Introducing Lyric Anne Matapo
she is the beautiful daughter of my ‘twin sissy’ tara
(we born on the same day, month & year hehe) & as of 2mrw they both wud have made the huge move away from Perth to Christmas Island where Daddy is waiting for them to start there new island life. I’m tearing up as i write this because i am going to miss this little family so so sooooooo sooooooooooooo much! :( I wud be begging them not to leave if this move wasn’t the best opportunity for them. When they are finally ready to return to the city.. they should have everything set up for them to live happy & comfortably. Only then will it seem like they hadn’t even left in the first place & the Fam Bam will be re-united. I just wish Mummy & Daddy all the success & the best in everything they endeavor & I really hope this cutie pie doesn’t forget her Aunty Lizzy. Gaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Dreading farewells at the airport tomorrow.