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02. Would they be the big spoon or small spoon when cuddling?

Both. There are times when he enjoys wrapping his arms around you and on others, he wants to be hugged by you. Mainly, because he loves snuggling into your chest. 

04. Would they ever hurt their s\o purposely?

Yes, if it would further him in his plot. And also, if the thought of it would be interesting to him. 

05. Would they ever kill for their s\o?

Yes, and would also kill his significant other if he ever loses interest in them. I know, a lot want to imagine him as this gentleman perfect husband but I don’t doubt for a second that as long as he has a need for you, he can be nice to you but if that is gone, he’ll be cruel. 

06. Could they ever be in a polyamory relationship?

I don’t think so. Polyamory sounds like the peaceful solution to a love triangle and he doesn’t do peaceful, instead, he would stir the parties up against the other. 

08. Are they more of a long term relationship kind of gal or can never keep a relationship longer than 3 months even if they tried?

Depends on how much you keep him interested, can range from a few months to years. Technically. Most of the time, it only last a few weeks. 

09. Do they like celebrating their own birthdays?

Probably more than everybody else. You think the festivals at Mephyland are big? Wait, until you’ve been to his personal birthday party. It’ll blow your mind.

10. How do they like to sleep? / What’s their favorite position when sleeping?

Sleeping like a princess with high pillows, several blankets, and a sleeping mask, covering his eyes. Ear plugs joined him when Amaimon started to pop up unannounced. 

11. Are they good at keeping secrets wether of their own or someone else?

Like I’ve said with Ryuji, Mephisto can keep your secrets or spill them, regarding what is most beneficial for him and his master plan. 

12. Do they cry when watching emotional scenes in a movie, a tv show or an emotional video?

Yep. Animes are his guilty pleasure for a reason. Also, UP wrecked him for good. People weren’t allowed to talk to him for weeks as he was mourning that emotional rollercoaster of cinematic story-telling. 

13. Would they ever date someone that is a few years younger or older than they are?

This is literally the only way he can date. Everyone is younger than him, not just be a couple of years but by whole millennia. 

14. Do they get jealous easily?

Yes, but not on the usual sense. He will not get angry or anything because ‘he’s superior to such things’, although, he will humiliate the person that was flirting with his partner and later punish his partner. (Yep, most of the time sexually.)

15. Would they ever have sex with someone they don’t actually have feelings for but only for fun? aka a fuck buddy

Yes, he frequently does this. Romantic relationships are just too boring for him. 

16. Could they ever become Yandere?

I reckon, he already is. Just recall the scene between him and Shura, that’s an achievement he has already unlocked, he’s just waiting for the right trigger to let loose. 

19. What is one of their worst fears?

I would say, his body failing him. Anything else seems impossible for him because no one is smarter than him and his master plan. The only thing that could stop him is his body/vessel failing him.

20. Would they ever get a matching tattoo with their s\o?

No. That’s not a possibility for him. Although, he might trick his partner into getting his name or something to show just how much he means to them, and will ultimately just solidify their status of them being his property. 

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9, 34 and 43 for Silver?

It’ll be for 06!Silver, before the timeline got fixed. (Wonder what his role will be in Forces by the way)

9. Makeup

Silver doesn’t wear makeup because he doesn’t have the time or the means to get some. And even if he did he wouldn’t know what to make of it, he already has black around the eyes (both in his design and from his lack of sleep) and he has a fairly good skin.

34. Thoughts on privacy ?

Silver has his heart on his sleeve, he’s very open about his emotions and tends to think things out loud. And since he is some sort of “hero” and won’t take shit from anyone regarding his mission, he’s quick to reveal a lot of things about why he does the things he does. It kinda screwed him up on multiple times. And the fact that he’d rather work with a teammate than alone only furthermore pushes him to seek help from people he judges trustworthy, which leads him to TMI said people a lot.

43. How far did they get in formal education ? What are their views on formal education vs self-education ?

Considering the pitiful state of the future he lives in, it’s no surprise that Silver didn’t go to school (or at least not long enough to have anything but a really basic education. I mean look at him, he’s 14 and battles Iblis almost all by himself in a way that indicates that he has been doing this for years !)

He barely has the level middle-schooler, he taught himself all the things he needed in order to survive and, later on, to fight back. He respects people who went on beyond high school or even college (after all they need engineers, politicians, nurses and whatnots, soldiers etc.) but when it comes to him and his powers, he thinks self-education is more effective to get things done and protect himself as well as others.

Inktober day 5! I know it´s late, i´ll post #06 after this. And it was meant to have watercolor style ink on it (don´t know how it´s called), but then i realized i drew it on common office paper…

Anyway, this is Ebony Thunder, one of the greatest ninjas in Neon City. She carries her ninjato like a purse, as you can see.