new theme looks good. i hope i won’t change it again in the future because i kind of spent the entire day installing, adding, and editing html codes for the new theme. butt’s burning.

Husband was home last weekend and I was busy spending time with him, I had no time for yoga. Now that he’s gone back to work miles away from hometown, I thought ‘Yay, back to yoga!’. Unfortunately, I got yoga slump. Two days of skipping and I had yoga slump for three days. Yikes, I know. Yesterday, I was back to practice and oh boy my body ached all over the place. Hope for better tomorrow.

  • Mum:Why are you going out looking like that?
  • Me:*look at myself that is MESS and shrug* Like I care what people want to think and say. I'm gangster ba, mum.

It’s Jan 13th, 2014 here at Borneo. Sure the time flies fast and I still have yet heard anything from my SV regarding of my final draft. I’m beginning to worried.

By hook or by crook, I must get my degree this year so I can find a job quickly.

Please forgive me for I am too lazy to do some updates. I will be back perhaps… next year. HEHE

If you’re wondering about my 2014 resolution(s), all I think of at the moment is I just want to be happy for most of the time next year. 

See you soon.

Mum taught me a prayer whenever I’m in fear and I memorised it: Psalm 23.

I have many plans and I really want them to work out well but I cannot help to think the worst of it. Fear of failure. It haunts me every time. Then, I remember Proverbs 16:3.

These prayers give me strength, stay upright, strong, positive and refuse to give up. Those are in my ways to happiness, I’ll always remember they’re just temporary nuisances.

I pleases nobody because it does nothing but hurt to me if I do.

And I meant every word. I’m real deal.

Finished with two chapters. Another two chapters are still in edit. One untouched chapter. Currently working on a chapter. A chapter that is the hardest part amongst all: Discussion. I just cannot wait to be rid of it quickly so I can enjoy my holidayyy. And read a book.

Merry Christmas!