lizzie x jane

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Quinn's letter is a game-changer. I think he's a romantic and definitely the one to say sappy things to Carrie. It's kind of a role reversal which I like - Carrie is strong and Quinn is a softie. A Darcy and Lizzy situation - Darcy would wax-poetic about Lizzy and she would just take in.

OMG Anon! You know the way to my heart is a Jane Austen reference, don’t you? She is the queen mother of the “will they/won’t they” romance arc and I bow down before the brilliance of her wit and the precision of her prose. Sigh.

Wait, was this a Homeland question?? Yes! Carrie and Quinn have a MAJOR Lizzie/Darcy vibe going on, complete with banter, UST, love letter, and the oh-so-adorable “tough guy desperately in love with a sassy woman” role reversal we all keep tuning in for. Perfection!