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Quick rant- long story short, I play volleyball and I absolutely love it, it's one of the few things that make me really happy but my parents don't want to me to continue next year, saying it takes too much time and I've just been really sad and stressed about that. And now I can't even enjoy when I play, bc I'm wondering if this'll be the last time I have the chance. Just needed to get that out sry, you're so easy to talk to. Oh and happy 4/20 lol




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Courier Classifieds 4/24


Looking for Love -

Okay, I won’t try to make this too long, but I can’t do it in three lines. Long term relationships, I’ve found, take time to build. Courting is easy. I am open to either. I would like to add, though, that I’ve reached a point in my life where the idea of settling down into a long term, committed thing appeals to me. If I’ve caught your interest, just tell me upfront what you seek and we’ll build the
foundation differently.

My history. My name is Alistandra, but I strongly prefer to be called Ali. I was engaged, years ago, to a dedicated soldier who gave her life to the Alliance. Since then, I’ve dipped my toe into the pool of romance, but nothing has quite stuck. I was born in Stormwind, and raised there, in a heavily military influenced environment. Both my mother and father were very successful in the Alliance military until my mother passed last year, and my father retired shortly after. As such, I chose to follow in their footsteps. I was elated when the Light chose me to be it’s hand and I take my duty as a paladin and a knight very seriously. I would like to find someone that shares a similar history, but I am open to those who have chosen other paths.

I have no children, but I would like them in the future. If you have them, please don’t allow that to stop you from reaching out to me.  I would like to find someone who is financially stable, relatively easy on the eyes - looks aren’t everything -, someone to make me laugh,
can read between the lines.

If you’ve found that you connected with anything stated above, you can often find me in Cathedral Square. I look forward to meeting you.


(contact @alistandra)


For Sale

Fine Dwarven brews available from Ironforge’s Ironstout Clan Brewery.  Beer is available in casks, half-kegs, and bottles.  Be sure to stop by the Steel Pub and try Loch Modan Maple Mead!  Dwarven Honey Mead, sweetened with freshly tapped Maple sap from Loch Modan.  Only available in Spring, so act now! Please contact Bathildis Ironstout for more information.  (Bathildis in game @ironstoutbrews )


Ludlow Signature Wines now open and catering to the wine lovers of the realm. For ordering or inquires, contact Elizebella Ludlow of Ludlow Vineyards (@elizebella, @ludlowvineyards )


The Queen’s Garters is Stormwind’s premier lingerie boutique.  Alliance women insist on only the finest intimate apparel and The Queen’s Garters answers their call. We offer a unique buying experience for each customer. Serving women and their intimate apparel needs with beautiful lingerie, corsets, stockings and more. And because women aren’t the only ones who buy lingerie, our experienced staff can help any man buy the perfect gift for his wife, girlfriend or lady love.  Private fittings available by appointment.

The Queen’s Garters, 4 Canal Street, Stormwind City

Because it’s what’s underneath that counts.

(In-game location:  Canal Tailor & Fit Shop, To schedule a private fitting contact @queensgarters, @nariele, or in-game Nariele )


The Hexy Lady, offers a plethora of hexes, enchanted items, and potions for the right price. Bartering acceptable. Contact Mistei for more information on how they can help you!

(Contact @noble-witch or find her in-game under Mistei, via ic mail or walk-up.)


Simple Solutions is now offering its services throughout Stormwind City and its adjacent areas.

Everything from small cabins to wide, open spaces used for lavish parties. No home or office is too big or too small for an extensive and discrete sanitation that will allow you to keep going about your business and leave the trivial, tedious work to another. Not only will everything be elegantly clean, but trash will also be removed and disposed of appropriately. You will be free to choose the scent to fill your home, office, or workshop after services have been rendered, free of charge. They include but are not limited to: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pine, rain, roses, peaches and oranges.

All prices are negotiable and payment is to be received upon arrival at the very latest.

