We’re going to do some wild speculation here, based on very little actual evidence, because that’s what we do! There was a lot of new material in the new Iron Fist video, but this is one little detail in particular that stuck out. We’ve talked before (and will again) about our paranoia concerning the magical elements of Iron Fist, because there are a lot of them that could easily be scrapped in favor of grounding the story. The cosmological orientation of K’un-Lun is a big one. In the comics it is one of seven (…ish) eternal cities that exist on alternate planes of existence. Once every ten years, K’un-Lun’s dimension overlaps with Earth’s at a spot in the Himalayas, allowing for travel between the two worlds. 

    It would be easy for them to skip this piece of worldbuilding in the show, and just stick K’un-Lun on Earth. But we really hope they don’t, and here we have some evidence that makes us optimistic. We’ve speculated before that the shot of Danny meditating surrounded by shafts of light could show him crossing between dimensions– and the new video includes shots of the Rands’ accident that include the same effect. This white light does show up a few other times in the featurette, so it could just be a cool video editing thing, but it always seems to appear at moments related to either Danny’s powers or K’un-Lun, and that’s enough evidence to get us excited.  


Another drawing of Deeba from Un Lun Dun! Solidifying my new design for her lol (when i have more time I’ll draw some of the other characters too)


Brace yourself, boy prince ‘cause true love’s about to hit you in 3, 2, 1…

Xi Lun

Xi Lun and her sister, Ya Lun, were born on September 3. Although the public has finally been allowed to see them this week; mom, Lun Lun, has not brought them out very much. She carried Xi Lun out and placed her in the tub for a while this afternoon. Unfortunately, Xi Lun promptly fell asleep and was hidden from view behind a log. Picture quality is poor due to glare and the sun shining directly on my lens. Hope to do better next time!