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Can u do a imagine about the reader being pregnant with Bucky’s Baby and she is scared that he will hate her for being pregnant but he’s over the moon excited about it.

You paced back and forth in your room muttering to yourself, “You can do this, Y/N. You got this. You can do this. You can do this,” you inhaled, and then exhaled, “I can’t do this.”

You sat on your bed and held your head in your hands. You then threw your head back and fell against the mattress, your body slightly bouncing from the impact. You dug that little white stick with a red positive sign on it from your pocket.

“Don’t worry, little bean. We’ll figure this out.” You then climbed over your bed and placed the pregnancy test into your bedside table drawer. 

Later that night, you completely forgot about where you put the pregnancy test. 

“Babe, do you have any more hair ties? Mine just keep breaking on me.”

“Bedside table drawer!” you called out from your bathroom. You were brushing out your hair when Bucky came in holding that little white stick.

His eyes in disbelief, “Y-You’re pregnant?”

You turned to him in surprise and muttered, “Shit.” 

“When did you find out?”

“This morning.”

“And you didn’t tell me because?”

“I was scared.”

“Of what?”

“You hating me for getting pregnant.” you mumbled looking down at the floor.

Bucky set the test on the bathroom counter and rested his hands on your shoulders, “Y/N, I don’t hate you at all. In fact, I love you. Like really, really love you.” You chuckled as you looked up, your eyes were red and watery.

Bucky pulled you into his arms and you hung onto him, “Is it bad that I’m scared of being a mom?”

“No. I’m scared of being a dad, but I think we can do it. It’s going to be difficult, but I think we’ll be able to do it.”

“I love you, Buck,” you mumbled into his chest.

“I love you too, Y/N and our baby boy or girl.”

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Hi!! So remember those pics from LA a few weeks ago with Harry and that tote bag?? I was watching that new Canada interview thingy and at the end they give him tea and coffee but he asks, do I get to keep the tote bag?? And is so excited about that bag. Now we know, Harry loves totes. Haha

ahahah awesome!!  

I love the idea of him having a whole closet bursting with totes and most of them are just like, flimsy canvas bags he got doing a 5k or something. 

Actually, thinking about him using the word tote in general brings me a lot of joy. Like i can just picture him at the beach and someone’s like “Hey, Harry do you have any sunscreen?” and Harry’s like, “Oh, hmm let me just check my tote,” starts to hum as he roots around in said tote, “I know it’s in here somewhere…” 

ahahah okay Harry is the cutest.  Look at him with that tote again:

hitched all the way up his shoulder! he makes it really hard not to be super fucking endeared. 


[Image description: two photos of a woman standing outdoors in front of a tall, leafy hedge, one a full-length shot and the other three-quarters. She is white and has dark brown hair, short on the sides and worn curly off to one side on top. She wears glasses with frames that are tortoiseshell on top and clear, pink-tinted plastic on bottom. She wears a wool, tartan blazer in mossy green, light blue, and teal, a buttoned waistcoat in navy blue plaid, a floral chambray shirt in light blue, green trousers, and knee-high boots.]

Please forgive me if I throw all the patterns on at once; sometimes I just can’t help myself!

Blazer: LL Bean | Vest: Made by me | Shirt: Old Navy | Pants: Old Navy | Boots: Avenue | Pocket square: Liberty