Most of my ships are one person of questionable character and one that is WAYYY too good for them. Pretty sure that says something about me but I can’t decide what.

04 x 15 Preview - The Apothecary

Instead of doing an episode analysis of 04 x 14 this week (only one Red and Liz scene, Aram focused), I wanted to look more at next week’s episode 04 x 15 and discuss what is going on and what may happen. We don’t know the true order of the scenes so I am just using the order in the promo. They may be out of sequence when we see the show.

First in the scene below Dembe pours whiskey (or whatever) into the glass and Red drinks it. Oh oh…

Do any of you believe Dembe had intentions to poison Red? Or was he unknowing?

Next Red goes to the post office. He clearly needs help

From the promo pictures we see he is so weak he needs to sit on the stairs

And from the promo pictures we know Red met with his attorney Marvin Gerard:

I’m sure he is getting his affairs in order and you know a huge part of it is making sure Liz and Agnes are cared for the rest of their lives even after his death. They are all he cares about.  He has protocols in place for them.

Next is one of my favorite scenes. Liz breaking the law by smashing in the pharmacy window with a chair to help Red. Loyalty. Love. Caring. This is the Lizzy I adore. You go GIRL!!!

And did you notice how Red flinches when the chair hits the window? He must be in really bad shape to flinch. He normally never does.

Below Red is getting worse. And later he finally collapses - I think on the floor of the pharmacy. A fan who saw some of this footage being shot said it looked like Red was having a heart attack.

Finally we see Red in the mobile emergency unit inside a boxing gym. Red is really failing here - he can barely breathe:

And below he wants to stay alive as long as he can as I’m sure he wants to see Liz one last time. Maybe he is even thinking of finally telling her about her past - who her father really was, Red’s connection to her (and what happened during the fire), why she is so important, and what he did that he is was so scared to tell her for fear of losing her. There is just so much…..

And finally we see Liz looking panicked and really worried (and we see Red on the hospital bed in the background). 

She can really lose him this time. And maybe she is finally gaining clarity into what Red really means to her. What they mean to each other. And it may be too late….

What do you think will happen?

Seriously writers?

Just had a chat with Dave on the tweets (along with a few others) He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see Tom is destroying the show and thinks James gets a lot of screen time. He thinks there are “other” reasons as to why the show is down in ratings, like blaming other new shows. This is why it is important folks to not watch, record, or download this upcoming garbage that is Blacklist Redemption!!!

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