Contact M. Grimwald at the Stormwind City Harbor or through a messenger, mail or simply word of mouth.

(OOC: You can also send me a message through Tumblr at @everythingisbetterwithpirates or whisper in-game.)


Now Hiring

Monsters and cultists of the world beware, for Duskmarch has arrived. To combat with us the wicked forces of the night, we are currently seeking monster hunters of all kinds; be them fighters, casters, field medics or even those who wield the magic of the enemy. Under the mandate of the Knights Order of the Titanic Will, we take contracts pertaining to the purge of evil threats to Azeroth from every corner of the world. For glory and honor or simply coin and adrenalin, we protect the homefront!

((OOC: If you’re interested in the <Duskmarch>, check out our site at duskmarch.shivtr.com and whisper Thalvana (@valoraegn) or Leilara (@castleoftherose) with any questions! ))


Are you looking for a job full of excitement? Have you the fortitude to work with all types of individuals? Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Susan Gampre is looking for individuals to assist her growing business. Currently positions are available in the bar and grill, security, and entertainment divisions of the group. Stop by or send your inquiries to Ms. Gampre.

(OOC: Sisters in Sin is easily explained by the stereotypical, quick to the point definition: Brothel house. In character the group hopes to provide a place for any to indulge themselves in women and vice- all for the right price. This guild is not for the faint of heart. There are dark themes explored. As such the guild is 18+ only. Sisters in Sin are here to have fun with their writing, they just approach at a more unethical angle. Reach out to @susan-gampre for more information on how to join the guild. )


To carry the name of <House Dragonblade> means to carry the ideals of justice, honor, and charity. Seeking anyone of a kind heart and strong mind, House Dragonblade wants you if you want to make a difference.

(Contact @odessii-dragonblade or Odessii in game)


Looking for ways to quell your boredom? Endlessly walking around the city? Yearn for a way to find a new adventure? Skilled in Archaeology? Combat? Research? Look no further, House Preston is recruiting! We deal in trade, combat, research, and we’re expanding into so much more! We would love your help!  Not a crafter or fighter? Not of noble birth? We will still accept you into our house. We have a multitude of things to do and if you are thinking you might want to learn how, we can help with that too!

Interested in joining our growing house? Talk to one of us today!

(OOC:  We prefer 18+ due to occasional content. A strong knowledge of lore or willingness to learn is encouraged.  Any level / race / class accepted. How would have heard about us? If you frequent the Cathedral District, noble social circles, the Broken Isles, you’ve probably seen or interacted with us! Contact Retribution or Ananorah @ananorah to discuss how you can join House Preston.)


Doomwatch is an organization with Alliance ties that is devoted to defeating the Burning Legion and protecting Azeroth. We also do artifact hunting and public relations, we formed to fight the Burning Legion but developed into a close knit family who will do anything to protect this family.

(An interview is required. Contact info: Annyana or Orgrimskar, via whisper or by mail)


Seeking able bodied and like minded fellows to join the honored House Ironbourne. Councils, guards, magi, healers, crafters and the like, all are welcome at Ironhearth to join the Lord and Lady of Ironwrath in making a better world for those under their care.

(House Ironborne is an RP guild that revolves around nobility and everything that comes with it. Politics, war, alliances, fighting, back stabbing, and loyalty. We seek role players who are interested in stepping into the various positions within the guild. We welcome and encourage player plot lines both individual and guild centric. We believe in quality over quantity and desire players that will maintain the respect of the guild while having fun through role play.

Led by Duchess Jossetta Ironborne, guild RP centers in part around the Ironborne estate, Ironwrath, located in the Hinterlands, Ironhearth, the village outside its gates, and the world that is Azeroth. Interested players should contact Jossetta in-game or here on tumblr @jossetta or @houseironborne We look forward to hearing from you.)


