first, let me begin by giving a shout out to the person who made the biggest mistake ever & told me to make a tumblr: huxsmash. bless her soul, she just didn’t know.

second, shout out to my irl friends who totally regret following me: the great and talented avenger-falls, and that idiot who is the yeezy to my hova, discountdoublecheck.

now let the games (aka immense typing + procrastination) begin!

faves of faves because they don’t mind me constantly bugging them
and/or acknowledge (aka reblog) me on a constant basis because they want the d:

alzner || ballsdeepinjesus || boosterposey || brandiglanville || crimmus || finnwhitman

lob3 ||molegan || rockinaroundcastiel || sassygerbe || schennbooty || schennerbuns

shaveitoffwade || slicegirls ||the-world-begins-again ||  thegreateight || weavesafety

shout out to lawrence & zacK (heheh) who are the only guys on that list wOW good job bros!

people whose butts i wouldn’t mind rubbing:

aaronrodgerz || anacardium-occidentale || atkinsonn || chara-is-slovakian-giraffe

chris-korb || cosmiccrystals || delzotto || formerlymn || friaplata || fro-licking

hawk-and-animal || hohohossa || integra || jackalltimelow || jack-nicholson || jjswatter

johancruyff || kaitlanal || kattykatastrophe || khabibulin || kitwalkerses || mcquaidface

merryshaykmas || nodlclaus || orpiks || owuya || pennerection || richarddawkinz

rollldamntide || scottfartsmell || selenocosmia-huwena || thebergeronprocess

themalkingjay || wandamaximoff

peace n blessings 2 u and urs~