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Related to your mob-question, do you have any resources on modern gangs or street crime? I know mobs are still relevant today, but I'm sure a lot has changed since the 1950s.

Most of the Russian-mob (Bratva) and Yakuza information carries on into the modern day because they are still prominent in contemporary politics. American mobs have been in decline because of younger, more savvy organizations taking over the crimes, and of course, RICO.

Most of these resources will be American-based for the same reasons I have mentioned before. It will also be more difficult to find strong, nonpartisan sources because we do not have a history gap to help society be subjective. Furthermore, I’d like to apologize in advance for the click bait-y titles and abstracts. 

The most interesting sources will be in bold.

Gang Culture

Stereotypes 1, 2 (abstract)
Into the Abyss
History of Gangs

Gangs in America’s Communities (book)


Politics of Street Crime (book)
Politics, Public Policy, and Street Crime (abstract)

Modern Day Groups

10 Most Dangerous Gangs
Measuring the Extent of Gang Violence
List of Modern Street Gangs
List of California Street Gangs
How New York Gang Culture is Changing

Youth Involvement

Modern-Day Youth Gangs 1, 2
Youth Gangs and Definitional Issues
Youth Gang Involvement (Canada)

Gangs and Gender

Doing Crime as Doing Gender (abstract)
One of the Guys: Girls, Gangs, and Gender (abstract)

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ticketing for the seoul entries of jonghyun’s upcoming second solo concert, x - inspiration, will take place today at 8pm kst today! before getting into details on the tickets, here is a bit of a refresher on the concert series: x - inspiration is jonghyun’s second solo concert, and first that is not linked to sm’s the agit series (which he participated in back in october and december of last year). there will be three concerts held in seoul: one on december 3rd (7pm kst) and two on december 4th (2pm / 7pm). all three concerts will be held at the korea university hwajeong tiger dome (which images of can be viewed here). according to yes24, the concert has a tenative time length of two and a half hours, and it is rated 15+. (so, no one under the korean age of fifteen will be permitted into the concert, though it does not specify if this means with or without an adult or guardian.) a seating chart for the venue can be viewed above.

all ticketing will be done on yes24. a single ticket will cost 110,000원 which is roughly $97 usd. each person will be able to purchase a single pair of tickets per card. (so, two per person, basically.) reservations for wheelchair seating can be made by contacting yes24 directly at the following number: 1544-6399. here is a good tutorial on how you can purchase tickets on the site. do keep in mind: though there is an english version of the website it very rarely allows you to purchase for domestic concerts or musicals on it. sm has never allowed this in the past so it is highly unlikely that they will this time around either. the best two tips that can be given to those who are going to attempt at general ticket purchase is: to make sure that you have studied the tutorial given well before ticketing opens (and that you also have the guide up during, just in case you forget any steps) and to both have all of your card / contact info saved to your account and ready to go. ticketing for shinee related concerts always sell out very fast so you need to do what you can in order to succeed in purchase. good luck and happy ticketing!

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afdkgladfgkLGKAFDLJGALDFJGADFL i just watched 1 (one) khan academy video and i feel like i learned more than all my math (linear algebra) lectures so far combined im so mad at my prof
Mobile Startup Creates Censorship-Proof App to Help Activists And Crime Fighters
Startup Cell 411 Inc. ( has created a mobile app that makes it virtually impossible for governments, police and criminals to erase video which could serve as evidence of a crime or abuse.
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