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Teen Top Gif Reaction: To their girlfriend kissing them in front of the other members

Firstly thank you for being the first to request! Secondly I wasn’t sure if you wanted a Gif reaction or a description reaction, (for some reason i just assumed gif) but if you wanted a description reaction then just message me and i’d happily do it for both Teen Top and B1A4!  Thirdly I’ll post B1A4′s separately~ Enjoy~

C.A.P: *Get’s a lil shy and doesnt know what to do*

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Chunji: *embarrassed/flustered/excited* 

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L.Joe: “Couldn’t you have waited until we were alone?” ‘not that im complaining, but they’re never gna stop teasing me now..’ 

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Ricky: *gif says it all tbh but he’d be shy/flustered omg my baby*

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Changjo: *celebrates* “See? My girlfriend loves me! Aren’t you jealous?” 

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