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What are your top 5 kuroshitsuji character outfits?

Anon, that is a complicated ask since Ciel alone has a few hundret outfits already. Let me try and find five outfits I like in this series. 

Smile, the outfit is simply adorable, I love it too much.

Sebastian’s coat, he looks super neat with it, doesn’t he?

Lizzy’s dress from chapter 107, I just love it. And I love little hats on her.

Grell’s main outfit. Dunno, something about Grell wearing MadamRed’s coat even though it’s the wrong size leaves a design impression. 

Ciel in his high-collar coat with the top head. I just love Ciel in capes and in any sort of top head. They make his normally small statue appear even smaller. X3

Honorable mentions: 

Low class clothes. The characters can rock those too, especially Ciel who looks even smaller in those baggier clothes. X3 I like Ciel in clotes that make im look smaller. <3 Someday I’d like to see Lizzy in such clothes. I wonder what she would say? If she can make it cute…

ANYTHING the Undertaker wears. I wanted to add him to the list but I figured is clothes don’t even look that special. It’s him who makes them look good. He can rock just about anything. XD

I know, there is a variety of absolutely stunning and cute outfits in Kuro and I love them too bits but on te long run I prefer a more minimalistic fashion style~

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shout out to the rogue, bored children who always got lost in department stores. I was one of you. may our sense of adventure never leave us, lol

(this one got just a teensy bit longer than the others so there’s a read more :P)

(one word prompt thingy)

“Mom, can I have this one? Please?” Lizzie’s 8-year-old son tugs at her hand, then runs back to the shelf and picks up the gymnast Barbie set – complete with doll-sized parallel bars – in both arms, widening his big blue eyes pleadingly and giving her his sweetest smile.

Lizzie kneels down to his eye-level and whistles. “Very cool, Kurt. But I thought you wanted Veterinarian Barbie?”

Kurt hoists the big box in his arms and says, “I do, but this one can spin and flip on the bars, and – and I like her clothes.”

Lizzie smiles at the doll’s sparkly turquoise bodysuit and the tiny gold medal hanging from her neck. “She’s fabulous, sweetheart. Here, I’ll trade you, if you’re sure.” She takes the Barbie set and puts it in their shopping cart, then hands Kurt the other doll so he can put her back on the shelf.

He beams at her and runs back to where Veterinarian Barbie is displayed, but he stops in his tracks before he gets there and says, his voice suddenly gone shy, “Hi.”

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