SOME MOTHER SHENANIGANS FROM WHEN i WAS FEELIN SILLY….. I’m sorry Mother 1 i’ll pay homage to you later

I know everyone is gushing over Laxus’ return and the amazing Raijinshuu, oh I get it, but the one thing that gets to me the most in this recent chapter is the fact that Makarov, once again, was about to sacrifice his life for his kids. 

In Tenroujima, he told them to leave so that they would be out of harm’s way, and wanted to fight Acnologia on his own, though he knew that he was not able to defeat the Dragon, he just wanted to buy his kids some time to flee. And now, despite knowing that it would spell certain death, he was so very willing to give up his life if it could ensure that his kids have a chance at survival.

                                                              His kids are his life.

And it makes me scream and cry because there, right there, is a man who has known loss, and would do anything to save his kids, even if they are not his by blood, they are by bond. They are his everything, and while I’m sure Makarov has made mistakes in his life, this, I feel, just makes me tear. It could be about redemption, being unable to save Ivan from the darkness that corroded and consumed him, but to me, it’s beyond that.

It’s the love of a Father, a Grandfather; it’s FAMILY.