Lord Dandez Northbane is seeking able bodied men and women to aid in safeguarding his homeland from demonic and domestic threats. The devastation left in the wake of the demonic invasions has created a situation where people are suffering and need strong defenders. Rebuilding and protection is a priority for House Northbane.

All specializations are accepted by House Northbane. Contact Lord Northbane or his Royal Guard Valdasowin to discuss pledging your service to the house.

Currently Open Positions

  • Mercenaries
  • Seasoned Knights
  • Diplomats
  • Crafters
  • Trademasters
  • Retainers

(OOC: All races and classes are welcome, though at this time limited demon hunters will be accepted. The minimum requirements to join the guild are TRP and MessageBoard. Discord to be launched soon. Contact Dândez, Valdasowin, or Darrus in game to join.)


House Matheredor is currently recruiting able bodies for various roles to help in defending the kingdom as well as assisting in the research and hunting down of dangerous magical artifacts that could threaten the very fabric of the kingdom.

Jobs Available:

  • Guards
  • Scouts
  • Researchers
  • Healers of all types
  • General laborers
  • Those with political aspirations
  • Shopkeepers
  • And many others!

House Matheredor’s primary lands are in the mountain ranges in the Northern part of what is now the Western Plaguelands. If you wish to join the house or contact us in any way we have a Stormwind office located in the large building behind the Shady Lady in the Dwarven District.

Application Process consists of an out of character interview with Adorlan (@adorlan) or any other officer who is online followed by a small in character introduction. Contact Adorlan (Adorlan ingame or @adorlan) or Kerydwen (Kerydwen ingame).


The Amberstaff Coalition, based out of Ambermill in Silverpine Forest, is an organization of mages and martials devoted to studying, teaching, and working with magic to protect and serve Azeroth. Our goal is to provide a welcoming refuge to magi while finding and ridding the world of fel casters, though within a controlled environment we have studied the practice of minor demonology. Our martials provide our first line of defense for Amberstaff, protecting the magi who may not have enough experience to protect themselves.

If you are interested in learning about magic, striving to gain control over your powers, or wish to use your skills to protect others, seek out an Amberstaff member today. We are ready to see you reach your full potential.

(OOC Note: The Amberstaff Coalition is a caster-based guild that has an additional tree for the martials. We host weekly classes in which we are training magi to become wizards of our order, able to act upon and study the majority of all schools of magick. We partner with several other guilds for RP in the Isles and elsewhere around the worlds. We are accepting all classes, contact one of us for more information -Helarsar, for those with magical aspiration or Aacer for those with more fighter type attributes.)


The Royal Courier is hiring! We are looking for intrepid individuals who like to write and capture moments of time. There is a lot happening in the world right now from invasions to daily crime to happier moments. The Royal Courier strives to be everywhere to cover the important events and happenings. If you have an engaging personality, are not afraid to ask the tough questions, and like to network; This might be the job for you!

Currently looking for the following positions to be filled immediately:

Office Staff

Contact Risri Elthron for more information on how you can join our expanding team (@risrielthron)


Have a classified ad see our guidelines here, then send a message to @risrielthron or Risri in game. Use it to make friends, find work, hire employees, and more!

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domestic prompt: Graves falls sick with a cold and it turns him in a competely insufferable broody mess with temperature, running nose and a pitiful look, all of which Credence finds adorable. He makes him tea, brings blankets and just... please hit me with a wave of fluff ocean, thank you <3 (if you could keep credence's character from before fbawtft, not recovered one, i'll love you forever)

not sure if it’s fluffy enough ;_;

Credence never knew it would be so easy to take care of someone. Maybe it was Mr. Graves’ fault, he thought, looking at the man he adored, hidden under what seemed to be a ton of blankets. Mr. Graves was simply so easy to care for.

Used to hunching, he tiptoed around Mr. Graves as he brought him one cup of tea after another, and a vial of something Mr. Graves called Pepper-Up, but nothing seemed to help.

“This is my death bed,” Mr. Graves said in a deadly serious tone, his nose red and hair messy. “I should rewrite my last will, Credence, bring me my quill.”

