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Amy turned, feeling a chill creep up her spine. She could feel the Doctor tense up from behind, as though he was crouching right next to her.


“You didn’t actually think I’d miss all the fun now didn’t you? It’s been too long, Doctor, and it would be tardy of me not to … properly introduce myself to your lovely companion here, now would it?” He shook his head, the hint of a smirk on his face. The Doctor seemed frozen as he stared on in horror. You’re dead.

The Master’s eyes slid over Amy. “Earth girls. He’s always been fond of them, hasn’t he? Not that you would know. He likes to keep his past all bottled up inside him, never sharing what goes on inside that head of his.” He looked back up at the Doctor, that same smirk plastered onto his face, no matter how many regenerations had passed. “Isn’t that right, Doctor?”