lizzy nigma

Lizzy: You know what I said about it being silly that daddies are fighting? You know. I meant it. And I especially don’t like it when one makes a daddy I like have a mental break down. I don’t like that at all. So let’s not have that happen again, mmkay? Mmkay honeys.


Lizzy: I don’t think I have a particular style? I just like floral patterns and a pair of nice of blue jeans for any day. Though I guess I do have a few nice outfits; dad let’s me go shopping for my birthday! I guess I have a… what’s the word… maybe a Mori girl style for when I dress nicely? Oh! And I have plenty of logo shirts. Mostly superheros. Dad loves those.


Eddie: That is my personal business and you should not be releasing it to strangers on the internet– and you know nothing of what those affairs were.
Lizzy: And you also shared a bed with Deidre and Nina! And sometimes I crawled in with you guys when you weren’t naked.
Eddie: LIZZY