ll's birthday

@writing-prompt-s - Voila! Another birthday cake to add to your collection. ;)

Prompt Guy opened up his Tumblr, but – even after scrolling through his dash –there wasn’t a cake to be seen. He was disappointed; after all, he had been holding high expectations of this day (mainly, of finally getting his much-deserved cake).

Not a minute later, however, a knock came at his door. Insistent, as if they had something to share - and urgent! Then the doorbell rang. Confused, Prompt Guy got up from his rather comfortable seat and made his way towards the door. He had not anticipated company today. During the time it took to get to the exit, more knocks came upon the wooden door and more rings from the doorbell sounded throughout the house. Eventually, Prompt Guy reached the door, unlocked it, and pulled it swiftly open.

There, as if a parade’s final destination was his doorstep and each member had been carrying baked goods before taking off, was a long line of cakes – tall cakes, short cakes, round cakes, cupcakes, good cakes, bad cakes, but cakes nonetheless. No one was there waiting with all the caked, but it was clear what just happened nonetheless:



Guilty Kiss phone backgrounds 。.:*♡

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I didn’t see anything. But that’s it. That’s why I have to keep going. I can’t see anything so I don’t know what’s up ahead. If I keep going, it might be a zero, but it might be a one, or it might be a ten. But if I give up now, I’ll never find out.

Happy birthday Chika Takami! Chika is so pretty in this episode^^.