elo, [8 femmes]
eight songs for eight femmes.

01. ’wax mannequeen
produced by cokejazz
composed by elo, cokejazz
lyrics by elo
arranged by cokejazz

02. ’f.w.b (feat. hoody)’
produced by dust, 김승진
composed by dust, elo, hoody, 김승진
lyrics by elo, hoody
arranged by dust, 김승진, 임현제

03. ’rose’ - mv
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo
arranged by gray

04. ’the end (feat. paloalto)’
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo, gray, paloalto
arranged by gray

05. ’day n night (feat. gray)’
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo, gray, goodkiddaily
arranged by gray

06. ’tattoo (feat. jay park)’
produced by cha cha malone
composed by elo, jay park, cha cha malone
lyrics by elo, jay park
arranged by cha cha malone

07. ’angel (feat. simon dominic)’
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo, simon dominic
arranged by gray

08. ’parachute (remix) (feat. gray)’
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo, gray
arranged by gray

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anonymous asked:

I'm looking at using magic to help weight loss. Do you have any spells that use cheap and common materials? Also, male glamour spells? All the ones I've seen use makeup or something.

I don’t think it needs to be said to be careful with weight loss spells at this point, but… Be very clear in your intentions, and how you intend to lose weight (seriously); specifying a desired goal is also a great idea to make sure you don’t lose too much. Be careful, please; obviously I can’t tell you what not to do with your own body, but things can get dangerous with weight loss spells. So, again, just make sure you’re clear in your intentions, even to the point of specifying how you want to lose weight (you could end up, like, missing an arm, and technically you’ve lost that weight right? Magic is weird). 

As for glamours that don’t use make-up, I can probably find a few, or write one if I need to. Did you want / need it for anything specific (confidence, invisibility, etc.), or did you just want a general template to be modified for any purpose that may need be?

sims 4 baby mesh help!!!

i made a new baby mesh by importing other cc obj files did the uv and everything. now i want to join them to the actual baby body but when i do that the baby body’s uv disappears leaving only the cc’s uv ! please help me fix this!

i’ll leave u the files:


this are new colors of my old lips from Kylie Matte Lipsticks, suggested by @sammsz;

- 12 colors

-based on kylie jenner lips

- recolor allowed but do not include the ´mesh

- mark me on your creations :)

- have fun!



kylie lipkit v.2 will be released soon and will include the latest released colors dirty peach, love bite and sugar brown!

hope you likei it!

It’s 0315 am and your phone rings.  It’s the unit again. They’re getting another critically ill / unstable patient and all of the other nurses not only have a full patient load, but half of them have an extra patient on top of it. All of the nurses are dying. None of them have eaten since before they arrived 8 hours ago.  They probably haven’t had time to go to the bathroom either. They’re calling to see if you want to come in early for your shift to help..

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Emmanuel Monzon is a french photographer and visual artist based in Seattle, WA. He graduated from the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Paris, France with honors. His work has been featured throughout the US, Europe and Asia (through exhibitions, selections and various awards). Through his work, he explores and questions the signs of urban sprawl in our visual field. His photographic process is being influenced with his plastic art artist background.

Urban Sprawl II: This series focuses primarily on the idea of urban sprawling and the urban expansion of its periphery. Monzon photographs urban banality as though it were a romantic painting, trying only to be “stronger than this big nothing” in controlling the space by framing the subject. Monzon’s aesthetic of the banal obeys its own rules: a ban on living objects, a precise geometrical organization, and the revelation of a specific physical and mental landscape blurring the lines between city and suburb, between suburb and countryside, a process that results in an independent identity. This aesthetic of the emptiness in my photographic work attempts to understand our current environment.

View the entire series on our website.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any reliable sources of mental and physical disabilities? The main characters in my story each have one as they're part of a support group and I don't want to romanticize their illnesses.

Not really any in general…for some of the asks I’ve done I’ve done a bit of quick research (NONE of them are supposed to replace actual research on your part, just some pointers of where to start) so maybe you could find something to help you by looking at the #health tag. A source that you might not have thought of is YouTube. I don’t mean some random person’s project video. Some people have made channels specifically to educate others on their disabilities. One that I know of is Molly Burke who is a girl with Retinal Pigmantosa which has left her blind. I saw her give her a speech at a leadership conference a while ago and went to check out her channel and it’s really informative on what it’s actually like to be blind and dispels some of the myths. I’m sure you could find some for other disabilities as well. Of course you should look at more information but I think it would be helpful to get some personal insight as well.
The Dos and Don’ts of Writing About the Disabled
Recently I have read several articles about disabled people by non-disabled writers. The authors have clearly projected their own fears and prejudices onto the subject of their piece, and spoken for them from that place.

In other words, one’s empathy can be unreliable. I offer these guidelines to help you find your way beyond it. They are general guidelines for non-disabled writers who may have occasion to write about a disabled person or people. They are (mostly) formulated to apply to all genres and categories of writer, for example, journalists, novelists, bloggers, critics, poets, essayists, academics, and dramatists.

I’ve just hit my fourth milestone and it’s all thanks to those of you who find this blog interesting enough to follow. Special thanks to the Football fandom and of course my dearest Borussia Dortmund fandom for sticking by and accepting the person behind this blog! Lastly a big thanks to those who don’t blog about Football but are still following (I see you and I appreciate you, which also counts for you spambots). I’m more than happy to continue blogging and begin yet another season of exciting Football with you all, the timing couldn’t have been any better!

I hope everyone enjoys their future visits on Tumblr and continue on with the great content! Thanks again for the big gift, it’s very much appreciated xoxo

  • This psd contains an optional layer that brings a cherry color to the picture. Otherwise, it’s an effect that transform, especially red, in a vivid color ♡ Hope to make the difference visible on the preview

Please, like or reblog the post if you download, in respect of my work. Don’t repost or claim as your own, you can adjust the layers if you need. More psds here and make your psd request here. I hope you enjoy!

justanotherclosetedteen  asked:

My friend has just come out as agender, how can I support them? (other than using the right pronouns)

1. Always support them, continually and whenever they need it. Offer help, don’t always assume you know how they’re feeling/what they need. Let them tell you, this is the best way you can really help them. 

2. Listen to them all the time – if we don’t identify with a particular identity, it’s hard to know and imagine what a person is going through as it’s their experience. So, it’s important that you do/say things that make them feel validated.

3. Educate yourself: start here then go here, and here are the things you should and shouldn’t be doing

4. Always be mindful of your use of language and others – you already pointed out pronouns, which is definitely mandatory. But always continue to work as an ally for them in every way you can. If someone doesn’t use the appropriate pronouns in front of them, and your friend is quite distressed/upset about it, say something (ensure your friend is OK with this).

5. Don’t forget to check in on them frequently – this could fall under the above but I just wanted to point this out as they just have come out and I feel they would really appreciate having a great friend that is willing to support them and be there for them.