Day 7

The neighbors downstairs do have a child–a bright little six year old called Mimi. She found me in the hall right where I’d “fallen” and scooped me up. She hugged me and told me all sorts of stories. It would have been perfect except for Xerxes. Xerxes is an Irish Wolfhound with a jaw made out of titanium.

Mimi and her father managed to free me before too much carnage had been wrought. Her father sewed up the hole in my leg and the one in my ear. All would have been well–but they put in me in the washer and the dryer. My fur will never be the same.

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I've lost track of the days

William and Mr. Bearcy left me home alone for a week and that is best forgotten because it was miserable. When William finally returned he looked terribly sad, but he quietly sewed up my ear again and promised he’d take me with him when he left. I didn’t know that meant I’d be trapped in his suit case. I tried to ask him about Lizzie twice. The first time he left the hotel room. The second, he zipped me inside the suitcase. At present I am not speaking with him even though he apologized.

I am pleased to report that I am back in my spot on the bed.  I have never been so happy to be anywhere in my life. That suitcase smelled like socks. William is a very neat person, but he is a person with feet. Human feet have a very distinctive odor.

The bear is trying to be kind, but I am not speaking to him either. I’m too confused and a little resentful. Where has he been all this time? He wouldn’t answer any of my questions, so when he speaks to me I pretend I can’t hear him. I’m napping a lot.

William has suddenly become extremely agitated about his phone. He’s been pacing the room all evening. His hair is sticking out all over because he’s tugged on it so much.

“William,” the bear says. “Just call her back.”

I nod in agreement and immediately understand. William has had a message from Lizzie. I bounce a little in my spot and twitch my nose in excitement.

William sits at the end of his bed and makes the call. The bear and I creep close, not to eavesdrop, (well maybe a little), but for moral support, should he need it.

“Hello, Lizzie…”

At last! William is talking to Lizzie and Lizzie is talking to William. I glance at Mr. Bearcy and hold up my paw. He leans over and high-fives me. He’s not so bad.

Day 8 - You Can't Always Get What You Want

I was mostly asleep when William came to bed late last night. He asked me how I felt. (Fine, just tired.) He slipped into bed and turned toward me instead of away towards Mr. Bearcy. William did look really tired so I figured he was confused and waited for him to turn over and cuddle the bear.

Instead he drew me gently against his chest. He kissed the spot between my ears and snuggled me while he fell asleep. No clue what had changed, but I was finally allowed to do my job. I nestled into William’s arm and we slept like rocks.

He left early today and I can’t find the bear. I’m worried. Yes. About the bear. He wasn’t in bed last night when I went to sleep, or when I woke up. I’ve looked everywhere in the apartment. I’ve twisted my ears so anxiously that the new stitching popped open. I will need to beg William to repair it when he returns home.

Except he didn’t. There was no bear. There’s no William. It was just me–alone.

I hoped someone would come and get me or explain things in the morning. I hoped William and Mr. Bearcy were OK. I was unable to sleep so I watched infomercials about products so strange I can’t see anyone buying them.

I decided to check my email one last time before going to bed. I waited for my inbox to load, yawning. Two new messages. They could wait. I clapped down the lid and realized what I’d seen. A message from Lizzie!

I opened the laptop and waited for the screen to wake up. There was a message from Lizzie Bennet.

Dear Lizzie,

It is funny that we have the same name. Thank you for your support and for watching the show since the start. I know a big segment of viewers want something to happen between Darcy and I, but I think that’s impossible now. It’s too late.

But thank you for your very kind note.

-Lizzie Bennet

I covered my face with my ears and fell asleep on the desk. Everything felt pretty hopeless. I was willing to wait and see what the morning would bring with it.