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Ciel and Lizzy's relationship in a nutshell

Ciel: I shall protect you.
Lizzy: *is acting adorably ‘miserable’*

Lizzy: I shall protect my fiancé. *whips out two bigass swords*
Ciel: Dafuq
Sebastian: Dafuq indeed.

Lizzy: I want to make you happ-
Ciel: No.
Lizzy: *is being adorable for the thousandth time*
Ciel: Godammit Lizzy now I have to be happy, what in tarnation.

Ciel: Everybody is nothing but pawns to me.
Lizzy: *leaves*


This is absolutely crazy!!! Just the thought of 300 lovely human beings following this little guilty pleasure/hobby of mine is just mind-blowing!!! And so, I want to thank you in one of the best ways possible: through sincere recommendations of other blogs!!! These people are inspiring, kind, cool, hilarious, and have overall 1000000/10 blogs :)))

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04 x 15 Preview - The Apothecary

Instead of doing an episode analysis of 04 x 14 this week (only one Red and Liz scene, Aram focused), I wanted to look more at next week’s episode 04 x 15 and discuss what is going on and what may happen. We don’t know the true order of the scenes so I am just using the order in the promo. They may be out of sequence when we see the show.

First in the scene below Dembe pours whiskey (or whatever) into the glass and Red drinks it. Oh oh…

Do any of you believe Dembe had intentions to poison Red? Or was he unknowing?

Next Red goes to the post office. He clearly needs help

From the promo pictures we see he is so weak he needs to sit on the stairs

And from the promo pictures we know Red met with his attorney Marvin Gerard:

I’m sure he is getting his affairs in order and you know a huge part of it is making sure Liz and Agnes are cared for the rest of their lives even after his death. They are all he cares about.  He has protocols in place for them.

Next is one of my favorite scenes. Liz breaking the law by smashing in the pharmacy window with a chair to help Red. Loyalty. Love. Caring. This is the Lizzy I adore. You go GIRL!!!

And did you notice how Red flinches when the chair hits the window? He must be in really bad shape to flinch. He normally never does.

Below Red is getting worse. And later he finally collapses - I think on the floor of the pharmacy. A fan who saw some of this footage being shot said it looked like Red was having a heart attack.

Finally we see Red in the mobile emergency unit inside a boxing gym. Red is really failing here - he can barely breathe:

And below he wants to stay alive as long as he can as I’m sure he wants to see Liz one last time. Maybe he is even thinking of finally telling her about her past - who her father really was, Red’s connection to her (and what happened during the fire), why she is so important, and what he did that he is was so scared to tell her for fear of losing her. There is just so much…..

And finally we see Liz looking panicked and really worried (and we see Red on the hospital bed in the background). 

She can really lose him this time. And maybe she is finally gaining clarity into what Red really means to her. What they mean to each other. And it may be too late….

What do you think will happen?

Cielizzy fluff. Pure, sweet fluff.

Summary: Elizabeth takes a midnight trip to Phantomhive Manor - and receives the confession of her dreams. Fluff. Sugary sweet fluff. (Older Ciel and Elizabeth. Probably 17, 18 or so.)

There is a medlar-tree/ growing in front of my lover’s house,/ and there all day/ the wind makes a pleasant sound./ And when the evening comes,/ we sit there together in the evening dusk,/ and watch the stars/ appear in the quiet blue. — Sappho, One Hundred Lyrics

“What are you doing here, Lizzy?” Ciel asks.

Elizabeth looks beautiful, dressed as she is—an off the shoulder gown of periwinkle blue with a nipped in waist and skirts that flowed down to the floor in a silken waterfall. Her hair, usually so childish and familiar, has been twisted up in a complicated cascade of curls held together by a white, white rose. Truth be told, she looks like a dream—a wonderful, forgotten dream, and Ciel is almost speechless because when did his Lizzy grow up to be so elegant and beautiful?

Ethereal, perhaps, is the better word.

But his tongue is heavy and the words are stuck in his throat, forcing him to sit there, leaden, behind his great rosewood desk while the moon rises and evening stars begin to glimmer.

Her expression is soft, those doe green eyes innocent but pained, framed by long dark lashes that easily catch the dewdrop of her tears.

Her tears.

“Lizzy?” Ciel is panicked now, immediately rising from his high-backed armchair and rushing to her side. They are facing each other and he can smell her perfume—gardenias and sweet pea and the late August sun—and he feels slightly intoxicated by it all. “What’s the matter?”

“Oh it’s nothing!” She quickly exclaims, brushing away her tears and putting on the same cheery smile Ciel has grown used to seeing.

Except now, he feels the fool—how long had he been taking her smiles at face value? Never caring to look beneath the golden hair, ebullient demeanor, and elated cries of Ciel!

“Tell me.” He says this more firmly, taking Lizzy’s wrist, feeling the steady thrum of her pulse as they stand there together, the moonlight bathing them both in pearlescent silver. One hand comes to tilt her chin upward, forcing jade eyes to meet sapphire blue. A single absurd thought crosses his mind—no tears should ever fall from her eyes.

Rationally, he knows such a request is impossible but he is Ciel Phantomhive and he does not ask. He is the Queen’s Watchdog and he can bend the axioms of reality to suit his needs. She’s far too lovely to cry.

“I was just…remembering something, that’s all.” She finally sighs, a slight smile on her lips.

“What is it?”

“I—well,” the apples of her cheeks turn pink as she blushes, averting her gaze to the ground, “tonight…tonight is my debutante ball.” Lizzy manages at last, lifting her eyes to meet Ciel. 

He does not look surprised. “I know.”

