Time travel Elizabeth Midford

Because I’ve always loved time travel and parellel universes (I blame Doctor Who ;)) I really want to write a fanfic where an older, married, very happy and no longer in the dark about her husband Elizabeth Midford meeting the current her and the current Ciel. Lizzy is confused at first and I’d like ‘You’re so pretty and cool but aren’t you worried about not being cute?’ and older Lizzy just replies 'I don’t really care whether people see me as cute or not, Ciel loves me the way I am’ and Ciel is blushy and thinks 'Oh god she is gorgeous. And she’s so confident, is she really my Lizzy?’ and then older Lizzy gets beaten at a game of hopscotch by younger Lizzy and older Lizzy yells NO FAIR and Ciel smiles and thinks 'Yes, that’s my Lizzy’
Bonus: younger Lizzy giggles when Older Lizzy is out of the room and says AWWW CIEL YOU LOOK SO CUTE WHEN YOU BLUSH, you have a crush on her- well, um, me don’t you Ciel? And he just hangs his head in shame

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Red and Lizzie may not be each other's first love, but I feel like the show keeps hinting (over and over again) that they're gonna be each other's greatest love. and I'm sorry but HOW CAN I NOT SHIP THAT?? *dives into a pile of fanfic*

*melts into a puddle of feels* Anon I must ship them I can’t help myself. I have no idea what tptb are up too….hints, torture idk but I can picture that Lizzington endgame in my head so clearly and it’s so damn beautiful I just can’t. The parallels between Red & Josephine and Red & Lizzy were blatant and I kept thinking am I seeing what I’m seeing because what I’m seeing it pretty obvious. So I’m not giving up hope no way, not after an episode like that :)

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Things that make me happy: Writing, (hot) chocolate, fluffy animals, small acts of kindness and BELLARKE *-* Can I get a blog compliment? (I'm not sure if I was supposed to choose, but I'm gonna roll with it)

Small acts of kindness always make my day tbh. Restoring my faith in humanity one tiny step at a time :)

Your icon is so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (i want to cry every time i see his face in that scene tbh). Yourdescription makes me very emotional but it’s beautiful. And ur opinions are on point I mean forreal ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ PERFECT. 

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You make me happy <3 Does this count? I want my random compliment...with no sarcasm pls lol

smh im never sarcastic. 

Mafalda you’re a dork. An absolute, cute and sweet as hell, dork. And it’s been what? Two years? And I can honestly say that I never have, and never will be tired of you. You’re so sweet, you always see the best in people. You’re one of those friends who hardly ever says a bad word about anyone, no matter how shitty they might be to you. And I admire that a lot (I think we both know I can be really impatient lmao). You are one of the first people I go to whenever I feel bad because you’re always there for me, and I hope you know that that goes both ways. I love you so much.

                               “ Excuse me, but I think you dropped something. “

    Bending at the waist to pick up the possession, a small huff of laughter comes forth instead. It seems the item was nothing more than a broken flower stem, the vibrant green of the stalk sure to turn for the worst by morning. “ I apologize, I stopped you for nothing at all it seems. “


i received one (1) 3 sentence fic prompt (thank u mary gael my one true friend in this WORLD) but i honestly would love to do more!!! i really haven’t written fic in YEARS because i was always writing for school (plus i mainly wrote glee and…..well we all know why i stopped with that haha)

a lot of u probably have never even read my fic which is weird because that used 2 be my Thing but anyway!!! if u’d send me a pairing (and also a prompt if u’d wish!!) i’d love to do more sometime tomorrow!!!

thank u, ur all great, i love u so much even though u probably just scrolled past this when u saw i was attempting 2 communicate with u

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raven reyes smiling makes me happy <3

Protect Raven Reyes Forever Squad. She’s so precious to me, if only she were half as precious to the writers :))))))))))))))))))))))))

Well I love your name for one (lmao im so funny) and you’re so cute?????? I LOVE your curls (i love curls; except when they’re mine and annoying af). And of course your sidebar, blake siblings trash over here :’) 

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@ all the anons: the rest of us in the group chat are thirsty for some asks too (and we're cooler than Caroline so)

hah Lizzie you may be beautiful but you are dead wrong I am the best (ALL THE ANONS FOR ME)

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Something that makes me happy? Poe Dameron, let's be real. Oh, and Disney world. Disney world makes me happy (I'm such a nerd smh)

Poe Dameron is literal everything goals tbh. I’ve never actually been to disney world (cryin’).

Obviously I love everything about your blog because the first thing I saw was Daisy Ridley. Your updates tab is super cute and your theme is AWESOME.