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review of the update:


theories + new info from the update:

julian had a KEY to the SHOP

muriel is super emo, and who called it? all of us

faust is a babe (not new info)

julian probably maybe broke asra’s heart in the past, which reversed my previous theory

pasha and ilya

nadia is chill now perhaps?

asra loves you. he ll,oves you. he fkucing,,,he lov,es youu .

also we think he killed lucio @asras-apprentice

anonymous asked:

How do you know Dick is a nazi? If it's because of his hunting metas then that's not good enough. So many different entities have committed genocides and manhunts in the past not just fascists. Examples? Catholics - inquisition. Communists - Stalin. Monarchies - Armenian genocide and basically all empires of the 19th and 20th century. Basically how do you know that Dick is SPECIFICALLY a nazi. And if you don't know that then your anger is misplaced and you're being overly sensitive.

Posters are reminiscent of nazi propaganda and contain the same themes.

Overly sensitive…ov,re,,,ll y ss,e,nnssss,,,, i t,,I’ve e O V E R L Y  S E N S I T I V E

blackvampirecat311  asked:

McCree, Soldier and Junkrat with a s/o they kidnapped, the s/o can have lots of orgasms and they like to take advantage of that. Till s/o is a crying babbling mess >\\\\\\\<

I’m just gonna do one shot drabbles of them discovering how much their partner cums if that’s okay? And if you want something larger I will do it for a specific character at a time.

Jesse McCree

He was used to forcing you to go down on him to be honest, he never really considered going through the trouble of taking you until tonight. He smelled like cheap whiskey and sweat when he undressed you, making you cry out and hic in fear. It wasn’t long before he was inside you, his eyes rolling back a bit as he bit his lip.

“Damn darlin’…you’re a tight one aren’t you..” He panted as he started to thrust in, his thick girth stretching you further. “I knew an angel face like you wouldn’t be loose.” He smirked as he picked up speed, causing you to drag your nails down his back in pain and pleasure, it didn’t take him more than a minute in that pace to have you crying out and writhing beneath him, your entrance tightening as he slowed down to look at you in a ragged shock before smirking a bit. “Well well well, beautiful..Didn’t realize I was that good..” He commented as your face burned and you lied limp below him.

“Okay..you gah~” You moaned weakly as he began to thrust again, smirking as you bit your lip, “Jesse please~! You got what you wanted, please stop, its too much!” You cried as you finished again, this time twice as quick as you grew more and more sensitive to his thrusts until finally succumbing to the pleasure, moaning nonsense below him, phrases between, “There~” or “I’m cumming~” Over and over, finally being freed by him finishing deep inside you.

Jack “Soldier 76″ Morrison

The first time you came, he could hardly tell. You had been bound and gagged, and with how rough he’d been fucking you, he figured your screams were in pain, it took him several days to notice that when he fucked you your cheeks and nose turned pink and that no matter how fast or slow he went you’d tighten around his dick, your eyes rolled back.

“Don’t make a mess..” He smirked, stimulating you with one hand while using the other to prop himself up as you whimpered weakly, he’d found out your biggest weakness, he’d spend hours making you moan and shake under him, only letting himself cum when you could manage to call out his name, which came out weak and gurgled between things like fake, “I..ll..ove y..ou..”s and “I..cant..take i..it”.


He loved making you cum, the wetter the better. It made him feel masculine and sexy and like he was a sex god, he did whatever he could to get you going as many times as possible, tonight while you laid tied to his bed, shivering in fear of how hard he was going to fuck you this evening he hummed about, making sure your restraints were nice and tight and your legs were spread wide for him.

“Jameson…this position, it’s embarassing..” You blushed as he glanced up with a raised brow. “I’ll…do whatever you want if you just..untied me..” You pleaded sweetly before he laughed.

“No can do sweet cheeks, I wanna see ‘ow good mah tongue is.” He smirked wickedly, his tongue showing off a shiny silver piercing that made you shudder in anticipation, your face burning at the fact that it aroused you so much. He gripped your thigh firmly with his non-prosthetic before leaning down and biting his lip nervously. ‘here goes nothing.’ he thought, self conscious about his skill before running his tongue up and down causing you to bite your lip, your eyes welling up with tears as you  fought the need to scream out his name. When he finally hit your sweet spot with that cool little ball on his tongue you cried out in pleasure, your nails digging small pink crescents into the palms of your hands.

“James~!” You called sweetly, causing his eyes to widen as you arched and moaned, “It feels …t..oo good..” You whimpered weakly as he continued eagerly, pressing his fingers in and out roughly, every now and then curling them upwards. “S-stop it…I’m cumming..” you gasped as he began to get more rough with his tongue, the speed picking up until you were soaking it in your juices, his boyish sweet eyes turning to a dark and mischievous leer. He sat up, licking his lips before pressing himself to you with a low groan.

“Cmon love…call my name again..” He smirked.