“I don’t think you’re going to die, sir,” he dared to disagree, though he kept his voice small, just in case. “I wouldn’t like you to.”

Though the thought was only meant for himself, it slipped and Credence gasped at his own insolence, feeling his cheeks burn in embarrassment.

“If it’s your wish, I’ll reconsider.” He could swear there was a hint of amusement in Mr. Graves’ words as the man reached for his hand to bring him closer and Credence had no other choice than to stumble onto the bed. “Maybe a kiss could cure me, what do you think?”

Trying not to look too eager - he’d never admit, not even before himself, that he was hoping for this to happen one day - Credence left a chaste kiss on Mr. Graves’ feverish forehead, wishing it could really help.

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I just realized my excitement stops at the musical. When I read the article below, it seems like the finale is very much S4 finale. Anyways, should we be relief that they said season finale instead of series finale?

Oh I think the finale could be very neat. Of course I am upset the wedding seems to be interrupted and cut short, but we know it will be ok in the end. I think the finale has potential, however I am speaking as a long term Once fan with nostalgia kicking in and looking beyond my OTP. Sometimes I forgot I watched and loved this show before CS haha easy to forget with an amazing OTP like Captain Swan. But anyway, I’ll be sad if CS doesn’t get much together screen time. But I’m expecting it so I am prepared and will try to enjoy whatever they give us and take it in.

I think they have plans for s7, they are just waiting on ABC to give the official go.

Hi guys it’s me again. Totally fucked up right now. I just want to write my thoughts down, if i don’t, my head would explode bc of overthinking. Shits happened once at a time and i can’t fucking stand it *sigh*
Maybe i could never ever play the sims or do some stuff i love from now on, even learn. All my plan for this summer, after I finish this god damn semester, has gone. I’ll tell you why. My parents couldn’t afford to buy me a laptop since i went to college so i had to share desktop computer with every one in my family. I’m an easy-going person so this is not a big deal for me. I truly aware that my parents don’t have much money and i can not ask them too much. Nothing happened until my younger brother messed everything up. He played video games too much and he didn’t focus on learning, which pissed my parents off. I had warned him that this day would come. And that day is today. My dad who is an extremely hot-headed person, was so angry that he broke the computer screen. Fuck! At least he didn’t try to break the case. But this shit still piss me off. How i feel right now is like when you try your best to get what you deserve but suddenly someone else fucking ruins it and you have to take the consequences even though you didn’t do anything wrong. Annoyed. Angry. Disappointed… I’m so fucked up!
There’s a very funny & ridiculous thing in almost Vietnamese family is that most parents (in my case is my dad) love their son more than their daughter because they think son will take care of them when he grows up and daughter, she gets married and live with her husbands, far from home, which means she cannot look after her parents anymore. Till now i really don’t know why this thought still exist (?!) That’s why my dad loves my younger brother more than my elder sister and me. He just simply thinks that breaking the computer so my brother won’t play games and focus on learning. This seems weird but i can’t live without a computer (such a geek). He even doesn’t care what i feel or what i’m suffering. I don’t hate him, i hate his violent temper and impatience. I just never get on well with my dad bc of them.
I guess from now on i have to borrow laptop from my friends -__- this is so damn inconvenient. I’m student, still depend on my parents, i’m not able to make enough money to buy what i want. At my age, they have done so much better than me, they keep moving forward meanwhile i just stand here, exactly where i was a year ago, doing nothing but crying. How useless i am! I suck at everything, i have no idea about my future, i’m always drowning in my own feelings. Maybe i only good at being pessimistic .___.
Like i said, I write this down so as not to make my head explode. I don’t try to be a drama queen or get attention. I didn’t mean to make everyone annoyed when you read this ;-;;;

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I was wondering if you have any tips for painting digital drawings? Like without any lineart, more bold-ish and simplistic or detailed like Nikki does...? Any of that. I've been trying but it just.. it just doesn't go good at all :/ and I know its not what you usually do but you've done it a few times and I loved it and I just need a push in the right direction... Please?


