a yearly shoutout to all the people who make my tumblr experience great :)

thanks for your edits, gifs, writing, art, concepts and jokes. im glad to have found so many cool people to talk to here, to share my spn love with. it wouldnt be the same without you! i love ur blogs LOTS!!! creme de la creme homies

special mentions go to:

  • my irl friend Justyna, whom u can see tagged in a shit ton of posts and who is also a fan of spn (spn AND a gyros joint helped me found one of my best friends lmao)
  • Han, @sunnybauds, dude,,, i love talking to you about spn and food and music and watchin spn with you and just ugh, everything. You won me over when u were like, im gonna make a spotify mix for u… i’ll take it with me 2 my grave,,, love u even tho u made me listen to lorde’s album so many times that i ended up liking it wtf
  • Sarah, @srk1o3, you’ve brought a ton of A+ music into my life, some deeply regrettable, (i pray my dick get big as the eiffel tower??!?!?!! brAH i listened to it 2 many times i love it but like smh @ kendrick), you are thE ONLY RAP/ELECTRONIC MUSIC pal i can talk to abt this and ur taste is so good, great horror/video discourse, i hope we continue to talk next year cause goals
  • Marlz @lovelybenny wishes to see my dance moves and thinks im super cool but is afraid to admit it. also loves mountains??? nature?? but i still like her somehow
  • Alex @vintagesam has asked me the most important questions, like ‘what do you think about killer clowns from outer space?’ and thanks to him i got to know very good movies and music, thanks, i literally think about you everytime i watch some weirdo monster movie
  • Hanna @tipsysam, Dani @sensitivehandsomeactionman, Fiona @ruedesarchives, Sandra @lemondropsonice, Kaz @lipglosskaz even tho we don’t talk all that much i can’t imagine tumblr without u
  • Jenny @envydean, Aimee @scentofyesterday, Pika @lizziemcguire, Kahala @spacelesbians, Emma @fightdarcy and Sam @sammy-samulet, i consider y’all some of my regular best pals on here for years whether you like it or not

here are the blogs (and people behind them) that have been filling my dash with awesome posts this year: (under the cut cause thats A LOT of people i love so many blogs smh)

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lizziemcguire  asked:

joe's gayest looks

ok this is Very rough and comprised of what i had on hand however (myspace style)

8. amas 2007 white suit, extra ten points for the blood stain when he tripped and fell on glass while on stage because he is a Disaster Bi tm.

7. this look, london 2007 i believe. i got out burning up: on tour with the jonas brothers for this

6. see its even gayer when he stands next to nick

4. pink triangle shirt and leather jacket. early 2009 i think going by the hair.

3. amas rehearsal, also 2007 he Served that day. skinny scarf, hot pink tshirt, triangle enamel lapel pin. Bi King. 

2. gucci pea coat and what he rather be doing at all times

1. in 2007 17 year old joseph adam jonas stepped outside one day and proclaimed “Gay Rights.” and it was so.

talk to me about the jonas brothers i’m begging you

edit: links dont work??? does anyone see the links cause sdafjd i redid them three times one by one and they show up on post editing but not on the actual post… smh

its been 5+ years since ive had this blog, which also makes it almost 6 years since ive been watching (and obsessing over) spn… thanks for the ride, guys, im not going anywhere but im just like glad that i got to enjoy the brighter side of the fandom with so many of u. this is slightly late bc the day after my bday (pictured above with a coke from mcdos and a very beautiful spanish city tossa de mar) i got robbed and a lost a shitload of stuff like phones, mp4, camera, necklace that were kind of irreplacable. even my goddamn dry shampoo. either way im only gettin to do this appreciation post now, tho the actual blog bday is on july 21st. not that thats super important.

here’s a couple of people i consider my closest friends on this website:

@sunnybauds - Han is amazing and i love her. she’s the only person ive had a 70+ days streak on snapchat with. she’s also the only person who actually told me what a streak is. and how to do things on snapchat. anyway, she’s cool af, smart and funny, has great dogs and taste in music and i can’t wait to finally fly to the US (more like swim tbh but ok) and roadtrip with her.

