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Pride and Prejudice Meme: Favorite secondary character
↳  Charlotte Lucas

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Hello, idk what's happening but I'm seeing appreciation posts and I really wanted to say, that I really enjoy your blog. If you don't already know (I hope?) I really like you and think you're a great person, and someone I look up to as a role model.

asdfghjk awww!!! thank you so much!! tbh i always feel so happy whenever i see you on my notification and your replies, you seem really nice and i actually am really fond of you (i’m so sorry i don’t follow you though, it’s just that i dont share the same interest as you in animes and other fandom but i love you a lot, seeing your icon makes me smile)

thank youu <3 i really need this positivity rn :’)

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As a sebaciel shipper, I think it’s really important to talk about how delightful Lizzy is.

I know a lot of people tend to “hate” her and, I’ll be honest, she was not a favorite of mine in the beginning. But after giving her some thought and proper analyzation, it is so plain to see that she is a strong-willed and shameless warrior deserving of so much happiness.

Lizzy deserves so much better than Ciel. 

She has a heart of gold and only the purest intentions. I would like you all to see her for herself and not just as a “block” between Sebastian and Ciel. Because, truly, nothing can come in between Sebastian and Ciel as it is anyways

It may have taken me writing a few other stories to give her proper appreciation, but all I know is that in my book, I will always make sure that little ray of sunshine gets Soma Sieglinde the happiness she deserves.

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Keith's shack and zarkon

keith’s shack: what would your dream home be like?

Oooh okay um. Food everywhere. Books everywhere. TV’s and laptops everywhere… A piano… A theater room… Skylights and solariums… A veranda… A dope-ass balcony… Hidden doors… Bouncy castles… My room would be a giant pillow fort… A ball pit… Trampoline park… Yeah.

zarkon: what’s your bloodthirstiness on a scale of 1-5? 1 being “no thanks, i’m full”, and 5 being ”unquenchable”.

1 because I don’t like hurting people who don’t deserve to be hurt.

I am so incredible sorry, loves, for I’ve been sick and not been able to post anything. I have been laying in bed all week and coughed my little heart out.
I promise you, that as soon as I will be on a healthy way again, I will post new things.
I have interesting original posts planned for you, so stay patient and well!
- Lizzie

Ps. Thank you for alost 2k lovely follower, I appreciate every single one of you so much!


please please please appreciate how greatly written the lyrics of lizzie velasquez are. it’s truly a work of art

Can we just appreciate Lizzie Hearts?

I adore Lizzie Hearts. At first it was just her design, because honestly the webisodes don’t really have a lofty time slot to disclose a lot of the characters’ personalities. After reading the books though her character became really layered. And in WTW I love how emotional she was over the concept of not being able to save her mother in time. She has a really tender heart. I love that she’s into fashion design which is really cool and her being from Wonderland and all that would most likely intricate it’s eccentricities into her clothing design (which she has in Spring Unsprung). I honeslty would like to see EAH delve into that a bit more if they can. 

Also behold the cute:

I love how her dragon proved to be just as stubborn as she was and then THIS freaking happened. It was so sweet and cute. A small moment, yet spoke volumes for her personality. I love Lizzie Hearts. <3 She was really styling in Dragon Games! 


The last few weeks have been great. China is beautiful, and I know Lizzie thinks that I’m not appreciative of the change of scenery because I’m not getting my hands dirty like she is, but I really do. While she’s off doing god knows what, I’ve been taking lots of pictures. I didn’t realize there were so many beautiful sights here - this trip will be great for my portfolio. Thanks again for the camera.

Today I went to this beautiful garden on the outskirts of the village, then I visited the graveyard. Their graveyards are a lot different than ours… A lot more peaceful. I’ll show you all my pictures once we come home, but for now, I’m sending you some of my favorites.