lizzie x lydia


LBD Rewatch: Episode 13, Bing! It’s Time for Dinner!
Now for the real show. Some things you don’t know about Lizzie… she smells bad- 
Oh no you don’t.
She’s deathly afraid of birds.
Please just for a minute? Please, please…
Not gonna happen.

I can’t get over how brilliant this production is. She’s liked that video because it was made back in the days when Lydia and Lizzie's relationship was completely normal and even though Lizzie would always be weary of Lydia’s actions, you could see that they the contrast of both of their personalties made the show exciting, rich, and they both are working hilariously well together.

Also the entire video is about Darcy and how much Lizzie hated him even though Lydia’s feelings towards him were not that low. And now when George is there with her and her sympathy for George is leading her to hate Darcy even more, just as once Lizzie did. And of course Lydia’s still watching Lizzie’s videos and she is seeing her interacting with Darcy in a relatively pleasant way, she can’t help but miss the times when Lizzie so openly hated him. 

This video, in her mind, is what reality should be like now: Lizzie hating Darcy, and the Lydia’s and Lizzie’s relationship to be fixed.