Whales’ Tails // Burlington, VT - 02.23.11

Dan (kapitolphoto) here. I’m the new marketing nerd here at Line HQ.I thought I’d dig into my archives and post some photos that haven’t really been seen. Here’s a little back story into one of my favorite ski photos that I’ve taken.

In February ‘11, I headed north from my home office outside of Boston on a quick trip to photograph in & around Burlington, VT for freeskiermagazine (Read Here). While in BVT, I got to highlight some of the people living up there which make it a truly unique place. Among those people were the guys Geoff & Rooster from Meathead Films. They had invited me to tag along for an urban shoot that evening. I accepted.
The next day I wrapped up some more interviews and headed south back to Massachusetts when I got a call from Rooster. They had one more shoot put together and asked if I wanted to swing by. Tired, I almost declined.
I’m glad I did go; these are the photos that resulted.