“You do?” Lizzy’s brows furrow in confusion. “Then…then why didn’t you come?” She sounds hurt—hurt and worried and so full of unconditional love that Ciel wants to throw himself at her feet, tell her that she deservers better, that she’s meant for happiness and joy and sunlight. How can he bring himself to condemn her too? Shackle her to a life in the underworld—marrying the Queen’s Watchdog, a thrice damned child who sold his soul to the devil.


“Why didn’t you come Ciel?” She whispers, jade eyes misting over with tears. “I promise you didn’t have to stay for long—only a few moments, and you didn’t have to dance with me either. You only had to be there long enough for father to announce that we were betrothed and—“

“Oh Elizabeth,” Ciel presses his hand against her cheek, bringing her closer towards him. “Elizabeth…I’m sorry.” 

He sees a strike of fear appear in her eyes and he wants to reassure her that everything will be alright, that things will be fine, that—

“You…you don’t love me, do you Ciel?” She asks quietly, not a hint of anger or resentment in her voice. Only soft resignation and gentle acceptance.

Ciel feels a part of himself break. He could lie and say that he doesn’t love her—that he doesn’t want to marry her—that their betrothal was a childhood dream meant for happier times. It would be easier this way—cleaner, simpler—but he is Ciel Phantomhive and damn it all, he is selfish. Unrelentingly selfish. Wanting the whole world and all its trophies without giving a damn to the consequences thereafter.

And Elizabeth. He leans in closer, their lips nearly touching. God—she is the purest part of him. The best part of him and he loves her with such adoration and devotion that he is terror struck when he thinks about losing her. About tainting her. About ruining the girl he has loved for so long and with such unyielding affection—would she hate him if she knew what he truly was? A feckless coward who’d made a deal with the devil for a bit of power and some revenge? 

God, Lizzy…I adore you as I’ve adored nothing else in my life. You are my morning star and without your light, I would be lost—utterly, completely lost. I want you to be happy, I want you to remain this way,” he touches her cheek, eyes pained and words heavy, “marrying me would be a death sentence, my love. And you are far too good for a life hidden beneath the shadows.”

And, in the aftermath of his whispered confession, Ciel can’t help himself—he’s held back for so long, restrained himself at all costs, that this one moment feels as close to heaven as he could ever dream of.

He kisses her, then and there, mouth meeting mouth in the sweetest kiss. She tastes like a valentine and feels so soft in his arms that the crueler part of him—the greedier, more selfish part of him—finally wins over.

It’s true that Elizabeth deservers better than him—much, much better—but he is Ciel Phantomhive and he is only human. And this girl, this sweet, sunshine girl, holds his humanity in the palm of her lily-white hands. How can he not adore her with the whole of his being? As the moon loves the sea…as Hades loves Persephone.

A/N: The fluffiest fluff you’ll ever fluffin’ read. Thanks to everyone who participated in Cielizzy Week! We’re so grateful for all your submissions—till next year! x mod Nina

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@come-float-down-here-with-me here’s a compliment for you!

Lizzy my love!! Oh my goodness! I honestly LOVE talking to you and I always smile so much when I see a message from you in my notifications, because we have such deep and personal conversations, and I feel so incredibly comfortable telling you anything! Your advice is beyond amazing and you always know how to reassure me and help me to de-stress about stuff! I also feel we are very similar and can easily relate to each other’s problems, and it’s just so nice to be able to talk to someone who understands things I’m going through! Honestly, you’ve been able to help me, and understand me, when my own family couldn’t!! I can’t thank you enough! ❤️

You’re so kind and caring and I love our conversations! 💖 I’m SO BEYOND HAPPY we started talking and became friends, because it wouldn’t be the same not having chats with you! You’re amazing girl!!! ✨

The Kuroshitsuji Characters: Should You Fight Them

Our Ciel: I mean…you can if you want? This will probably not go well for you. If he didn’t have a demon butler, I’d say absolutely. He is like ten and very short. He has an inferiority complex that you could totally use against him.

Real Ciel: Do not. He is very handy with guns, and has already come back from the dead with a taste for vengeance once. Bad, bad idea.

Sebastian: You will die, but at least you have a shot of ruining his aesthetic. Go for it.

Lizzy: She will kill you and look adorable doing it. You shouldn’t.

Snake: Totally do it. Can’t even verbally fight back if you take away his snakes. His hair looks dumb, use it against him.

Grell: Please do. Perverted and needs to be stopped. I’d say make fun of her outfit, but it’d only spur her on.

Finny: No, he has actual super strength. You’ll also most likely end up feeling bad for him. It’ll be uncomfortable.


1. Last Kiss by Taylor Swift (Lizzy POV end of season 2)

2. Blank Space by Taylor Swift covered by Tylar Ward (Ciel POV)

3. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Ingrid Michaelson (Lizzy POV)

4. Adore You by Miley Cyrus (Lizzy POV)

5. All of Me by John Legend (Older Ciel POV)

6. Angel by J Rice ft. Conor Maynard (Ciel POV)

7. Widest Dreams by Taylor Swift (Lizzy POV)

8. Goodbye My Almost Lover (Lizzy POV end of season 2)

9. Do You Feel It by Chaos Chaos (Ciel POV)

10. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (Older Ciel POV)

hi everyone so i reached 2,000 followers and i can’t even begin to describe how thankful i am for that. im extremely thankful for each and everyone one of you and im also very thankful for all the friends i’ve made on here as well. you guys always put up with my lame textposts and selfies and always listen to me rant about how upset the boys make me and i really appreciate that so this is just a small way of me saying thank you for how amazing you all are.

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this is a post dedicated to all my friends and all of the awesome blogs i follow that make my dashboard hella rad.

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