Whenever I attempt a painting like that, I draw it out first, like with normal lineart and everything, and then make a new layer, and start painting it, always looking at the reference - you can even eyedrop the colours directly from the reference photo! And then I always paint everything on the same layer, which makes it easy to blend colours etc. Try out different brushes too! 

If you want to check out some of my speed painting videos, maybe it’ll make my process clearer! This one is pretty old but still accurate to how I do them today: 


Top 10 girl group songs

I was tagged by the lovely @yugyeomia biba you are a gem and i love you to death.

1: Color me rad - D.holic (This song is the shit ya’ll)
2: Stay - Black pink
3: 1CM - Mamamoo
4: Russian roulette - Red velvet
5: Shooting love - Laboum
6: Woohoo - Mamamoo (the vocals fam)
7: I like that - Sistar
8: Playing with fire - Black pink
9: Goodbye - 2ne1
10: WeeWoo - Pristin

I thought this was going to be easy until i realised i listen t mostly solo artists.

I tag: @kookiemonster123 @kooks-gf and uhmmm yeah everyone that wants to do it, just say i tagged you.

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I just found your page and I love it! Your artwork is beautiful and I think there's nothing more wrong with your drawing style. I saw you say something about how you don't like how you draw body's/colour usage. Personally I think it's lovely and you should never stop drawing, in fact you'll only get better. I wish I could draw half as good as you. Not only that but the way you make your speech bubbles make things super easy to understand. Keep up the amazing work!

Oh man, thank you so much :)
But it’s true? My anatomy and colours still have ways to go. I think that’s okay though. I’ll learn. 

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I missed you so much Sin ♥️✨ I was super worried (Sorry, I couldn't help it >~< ) because I hadn't seen you on my dash for so long (a count le of days *drama queen mode on*) , but I am SO glad to see you're back~ Your blog makes my day so much better ... but I hope you're not overloading yourself with so much writing ... o ( > ~ < )o ♥️ Love you Sin, hope you fully recover soon ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♡ PS: I'm loving the Balem story so much!!!! I just can't get enough of the space brat 🖤

This is beyond sweet. lol You’re so kind, honey. Thank you! I’m doing better, and I’ll be sure to take it easy, promise. And I’m happy you enjoy the blog! I try hard to make it fun haha.

If you're reading this tonight,

Please take it easy. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. You are valid and you are loved. If for whatever reason you are having a bad day, night, week, month- it’ll pass. I promise you. Bad things do not always last forever. Just like happiness is temporary- your sadness is temporary, too. Better times are ahead. They will come, though it may seem hard to believe. Just keep holding on. Keep fighting.

Go make a hot chocolate or something and do something you enjoy. Read a book or watch your favourite movie or sing along to your favourite song or call your best friend. Better times are ahead. It’ll be okay. I promise you. It’ll be okay.

1334 x 750

Member: Jungkook of BTS
Word Count: 3,585
Content: long-distance, mention of smut, lots of fluff, jealous!jungkook
Summary: They see each other through a resolution of 1334 x 750 daily, making their relationship as high of a quality as possible given their circumstances. Long-distance isn’t easy, but it’s manageable. And when it’s with someone like her, it’s better than Jungkook could imagine, even with the surprises, the jealousy, the time difference, and every other thing that discourages him.

A/N: part of the “Tell me who you ship me with and I’ll write a scenario based on that pairing.” I’m late to dance. Will edit later sorry ♡ send in some more ships for more xx. also, i’m helping @hallyuwriters convert @ssconce to love jungkook👀 this is also for @omojinyounghobi, @dreamjeongguk, @kpopfanfictrash, @the-porcelain-doll-xo, @ivegot7scenarios@a-llie7, @sseudanym and @rudeboywonho.

