

“Even Bumblebee, the gayest of the gay, bit the dust.” Knockout says with a deep sigh, helm in his servos. “We’re all doomed.”

“Tell me about it,” called the shrill voice of another gay, the gay king of Cybertron, slipping into the in-between with his stupid crown and cape still on, “I just hooked up a couple in TAAO and now we only have two more issues before cancellation. No way THAT’S ending well.”

“Yeah, and I’m still gonna be a ghost. A ghost!” Bumblebee’s adorable gay ghost whined from over Starscream’s shoulder, visible in this realm where death didn’t matter.

“Wait, what’s even still running? It’s just Lost Light at this point, right?” Anode asked the group, who communally shrugged.

“This sucks.” one of them said, and it didn’t matter who, because all the others were immediately acting like they were church ladies, all nodding in somber agreement.


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