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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a super awesome day. Go stuff your face with cake :D

awww thank you Liz! and I definitely will! I actually had cookies and milk for breakfast today and I had another set of cookies for lunch because it’s my birthday AND I’LL EAT WHAT I WANT! 

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I hope she’s not mad at me. I’ve kinda bailed on her a few times before. I didn’t tell her that i’m going tomorrow so she thinks i won’t get another chance to meet him. Yes third time’s the charm. It’s gonna be colder than today though. winter sucks

u_u I have a habit of bailing on my friends(and family) usually because I start feeling sick. Sometimes I wake up fine and then as I’m about to go out, I feel sick somehow. I mean, if she was going alone, I’m sure she’d be angry but since her mom is going with her, I don’t think she’d be too angry. Either way, you’re not feeling too well. It’s like with me, I tried explaining to you that I wasn’t feeling well and why I couldn’t go so you wouldn’t be upset with me. Are you planning on not telling her? I’m slightly more excited that you’re not going today so it really is the third attempt for both of us, not just me. I dunno, I tend to like doing things together with my friends. It’s like, if a friend invites me to see a movie she’s already seen, I don’t feel like going because she’s already seen it despite it being new for me because it’s not as exciting/fun. I feel anything is better than the temperature from Sunday and so far, it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna rain tomorrow.

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Yea her mom is going too. My tummy doesn’t feel so well. Maybe i shouldn’t have eaten everything in my house. Ugh and to wait for 5 hrs you gotta be feeling pretty well. I just told her that i’m not going :( I failed before i even attempted.

So, at least she won’t be alone. It’d be bad if she didn’t have her mom to go with her. Awww, now we both aren’t feeling well but I can’t help but laugh at the thought of Arthur looking down on you like “See? that’s what you get for eating my food”, you know, being a total prat. That’s why I was gonna go with a head ache but then to wait in the cold for 5 hours, it’d kill me…and it’d definitely kill you with the tummy ache. Yay for our second failed attempt. Third time’s the charm, I’m sure.

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LOL and i’ll just run away laughing with all his food in my arms. My mom makes insanely good rice pudding. I have a problem. I feel so comfortable in my house right now. I don’t want to leave. I want to stay home and watch a movie or something :(

If I could draw well, I’d draw that scene out; you stealing Arthur’s food. My mom doesn’t really make things like that. My mom is not a fan of making desserts. Um, hmm…wasn’t your friend’s mom gonna go, too? Can’t she go with her mom? u_u I feel your pain, though. I sometimes have to go out but then my best mate or someone else would delay the time so I’m waiting and as I wait, I get too comfy and don’t feel like going out.

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Awesome! and thanks :D Badgers never leave their friends behind! Oh god i won’t be able to eat a sub today so now i’m eating everything in my house. I just ate cereal, a handful of mixed nuts and 2 slices of kraft cheese. A lunch fit for a princess.

Oh, god. I’m laughing so much at what you’re eating. I just pictured you eating everything so you can hibernate. I’m eating a boiled egg and bread u_u. We don’t really have much to eat at my home. Aww, you’re like a little princess. I just pictured you taking some porridge, mixed nuts, and hunks of cheese from Arthur’s table and running away to your room to eat them and that mental image just killed me. I can’t stop laughing.

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Woah that doesn’t sound pleasant :( I’ve never had a migraine. Yea it’s definitely a better day although it is a little rainy. I’m so looking forward to Subway. I’m practically drooling just thinking about it.

Yeah, I get migraines and vertigo a lot due to this tumor I have in my brain. It’s nothing serious but it does annoy me a lot. I’m actually laughing at my misfortune. I don’t have enough money for Subway. I just counted my money and I have enough for my subway fare, the poster, and maybe the cupcake(unless tax takes over from the poster) but definitely not enough for the sub I like to eat. I’m not even kidding when I say that I’m laughing. I’m gonna try and borrow money from my brother. Highly doubt he has any :P. What time are you heading out to Sprinkles?