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what is.,, a list of reasons to love equius

  • he is such a loser
  • D–> Hi
  • I mentioned this yesterday but him flirting with gamzee
  • He and vriska being… friends??? i guess? or hatefriends, maybe. 
  • listen he’s genuinely concerned about her in vrisky business
  • ONE DAY i’ll write a metapost about this but i think he’s pretty easy to read him as a closeted gay man and that goes pretty far in explaining why that whole thing with aradia was so weird
  • him have OCD
  • him autistic
  • genuine distress
  • idk he just…..,., seems to try to help people and be nice? when he can??? even though he’s bad at communicating
  • From [S] Past Karkat: Wake up:
    VRISKA: I must say, I am really disgusted 8y how you’ve resorted to following orders from that low class slo8 with the hideous mutant 8lood.
    VRISKA: I thought you were 8etter than that! I thought WE were 8etter than that.
    EQUIUS: D –> I…
    EQUIUS: D –> You’re absolutely right, it’s disgraceful
    EQUIUS: D –> I think it is possibly time to admit I have some sort of problem
    EQUIUS: D –> I would very much like to honor my position on the hemospectrum and mistreat those beneath me, and yet… 
  • this convo he has with dave is so good
  • That part in [S] Equius: Seek the highb100d where he rps with Nepeta
  • idk if arquius counts but 90% of the shit he says is hilarious
  • he calls dirk “vitamin d” once
  • also that semi-reunion he has with davepeta
  • ARQUIUSPRITE:  *Arquius submits his question to Davepeta in the form of a third person statement, thereby acknowledging once and for all that he is in no way above the childish nonsense of his former moirail*
    ARQUIUSPRITE:  *He in fact acknowledges by e%tension that he is not above anything or anyone, and never was*

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I followed for your glorious lil 10yr old dust mop... I love him

Favourite Mop Feature: when I stop head-scritching Aglet, she digs at the flooring/my skin in rage. when I stop head-scritching the mop, he goes ‘OH fuck, oh sorry, my turn I guess” & begins grooming my hand w his gross old man tongue

he’s so…..easy to bully? all Aglet has to do is shove her giant face in his direction, & he’ll get to work grooming? somebody stand up for this Old Man, please

(as an aside, we’re all up at my parent’s for Easter, so here are the Buns with my parent’s aggressively nude cat)

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If any of your followers want to learn Korean. I'm here to help. I'm teaching two people right now and would love to teach more. I'm a pretty good teacher lol. I'll go easy on you. Theirs are 4 stages , grammar and Hangul is the first thing you'll learn. I want all the sistas to be able to speak to their biases like I was able to. Their already attracted to our skin. A Korean man loves a foreign women that speaks Korean !!! Trust me.

Cool! 💕

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18) things you said when you were scared & 99) tell me a secret

season 6; an easy, stupid case 

He’s holding the gun wrong. Arms straight out like divining rods, elbows locked so the veins nurse’s love to poke at go an uncanny blue. Mulder wants to nudge Scully. Say: He’s going to break his arms firing the gun that way, you know. She’s a doctor. She would want to know things like this.

“I’ll kill you both,” he says. Scully is alter-idol still beside him, but he can feel the slight waver of her fear like a change in wind. Here’s another thing he wants to tell her: We believe the same thing this time.

He’s holding the gun wrong, gonna break his arms, but the muzzle is the right direction. Mulder can see it: the kid is maybe twenty-three, wild-eyed, and if (when) he fires, it’s going to kick back so hard he’s going to break his skull on his living room wall. Still. Mulder has never been so certain, so stupidly sure, that he is going to die. The kid is going to break his skull and the bullet that he’s going to fire from that held-wrong gun is going to blast through his stomach and catch Scully in the collar. They’re gonna bleed out slow and angry on this crappy farmhouse floor.

Just a routine background check, sir, he imagines telling Kersh. Did you know that sometimes people who buy mulch are making bombs and their own meth and don’t know how to hold guns? Did you know they’re too stupid not to fire them?