@sensitivehandsomeactionman - Dani is great and makes so many perf dean/jensen edits. i always yell when i see another of those ‘episode commentary’ gifsets from her bc a)i never even saw those in my life, b)theyre always quality and its so great to see such content. she’s also never posting fandom drama which i love and she’s an awesome person to chat to, just an interesting person overall.

@scentofyesterday - when i think of Aimee, creative is the first word that comes to my mind, bc she is. insanely so, with her edits and photography and even goddamn music mixes and drawing. also a very nice person in general and i like talking to her and she’s always super nice to other people online. if i had to make a guess, id say thats also a case irl haha.

@envydean - Jenny is one of those people i never forget abt on tumblr dot com, bc she’s been making my experience great basically from the start? her fics fuckin keep me going, theyre so beautiful and well written and interesting. she also makes gorgeous edits and is an interesting person, i mean i always enjoy hearing what she’s up to etc. a very nice blogger. love her

@lovelybenny - with Marlz its a NO from me when it comes to kpop, but a huge YES when it comes to edits, fics (ive loved her fic without knowing it was hers lmao but we cleared that up) and her in general. tells me im a meme. which might not be so wrong, since @cqndlelight agrees - Em is funny and cool and she loves horrors like me. except she likes the green healthy stuff and that will be an eternal disagreement between us.

@lizziemcguire - i have known Pika since like the literal start of this blog or sth and she somehow always manages to be more sarcastic and funny than me. not sure how thats possible, either way, goals. we have different tastes but i love seeing hers.

@lipglosskaz - Kaz is eternally optimistic and i love that she doesn’t post fandom drama etc, even on twitter i love seeing her spn positive posts. plus loves sam, which seems to be less and less popular for some reason… smh. a great blogger.

@srk1o3 - we don’t talk as much as before, but i mean, the music taste of this girl. finally someone i could enjoy hip hop and dubstep with. bless

@spacelesbians - me and Kahala go way way back, and we have different interests but still both love travels. she’s absolutely amazing and talking to her is always a joy.

here are all the blogs i follow. great stuff, and id recommend you go and take a look at them. not alphabetically or in any actual order bc i custom html-made the list and didnt bother with javascript to sort it. unless, yknow, theres like an easier way to do this than write your own blogroll. not under the cut bc i want ppl to check out some nice blogs. here goes! :) thanks for being on my dash, guys, and thanks to all of you who follow me.

part 1

@deanjackles | @ijensenackles | @devoiddean | @herocas | @justjensenanddean  | @heavenmisha | @joharvelle | @mishacolins | @caslikescoffeeandfreckles | @thebootydiaries | @canonspngifs | @iridsecents | @myfairytal-e | @daenw | @stardustsam | @amirosebooks | @misswhizzy | @bowleggedbeauty |  @deanpendragon  | @amorecas | @filminfinity | @jensen-jay | @demonedean | @spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting | @samuletdean | @dancewithmejensen | @sketchydean | @soldierspoetry | @ddean | @sniperdean | @kinkybrothers | @samwinchesterappreciation | @castieled | @angvlicmish | @fanmixes | @haloless | @itsokaysammy | @ahoyspn | @alphvjensen | @celestialhalos | @deanmaniac | @moonmisha | @hallowedbecastiel | @ofthelord | @farkosten | @starsmish | @always-keep-writing | @sourdean | @freckledean | @wetsammywinchester | @sunshinedean | @blushingokoye | @danistiel | @undercoverrockstarjensen | @princesscas | @gaywitchtwins | @billiethereaper | @spnblog | @thejabberwock | @djinndreamsam | @beefcakemish | @ruedesarchives | @askcastielangelofthelord | @castieledits | @capsofwinchesters | @hufflepuffdean | @babybrotherdean | @in-love-with-movies | @phascinationphases | @deztiel | @blissfulmish | @bisexualdemondean | @bisexualmichaeldean | @caqtainamericas | @fatherofmurder | @laoih |

