I want a love like:

Ross and Rachel

Kim and Ron

Lizzie and Gordo

Fred and Wilma

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Ellie and Carl

Zoey and Chase

The Doctor and Rose

Amy and Rory

I want the love that goes through thousand years and never gives up, the love that comes from a great friendship, the love that can go through the hard times and still bounce back because of our love, the love that can stay strong thousand of miles apart, the love that can take being universes apart and still be in love, that can take death and still love each other. I CRAVE that love.

Gordo - Missed you at lunch today?
Lizzie - I’m not very hungry.
Gordo - They had the big chocolate chip cookies. I got you one.
Lizzie - Thanks… Ronnie broke up with me.
Gordo - He’s a loser.
Lizzie - No Gordo, I’m the loser, ok? He likes another girl. She’s probably prettier than me. And she’s probably smarter than me. And she’s probably a lot more fun than I am.
Gordo - No, she’s not.
Lizzie - How do you know?
Gordo - Because there’s nobody prettier than you, or more fun to be with.
Lizzie - You forgot smarter.
Gordo - Yeah, well, I was including myself in that one.
Lizzie - *laughs*… I feel so awful.
Gordo - Yeah, I know, but you’ll get over it. Whereas that guy, he’s gonna realize what an idiot he was and he’s gonna feel awful for the rest of his life.
Lizzie - You’re such a good friend Gordo. 

Everybody deserves a friend like Gordo