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Hey homies! This is the end of chapter 4! Me and Blue are really thankful for all of you, thanks for your likes, reblogs, and follows! we love you a lot! Unfortunately, school is a little bit intense right now. We are going to take a hiatus, and will return APRIL 21st! After the hiatus we will be updating a lot, as we will also be attending VANCAF this year!!! Thanks for being patient!

the confession scene in pride and prejudice is honestly even more savage in the book lizzie literally d e s t r o y s mr. darcy, notices that he’s incredulous and mortified, and then continues to speak by giving the “you are the last man i could ever be prevailed upon to marry” line. like. holy fucking shit, elizabeth bennet, you were out to KILL

The Pride and Prejudice AU for omgcp is apparently going to be the AU of an AU

or rather, if you wanted to, you could say Check, Please! could easily become an AU of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Bitty’s already making vlogs

he started off complaining about Jack 

the hockey team could count as siblings

Kent Parson can be George Wickham 

Bitty has spent time living in the same house as Jack

Bitty and Jack have warmed up to each other

all we need is Jack to walk into one of Bitty’s vlogs and deliver a confession of love


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (AU Damerey)

Poe as Mr.Darcy.

Rey as Lizzie Bennet.

In this video, I am going to tell you a story. A story of a wedding. A painful wedding. Where a man and a woman were forced to dance together because of some stupid binding tradition that should be banned for all time! So if you haven’t guessed yet, yeah, I caught the bouquet. And guess what stuck up, pompous prick caught the garter? Yeah. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and this is the story of the most awkward dance ever!

Based on this web series.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend your favourite Dizzie fics?

Thick as Thieves: AU. Lizzie befriends Darcy at the Gibson wedding.

Love me tender, love me true: LBD, AU. Lizzie and Darcy met in high school; and when he confessed his love for her, she rejected him. What will happen years later when they meet again at Pemberley Digital and Lizzie is dating George Wickham?

Worth A Thousand Words: A Collection of Drabbles

Lizzie Bennet: An Unexpected Pregnancy: LBD. Lizzie and Darcy eventually begin dating and guess who gets knocked up shortlythereafter?

Welcome to Hertfordshire Academy: Lizzie, Jane, and Lydia are new students at Hertfordshire Academy, a prep school in Northern California…

Some Days: Some days she thinks she was wrong about William Darcy.

None But You: He silently watches her approach, clenching his jaw to keep himself from saying something stupid, like how breathtakingly captivating she looks in that dress she’s wearing or that he’s still hopelessly, madly in love with her.

Independent Study: “Charlotte, hi. I think I just accidentally slept with Darcy.”

Easier: Lizzie and Darcy deal with the ups and downs of parenthood.

Dinner and a movie: Set after episode 31, Lizzie and Darcy spend an awkward evening alone together in Netherfield - at least, Lizzie finds it awkward, Darcy was thrilled to spend some time with her. A story about sticky toffee sauce, sexual tension, aubergines and ringtones … but mostly sticky toffee sauce. (this is basically my headcanon for what happened during the netherfield arc)

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you (SF Trip): Filling in the holes of the epic, live-tweeted San Francisco trip. From lobsters to Ghirardelli ice cream to statues of Yoda. Oh and a healthy dose of Lizzie and Darcy character development.

Sixth Week is the Charm: The sound of the band playing indoors comes out muffled in the dark and Lizzie breathes deeply and braces herself against the cold enjoying the present company “It’s nice” she declares, but is not referring to the view.

of drunken mistakes and really nice aftershave : Lizzie is drunk and Darcy smells amazing and she doesn’t like him, not at all, not one tiny bit.

Part 1 - Vienna Waits for You : Here is a truth universally acknowledged: life doesn’t have fairytale endings. They don’t exist beyond the pages of books. If they did, Lizzie Bennet would have gotten her’s when she was twenty-five.

Part 2 - Let’s be Sinners to be Saints : Darcy and Lizzie get back together and its supposed to be epic. Instead, its complicated and, of course, Darcy has a plan to fix that. But sometimes there are things in life that you can’t write a check for and sometimes the problem is you. Sequel to “Vienna Waits for You.”

A Matter of Pride

A little Pride & Prejudice/Lizzie Bennet Diaries au I spun as an extra Secret Santa gift for @barefootlizz! It’s been a blast, love!

Molly barely heard the click on the other side of the phone as Mary hung up. Her entire mind blanked and her mobile slipped from her fingers, dropping unceremoniously onto the floor with a thud. The entire conversation ran through her mind.

‘We’re engaged!’ Mary’s shriek of delight had Molly cringing and holding the phone away from her ear. ‘He came by this morning and told me everything! How he’d liked me from the start, but thought I wasn’t as interested as he was and so he broke up with me, at the suggestion of Sherlock. Oh, but get this!’

Molly raised her eyebrows at Mary’s bellow. ‘Sherlock was the one to convince him to apologize! And propose!’

