ll survive


‘’ War is nothing but hate. It makes men animals. But love keeps us human.’’

‘’ I always wanted to be a hero. But somewhere along the line I realised i didn’t want to be their hero. I wanted to be yours.’’

‘’ Imagine if mankind reached for the stars instead of trying so desperately to annihilate each other’’

‘’ Believe you’ ll survive another day. And don’t just believe in tomorrow. Believe in next week, and next month,and next year. Believe in survival. Believe in joyful survival.’’

George Devalier.


*Requested* Imagine always having secret feelings for Stefan but when you become a vampire your emotions get heightened and you can’t keep it a secret anymore

( I recently realized I write a lot rain into my imagines but I just love rain so much. I hope you don´t mind :D Anyway I hope you enjoy and now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 902

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The light-reflecting raindrops crash against the almost clean glass of the car window, blurring the sight shortly, before the relentless wiper forces them to the edges of the windscreen. It´s a chilly night on the road back to Mystic Falls and you sit in the passenger seat of a red 1963 Karmann Porsche which belongs to a certain friend of yours; Stefan. Well, you wouldn´t actually call him just your friend because you have had a crush on him forever but you weren´t sure how you should tell him, if at all. You decided to wait until the right moment comes, but it hasn´t arrived yet. The only problem is, since you died with vampire blood in your system after an attack at the boarding house your emotions and most of all your feelings got heightened. It´s like someone put a permanent magnifying glass on them, extending them almost painfully. You don’t know how long you´ll survive without telling him, but you hope you will have the courage soon.

You´re so in thought you don´t even realize that Stefan started talking after a longer but pleasant time in silence.

Stefan: “Earth to Y/N.

You turn your head meeting his warming smile after you got ripped out of your thoughts.

Y/N: “Sorry.”

He looks looks back onto the street before watching you with a worried expression as you almost drift off into your thoughts again.

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