I love her so dearly I bring myself into these situations where I am terrified I will never love anyone as much as I do her, she is right in every way for me and to feel like I have found the one thing I cannot have is a devastating truth that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to face.
—  Olive K.

I really don’t want Kyungsoo (Exo) to suddenly reveal his abs. I feel like right now all the idols are being pressured to have abs and are making themselves unhealthy for it and I really don’t like it - Kyungsoo has always had a lil fluffy tummy and I don’t want that to change just because all the other members now have abs!! :(

lil something for @cyrioci to make up for all the angst and sad shit on my blog lately

“…what the hell are you doing?”

Gabriel freezes, looking very much like the proverbial deer in the headlights. Jack thinks the expression is rather endearing on the other man, not that he’d ever admit it. He watches as Gabe flounders for a moment, caught red-handed where he stands in front of the mirror.

He’s wearing Jack’s coat.

The blue and white leather is stretched taut across Gabe’s wider shoulders and the sleeves come up a bit short. All in all, Gabe looks a bit ridiculous and if the darkening of his cheeks is anything to go by he knows it too. Jack can’t help the way his mouth twists into a smirk as he takes it all in, noting that Gabe had attempted to zip the jacket up only to be forced to stop halfway. They may be the same height but Gabe was always built thicker than him and it was painfully obvious now.

“What’s this? Planning to dress like me for Halloween or something? Want me to fetch my mask for you too?”

“Shut the fuck up, Jack.”

Gabe is reaching for the zipper when Jack steps into his face, stalling him when he gently grasps his wrists. Jack’s hands are warm, his thumbs rubbing gentle circles against Gabe’s skin as his eyes twinkle with amusement.

“I didn’t say you had to take it off. Was just a bit curious, that’s all.”

Gabe grumbles, averting his eyes. He doesn’t try to break Jack’s grip, however.

“Wanted to see why you like this damn thing so much. I don’t know how you stand it. It’s too tight.”

Jack laughs and raises a hand to squeeze at Gabe’s bicep.

“Well, for one thing I’m not built like a brick wall. I bet if I were to try on your coat I’d drown it in.”

He isn’t expecting the sharp, calculating look he gets from Gabe at that statement. He swears he can hear the gears turning in Gabe’s mind as he scrutinizes him for a moment.

He yelps when Gabe suddenly pinches his gut.

“That’s because you don’t eat enough, idiot. Living in dumpsters for six years has made you scrawny. I should call abuelita in to fatten you up. You’ll be busting seams in no time.”

Jack snorts softly as he steps back, noting with a bit of amusement that Gabe doesn’t make any move to take off the jacket. “You saying your own cooking isn’t up to snuff? I seem to remember you cooking quite a bit back in the old days.”

Gabe just gives him a look like said something stupid and reaches for his own long coat. Jack catches it as it’s tossed to him, running his fingers over the buttery-soft leather and arching a brow.

Gabe stares at him expectantly. “You caught me wearing your dumb jacket so it’s only fair I get to see you in mine.”

10-1 Sunahama Updates

Licorice: Mama… I made this…

Satanick: MAMAAA!
Satanick: WHO’S THE MAMAAA~?

Ivlis: Shudduuuuup. ‘Cause… of your year-round rut, n’ I’m your arti-vag 'cause, heyy, you’re an idyit! *
Ivlis: Lookit this IDIOT actin’ like he’s in heat. Shithead.
Ivlis: Wantin’ love and whatever even though he ain’t serious, don’t even try t’ pull that shit over me-
Satanick: …
Ivlis: All y’do is FUCK, guess y’can’t do anything else, you NINNY.
Satanick (i): Wooow, fascinating…

The autumn Gay Pride festival is in session (appropriate).
I’ll draw other m/m character combos before very long.

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