Molly’s heart skipped a beat, then fell somewhere near her butterfly-filled stomach. ‘He what?’

Not hearing Molly’s flabbergasted whisper, Mary continued on excitedly. ‘Obviously, you’ll be my Maid of Honor! And I know it will be awkward with Sherlock being John’s Best Man, knowing how much you hate him, but I wouldn’t have anyone else!’

‘What? Mary, that’s not-’

‘Oh, someone else is calling. Hold on… Oh! It’s John! Molly, I have to go! But I’ll call back soon and we’ll set up a time to go dress shopping! Love ya, bye!’

‘Mary, wait!’

Molly tried to take a deep breath, her thoughts running a hundred miles an hour. But then a firm, decisive rap on the door brought them to a screeching halt.

She knew that knock.

‘Dr Hooper?’

She knew that voice.

‘Molly Hooper, for goodness’ sake, I know you’re in there. Now, open the door.’

Taking a deep breath, she stood and walked to the door of her flat, hesitating only a moment before swinging the door open.

‘Hello, Mr Holmes.’ She greeted the man she loved with a nod and a tight smile, suddenly very aware of her state of dress: pyjama bottoms and a large t-shirt with her hair piled high in a messy bun and her large-frame glasses perched on her nose. Sherlock stared down at her with an unreadable expression, his curls hanging over his eyes and his hands clasped behind his back. ‘Come in.’

He followed her inside and she shut the door behind them.

They stood silently, in the middle of her lounge, sneaking glances at the other until Molly finally broke the silence. ‘Mary called.’

Sherlock blinked and his ears turned pink. ‘I am aware.’

Molly clasped her hands in front of her and looked down. ‘She told me what you did. How you convinced John to apologize.’

‘As I was the one to blame for his initial mistake, I took it upon myself to rectify my error.’

His tone was indifferent, but he took a step closer and Molly looked up at him. His usual cold expression was in place, but there was something about his eyes that made Molly’s heart jump into her throat.

‘That was very good of you.’

‘Molly,’ he said softly. ‘Surely you know… I did it for you.’

Her eyes widened. He swallowed and averted his eyes.

‘If you are still of the mind that I am the last man on earth you should ever fall in love with, please tell me immediately and I will leave.’

Hearing her own words spoken so softly tinged with such a sad hopefulness, Molly’s heart broke.

Sherlock cleared his throat nervously and he kept his tone casual as he said, ‘My feelings for you have not changed, however, so if you feel differently now-’

‘Oh, absolutely!’

Sherlock barely had any time to register her blurted words before she grabbed him by the lapels of his coat and hauled him down into a kiss. His arms windmilled and he blinked in surprise, but then immediately melted into her and wrapped his arms around her.

Breathless and dazed, they broke apart. Sherlock leaned his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. ‘Well, that went better than I’d hoped.’

Laughing softly, Molly playfully punched him in the stomach. ‘You’re the Great Detective, surely you knew how I felt.’

‘Ah, but as I have often been told by John and by yourself, not to mention countless others, I do not always have a winning approach. This could have been very Not Good.’ He chuckled ruefully.

Slipping her arms around his neck, Molly tilted her head. ‘Well, it wasn’t. I would go so far as to say it was Exceptionally Perfect.’

Sherlock eyes glazed over and a pondering frown creased his brow.

‘Oh, don’t you dare start in on my exaggerating,’ Molly teased and rolled her eyes fondly. She pecked his lips once more and pulled away. ‘Come on, you’re taking me to dinner and we can talk about where we go from here.’

‘We have to go to dinner to do that?’ Sherlock asked in confusion while Molly pulled on her coat and grabbed her bag.

Reaching out, she laced her fingers with his and tugged him out the door. ‘Of course. That’s what couples do.’

‘We’re a couple? Just like that?’

Molly looked up at him and felt her heart skip a beat at the pleased smile on his face. ‘Yep. Just like that.’


“Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of gods are invoked here. Great work of magic is sought. In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient power. Bring your powers to we sisters three. We want the power. Give us the power.”

“The Power of Three will set us free.”

Guys, I seriously need a Lizzie Bennet Charmed AU fic or gifset or something, but have no time to make one. I have no idea what role the other characters would play in this scenario, but:

Lizzie as Prue, the proud telekinetic.

Jane as Piper, the peacekeeper who freezes time (and later blows things up?)

Lydia as Phoebe, the rebellious psychic who gets the whole thing going by reading the spell that unlocks their powers. 

If a fanfic, wouldn’t need to be a full-on copy of the Charmed plot, I would just love to see the Bennets as the Charmed Ones!

(You could also change around Lizzie and Jane’s roles, since Jane as the oldest should technically have Prue’s powers, but I figured this arrangement best suits their personalities).

(Though I could totally see Lizzie exploding things when she gets mad about Darcy, and Jane using telekinesis to sew cool outfits and balance multiple cups of tea).

If someone decides to pick this up and go with it, please let me know!