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Awesome! Idk what we’ll do A.D. We can either go to the bookstore B.C (Before Criss, bahahaha) or A.D. Some window shopping? That’s really all i can do now :(

Yeah, I was thinking we can just pretend we have money and window shop cause god knows I don’t have money but I’ll try to bring enough in case I find a Hanklerfish or Yeti book. Btw, I totally thought of Before Criss when thinking of B.C. So, we can go B.C or A.D. B.C would also go good as Before Colin or Bradley Colin….if/when we go to Wales someday.

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Aww thanks :D My mom wants me to teach her, after i learn how to do it of course. I’ll be both a student and a teacher in a short period of time. Awesome.

The main thing I can advise is that, usually, if you only plan to buy 1 pair of knitting needles, it’s best buying a US 7. Loads of knitted stuff use US 7 knitting needles. They’re like the middle ground. Sizes like US 10 or US 4 aren’t very common cause US 10 is to make bulkier things and US 4 is for smaller things. For hats, you need a circular knitting needle and double pointed needles. I have those two in US 7 because, like I said, it’s the most used size. I’m sure you’ve already noticed, the packaging on the yarn has the size of crochet hook or knitting needle that should be used for that yarn. For US 7, I tend to use yarn that are for US 7, US 8, and even US 9 but nothing higher than that. I don’t really use US 6 yarn for US 7 needles. Wow, I’m probably confusing you. I just wanna make sure you don’t waste unnecessary money cause no one told me what I should buy, as a beginner, so I just bought a pair of US 7 needles because it attracted me and bought some yarn and realized, once I started knitting, that they were the most common size needles and yarn for, like, Harry Potter scarves.

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Ooo that’s really pretty. When you make it, you better take a picture of it. I want to see. I hope i don’t have a hard time learning how to knit. I’m looking forward to starting next week :D

KAY :D. When I make it, I’ll probably constantly wear it. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. You seem like a smart cookie. I tried teaching my sis how to knit once. We had gone to a part and I brought extra knitting needles and yarn. I was knitting something for myself while I was teaching her. She was semi-motivated so she did learn in, like, 10 minutes. Then she stopped knitting and forgot how to knit. So, if you ever need help, I can actually physically show you if we hung out. Though, realistically, I think you’re gonna do fine from just the videos.

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I wish my mom knew how to knit. I’d never buy another hat again. I should learn how to do it. It looks like a fun hobby. I want to make cute stuff! :D How did you learn how to knit?

Well, back in 2008 when I first learned to knit, youtube didn’t have very many good tutorials. I was just kinda learning by pictures and words on websites with barely any help from youtube. But now, HOLY SHIT, you can learn to knit from youtube. When I often forget how to do a specific stitch in knitting, I youtube it. When it comes to plushies and stuff, crocheting is better for that. For everything else, knitting is better. I hate making scarves unless I place a pattern within the scarf. I’ve made hats and socks. I’ve knitted a Sack Boy from Little Big Planet but I never sewed it up and stuffed it u_u. I learned because my first online friend (who was from Canada) knitted all sorts of amazing stuff. She has a Deviant Art where she’d post all her Harry Potter scarves and she even made a Moony inspired wolf hat, stuff like that. I wanted to impress her cause she was older than me and awesome. I met her in 2006 closer to 2007. Sadly, when I learned to knit, we no longer were friends because our time zones and her new job promotion got in the way of us talking online. I still think of her when I knit. :D

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omg i didn’t even see this. Sorry! I don’t know how to knit. My mom can’t knit either. She only crochets. The hats and scarfs she makes are cute but they’re not as soft as a knitted hat or scarf. Agoraphobia sucks. I feel anxious when i go out too.

Haha, there’s been a few times where you wouldn’t respond to something but I figured it just got lost somewhere down your dash so, no biggie. I know how to crochet but, like you said, the crocheted stuff isn’t as soft as knitted stuff. My mom only knows how to crochet. I wonder if that’s a mom thing.