“Mulder,” Scully whispers next to him. The kid is blinking slowly, like trying to re-focus his eye like binoculars. His tent pole arms stay sharply out in front of him.

He wants to say: I know. I know you’re afraid. I wish I wasn’t just wearing the ankle holster so that you could reach my gun. You know how to hold a gun, Scully. You keep your arms bent like you’ve calculated the angle. You don’t miss and you don’t die.

“I swear to God,” the kid says.

Mulder wants to say: Amen.

Scully shifts, just about imperceptibly. She’d been yelling earlier, voice flat and unaffected. The threats they teach you in Quantico, but the kid’s face had remained blank. Now she just says his name.

When she’d been sick, she’d been sharpened down to a quick point. All eye games with death (blink, you motherfucker) and bared teeth. When she’d been dying, she had not been afraid. Now, with a scar under by the skin of her neck, she curls her fingers into the arm of his jacket and mutters his name.

The kid opens his eyes again, and they are wild, still, but clear. He rests his finger on the trigger and squints.

Scully tugs at his jacket again. She mutters something so fast and serious that he thinks is a Hail Mary, but no. “Mulder. Fuck. God, Mulder, I have to tell you something.”  

He wants to say something gallant. Wants to say: I know and fashion himself swashbuckling in his last minutes. He’d always wanted to look like Harrison Ford. But her fingers are digging through his jacket into the skin at his wrist and he doesn’t. He doesn’t know. He wants to say: Tell me a secret, like summer camp, but then the kid takes a swaggering step forward and Scully says something that is most definitely a prayer and Jesus, he’s never heard her voice climb the scale like that before.

Then. The kid learns to bend his arms. His uncanny blue veins disappear as he jerks his arm to his head, holds the gun the right way for this, and god, he’s twenty-two, twenty-three, he is a kid. Mulder reaches for his gun but Scully is faster and she, she knows how to hold it correctly and her arms absorb the shock like she might stand in front of a wave, California baby, and the kid’s arm drops away from his head. 

He feels the fear go out of her like smoke. Puff and you’d blow her out. She looks at him and says, “We’re gonna need paramedics. He should be fine, but.” She’s feeling around for her cell phone. He wonders if her hands remember how hard she’d been holding his coat.

And, when there is nothing to do but sit on the porch steps of the old farmhouse as sirens fade away, there is the knowledge that this is just one of many. Cut it, print it, that’s a wrap. The kid didn’t have a name and if they wake up shaking, well, at least this time everything happened fast. Neither of them bled. The certainty from before drops away like a curtain in the hazy evening light.

He nudges her with his shoulder. “Hey,” he says. The crickets hum. “What was your secret?”

She pauses for a second, squinting into the falling light and the reanimated corpse of a red truck in the unfamiliar yard. Someone will be coming to take their statements shortly. The town was short on local force.  “I didn’t say it was a secret.”

“But you were whispering. That means it was a secret, Scully.”

If they lived out here, he thinks, and it surprises him that that is the whole thought. Before he cuts it off and the crickets hum, he realizes he was finished. If they lived out here. If they. If they lived.

She huffs something like a laugh, says, “Mulder.”

“Yes?” He looks at her for the first time since she’d dug her serious fingers into his arm. She is fading into the light out here, he thinks. Going gold with the sunset and pretending not to feel him look at her. Her mouth twitches. Yes, he thinks, there it is. I am sure, sure, he thinks, but he doesn’t think of what. I am sure. “I’m just waiting for my promised secret.”

She sighs, turns to look at him and squints at the scrape on his cheekbone from the slug the kid had greeted him with at the door. She bites her lip, brings her hand up to his face. Says, “Hold still.”

“I am holding still. I’ve got all the time in the world.”

