A video I filmed with an iPad and edited with iMovie 8.


You let a payday commence with lonely faces.
Your distant lament comes in mixed up phases.
A lonely dog, a lonely man say “whats the meaning?”
Indoctrinate while you can spare the feeling.

I can always rely getting high off of you.
When you’re saying goodbye you look for someone to use.

I signify what I can, dig up some meaning.
You’re the pride in the sand, you fixed up my ceiling.
You’ve saved some cement for the right surface.
Indoctrinate while you can but whats the purpose?

I can always rely getting high off of you
When you’re waving goodbye it’s like I’m searching for you.

Mixed up feelings.
Mixed up phases.

hideaway but the light finds your face

discussions for days in subliminal ways

the outer ring of the gathering hall

stumble over everything compelled by it all.

a slice of humble pie

the portions grow with passing time

fastened frames of a placid mind

the world we see is our design

wave after wave it weathers away

a subtle storm that builds and breaks

the island sinks across the ocean floor

they hollowed out a canyon for our waterfall

mouth is open wide

body starved and desert dry

a matchstick burnt and black is cast aside

the world we see is our design



Baby Teeth
  • Baby Teeth
  • Lake Effect

You might be cute and clever, but you’re still swimming in a school of fish.

You might be a hip hip rebel, but you eat it straight off of their dish.

You say you wanna change society, you’re too busy sipping on a cup of tea.

Seventeen & crying for anarchy. You’re still chewing it apart with your baby teeth.

You say you’re a drifting landmine.

Careless and so divine.

You will diffuse in time.

We’re all walking in a straight line.

Dancing defiant confusion…

Still wrapped up in the illusion of a temporary sexual solution.

Beet red with mixed emotions.

help a brother out?????

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