The classic

Namjoon and Jin had been together since before the outbreak. They had escaped the wrath of the zombies, just barely, and struggled to survive together with a group of friends for almost three moths. Of course, their luck should have ran out at the worse of times, as everyone else from their group of friends were either eaten or bitten and transformed into another mindless beast.

It was after almost losing one another that they picked up some random rings and decided, with the moon and stars as their witness, that they would be together until the bitter end.

Almost another month later, they found Jungkook, screaming and crying and scarred, trying to escape his father’s jaws, while his brother and mother lay motionless and missing half a body somewhere in the room. He didn’t talk to Jin or Namjoon for the first few days, too scared to sleep, too shocked to form words. But, with Jin’s constant comfort and shower of affection, he warmed up to them and they became the family they all wanted and needed.

if you should know don’t know by now i’m kind of in love with opal…..