part 2

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this is a shoutout to all of you

thanks for running these amazing blogs! this is pretty much everyone i follow, and i enjoy the content very much, plus it’s awesome to talk to you guys. i wanna also thank the lovely people who are following me! it means a lot that you liked my blog enough to stay :) thanks for making my tumblr experience so enjoyable! :) it’s been 3 years since im here and i dont think im leaving anytime soon ;) stay rad. thanks for being here & have an awesome year! :) 

*whispers* literally no one understands how good this photo is its probably my biggest photo success ever lol


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lizziemcguire  asked:

pls talk about why karen is such an icon

karen?? hippie karen?? she’s my mom but i also want to be her kids new step mom??

karen goes to whole foods every time shes in london and gets whatever she can from her local farmers market…karen bought toms shoes right when they came out and then donated them once they became a status symbol…karen lowkey forgot to tell her eldest child gender existed throughout his preschool years….karen has a vitamix she makes organic soup in….karen has art her hippie friends painted that goes for $5 on the street and hangs them with unironic pride….karen raised two “artists”……karens kids worked for their pocket money…..karen had them siphon ten percent into a charity…..karen sent her kids to sunday school where they blessed worms they were putting in the childrens compost garden…..karen travels and brings back pots she made trekking with a comune she met in the hostel….karen let her prep ass kid go to redding even though she knew he had bad taste…

300 Followers 🎉 thank you!

I just reached 300 followers!! thank you all so much, you have no idea how much I love you guys!

I may gonna do something special (i’m actually working on a super-long crankgameplays compilation with all my favorite moments), but yeah, besides that I may gonna do something else. 

But now I first wanna thank all my favorite people:

mutuals I love💞:

@ordinarygurldoingordinarythangs @ciaramcgeesprat @sizzling-starlight @cherxnica @thetrashprncess @say-that-we-should-take-a-day @cuddleeclifford @htmlpinof @markiplierlove @unofficialmads @pupylvr4905 @teddybearcentral @angelisfandomtrash @keniplier @helloimdun @sarahseneviratne @mythicalmelodramatic @floetto @captain-just-another-cosplayer @hufflepuffnestor @insert-creative-name-here

non-mutuals I love💖:

@nestorquik @ohboywonder @punkbarbie @septicplier @i-shine-not-burn-47 @hellapj @lizziemcguire @joshuadududuuunnn @ethanstrashgoblin @dork-with-a-uke @shefouundherself @melaniemartinezislife @dontletmebegonelaneboy @pastelnooodle @random-clever-username @angel-nestor @whenvesselruled @planetpeeblescoffee @piteousfangirl @moondragon12 @starryeyed-purplehair

I hope didn’t forget someone, and 

thanks to all my followers! you’re all awesome! I don’t know what my life would be without you! remember, just keep going. stay alive. 💛

well, I that’s all from me for now, have a great day!

–– martina 

lizziemcguire  asked:

a concept: phil getting invited to a howell cultural exploration holiday

me: bold of you to assume he hasn’t
pika: he doesnt have the sunburn to back it up

literally what happens is they get drunk at dinner one night and suddenly karen has a browser up and 100,000 miles are suddenly cashed in and phil ends up in kenya absolutely terrified and dan pledges to only wear hemp clothing radically change his life until they get back home and he’s on his bougie bullshit again

drunk - send asks?

lizziemcguire  asked:

playlist for wanting to move and start a new life and also playlist for twink luke skywalker

oh.. the Pika Mood and the Pika Kin

i gotta get out of this town before someone remembers me

twink baby luke skywalker

send me a mood/topic and i’ll make you a playlist!