She breathes in. The EMTs who came for the kid had checked his head already. She opens her mouth and then closes it again. The click of her teeth is sharp, like the snap of a mousetrap. Holding something down and in. Her hand goes still against his temple. He closes his eyes. The crickets hum. If they. If they lived. He thinks that maybe, if it is possible to feel someone smile, then he is feeling hers in her fingertips - warm and familiar with the power of a trigger, soft against his face. She’d had a secret to tell him. They’d been ready to die stupidly on the farmhouse floor. The light is gold out here. 

He wants to say: Yeah, Scully. That was mine, too.


we began as imperfections, so as we grew older finding out more about who we should be in order to live a meaningful life, who we could’ve been sits in the back of our mind. they say that time is money, so I’ll spend some of it on you. I love to write, but I love it even more when conversation is easy. we live our lives even when life demands that we rise to the occasion. life isn’t as planned– you have adapted. one could argue that the strongest structure of a flower is the stem. is it not the red from the rose’s petals? it demands to be noticed. it’s a calling to be touched. is it not the sharpness from the thorns? when we look into the mirror, we see the scars, blemishes and a face that could be different. there’s only one you, get used to being beautiful in your own little way. is it not the grace of a flower to being able and available for people to pluck it, to be in a vase, for bees to move it– why would you be a street lamp if you could be the moon? we can’t be amazing every single second of everyday– but that doesn’t stop you from making people feel warm. there’s too much pain, there’s too much hate– so when I see your smile followed by a wink– it helps the day, a tender and delicate heart worn on your sleeve to match your spirit. we began as imperfections. you tell me that you’re not always strong, sometimes you’re weak. that’s the thing about strength, to understand that tears will end some day, to smile even if you’re on the verge of collapsing, to roar your laughter even if you’re upset– it’s okay to take things to heart, we put meaning into our own lives. we know the feeling of abandonment and that is why we love so hard. we know how to make mistakes, but we also know that it takes time to fix it. delicate enough to look at life and say damn, today wasn’t so bad, tomorrow will be better. we’re not too close, but you still give the best hugs. we began as imperfections- we don’t take bullshit from people. they can see it on your face and your tone of voice. you ask, why are you so nice to me? our occupation isn’t my dream job, I’m not the person that I want to be, I’m working on becoming better everyday. so when I show up to do another 8 hours and the first thing I’m given is a wink, a hug and a smile. how is anyone not nice to you?

|| Easy ||

{summary: “it’s so easy. falling in love with you is incredibly easy.”}

you anons are turning my whole inbox into some erotic fanfiction with all of the naughty headcanons you’ve been sending in ;w; i’ll work on posting those headcanons as time goes by, for now, all i want to do is write a fluffy story for peter parker based on my long winded answer/headcanon about how easy it is for peter parker to fall in love with someone. yeah i meant to post this on queue, but this was too fluffy and sweet to NOT share ASAP.

lmao someone boost my confidence and tell me that peter would love me as much as i love him ;w; [♥] because honestly, this boi means the world to me and i’ll always want him to be happy

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**warnings: none, just pure fluff [♥]

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You thought that you had misheard Peter, feeling your eyebrows furrow together as you slowly brought your book down to get a closer glimpse of your best friend.

Sitting on the edge of his bed directly in front of you, you watch as Peter nervously fiddled with the ends of his oversized sweater with a prominent blush settled against his cheeks. Closing your book so that you could give him your full attention, you slowly ask him, “Peter, what did you just say to me?”

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You had to travel for a couple of weeks and Alex can’t stop thinking about how much he misses you, and about how much he needs you to deal with everything related to Hannah.

“I miss you” he whispered through the phone.

“I’ll be there tomorrow babe” I said trying to cheer him up. “We are all upset about Hannah. But you’re not alone, Alex. I know we’ll get over this with time. Remember that it was her choice”

“I know, but it’s not easy”

“It’s not for any of us either, A. Please, don’t do anything stupid” I sighed.

“I won’t, for you. I love you Y/N”