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OMG dude, I'm all for different takes on canon but that's silly. Of course Lizzie is not totally comfortable about finding out Red is her dad, she said that she have always been scared that the devil is her father, she also said that she was terrified about what it meant, you think just because she's not jumping in joy she does't believe it? That's dumb and if you want to analyse her face how about you go to that very last scene, when she closed her eyes and looked at peace with her dad.

Well this is certainly interesting. I am fascinated when someone comes on my blog to tell me my OPINION is not correct, even dumb.  An opinion is a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something. Our own interpretation of facts. We all can have different opinions. They may or may not be proven right or wrong in the future but last I heard, it was considered perfectly fine to have an opinion, even if the opinion does not match yours. And by the way, who appointed you the Opinion Police in the first place? I didn’t even know there was such a thing. 

Let’s get a couple of facts out of the way first starting with my blog. Here is the post you are referring to for those who want to read it: Analysis of Red and Liz Scene in 04x22. First fact is, I always tag my posts with #lizzington. So folks know where I am coming from. In addition, my blog clearly states I am a #lizzington. It is also very clear in this blog that I do not believe for one minute that Red is Liz’s father. You of course believe differently and that is your right and I have no problem with it. But unlike you, I do not go onto blogs that have different beliefs from my own and attack their view. I don’t think that is right at all. Nor do I send in questions to blogs I don’t agree with to tell them their opinion is wrong or dumb or whatever. And I especially would not send in a question that attacks someone else as ANONYMOUS. If you really believed in your convictions, you wouldn’t hide behind the anonymous tag and use your blog name, as I am doing here. 

BTW, I am fine that you have a different interpretation of the Red and Liz hug. That’s cool. I just move on when I come across a blog I don’t agree with. But you didn’t do that. You felt the need to point out that I am “silly”, I am “dumb”, and that I should try to “make a little sense”. All based on your OPINION. And maybe you will be proven right in the end. Who knows? The show is not over yet. But the point is, let’s respect other people’s opinions enough to not attack them, shall we? 

Oh, and one last thing. What bothers me the most about your post is that you suggest that at least some Lizzington ship incest. Well I will guarantee you that is not true for me nor anyone I personally know in the fandom. My Keenler friends could vouch for that. Incest personally makes me want to hurl. You just need to understand that Lizzington DOES NOT believe Red and Liz are related AT ALL. Zero, Zilch. Nor do we believe Red is paternal to Liz. Again, that is our belief. You believe something else. No problem. But give us a break. Incest – no way do we ship that. And if the show ends up going that way, then Lizzington is out. And we will mourn the loss of our ship. And we certainly will not keep shipping that relationship. But ask yourself, how did Lizzington start in the first place? Did anyone in the show lead us to that conclusion? 

I will point you to this post on this subject ==>> HERE 

To summarize that post, the following people either suggested that Red looks at Liz not as a daughter, but as something else entirely or they came out and stated Red is not Liz’s father: 

Ressler (lover’s quarrel, Red has a new crush, etc), Cooper (thought Kirk was Liz’s father), Samar (very curious, asks Liz about it), Anslo Garrick (old boy still has got the touch), Madeline Pratt (was jealous, thought Liz was too young for Red), Berlin (said Red cares for Liz as much as his WIFE), Luther Braxton (your girlfriend), Solomon (your girlfriend, a little of both), Liz (Raymond, I do love….), Jon Bokenkamp (tweets about sexy Lizzington), Daniel Cerone (Red is not Liz’s dad), Daniel Knauf (the question has been answered definitely about 50x. They just shrug and move on), Zee Hatley (It’s been repeatedly said on screen, anything else is people reading into it and not letting go despite evidence), Kat Goodson (Red is Lizzie’s dad? – NO! and she re-tweeted that Red/Liz is a complicated love story). 

Again #anon, all I ask of you is to show a blog that has a different opinion than you a little respect and either move on or don’t read it in the first place. Or at minimum, if you have a bone to pick with someone at least have the courtesy and guts not to hide behind an #anon. But in my ideal world we need not speak to each other again and happily enjoy the show each in our own way. Because it is just a television show we are talking about here. Let’s love it in peace.

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We know how strong the foreshadowing and subtext is on TBL. Did anyone actually hear what Mr. K said to Liz? If she came with her she chose the TRUTH. If she got out of the car she chose Raymond. Tell me.. what is the opposite of TRUTH? I'm not 100% convinced Liz is in the dark here. What are the chances she knows the results mean something bigger and she is playing along to keep Red in the dark until she can figure out the real truth? She's clever, perhaps she's lying to Coop and Red.

This is an interesting thought. We just don’t know do we? Liz could know more than we think she does. After all she did have a DNA test done years ago but “threw away the results”.  And then later she asked Red directly if he was her father.  So she was still thinking about it. Knowing how important her parentage is to her coupled with the fact that she often does not trust Red, it does seem odd she would let this go all this time and be satisfied without any proof.

And in this gif you can see she is not happy, not comfortable at all. Could she know more and is playing Red? Certainly possible.

Thanks for the question #anon


“Lately, I find the truth has become so elusive, often imaginary. But, in the end, it’s all that we’re left with, isn’t it? What is real, what you can taste and touch and feel. The words that pass between us as we look each other in the eye are all we have to hold onto. The truth. I hold it dear.

It’s lizzington.

Cause Red as Lizzy dad is too easy.

Cause all those looks, touches and subtext is just too intimate.

Cause there are too many holes in the “confirmation” from last night to be taken seriously.

Cause James doesn’t do “dad” characters.

Cause it’s about the long game.

The long game is lizzington. Even if some people just don’t know it yet.

Its lizzington. We are the largest ship. We make up the largest fan base. We are not ashamed. We will remain strong. Defiant. We will expect better. We will demand better. Without us ratings would be much much lower.

If the show fails. We have our fanfics. Which makes up a massive portion of the blacklist fan fiction library. It will continue to grow. With or without the show. With or without a canon lizzington relationship.

We are lizzington. We are still here.