favourite tropes + SETTING UPDATE

Adaptations of old stories will frequently move them closer to the production in time and/or space, even if the original is only a couple of decades old.

Distinct from Recycled IN SPACE in that the purpose is to make the story more familiar and accessible, whereas that trope is often based around transplanting a story into a less familiar setting. Also, by its nature, a Setting Update is typically made long after the original, whereas a Recycled Premise is usually a Me Too made to cash in on hot demand. Sometimes, especially with the more radical changes, it can be a genuinely clever analogy.


I shot a video for Dr. Gardiner’s seminar class.

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anonymous asked:

So I'm watching the 2005 movie right now and was thinking about the bit in the beginning when Elizabeth tells Darcy that poetry kills love and then says she recommends dancing to encourage affection, well then at the next ball he asks her to dance, obviously to show affection. So I'm 100% convinced that if she hadn't said that he would have written her poems and I'm DYING to know what a Darcy love poem sounds like.

OH MY GOSH you’re right!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone, anyone, help us out!!!! LBD!Darcy would be so cute and robotic and cheesy, but I have no idea what regency!darcy would sound like. AHHHH!!!!!