lizzie and darcy kiss

It’s been THREE years since the first time we saw this

And this 

And this

And these two sharing these smiles

And bonus brain still fuzzy/can’t believe that just happened Darcy.


you take my hand and drag me head first fearless

I think the best part about both Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved is that we knew that Lizzie and Darcy and Emma and Alex were going to get together. They’re both so unique from my other OTPs because of that, because we didn’t have the will they/won’t they, we just knew it would happen. There was no question of it. 

But that didn’t lessen the anticipation. 

That didn’t make the secret smiles they would show at each when they thought no one was looking any less cute, nor their fights over misunderstandings and flaws any less painful. And it certainly didn’t make me any less happy when they finally admitted their feelings. 

So yes, it was never a question of if, but rather of when, but I think that’s what made all of this so special for me. 

  • Darcy [hastily beginning to leave]: I gotta go.
  • Lizzie: Aren’t you forgetting something?
  • Darcy: Uh… *looks confused, then kisses Lizzie’s forehead and runs out*
  • Lizzie: No! Pay your bill! Damn, who raised you?

anonymous asked:

I've had such a terrible day and your drabbles always make my day. Could you write a tiny Dizzie drabble?

There’s a strict no-cuddling policy in the napping pods.

(Technically it’s a non-fraternization policy restricted to company-provided sleep space. Pemberley Digital doesn’t prohibit inter-office romance; the heart wants what it wants. But Darcy can’t sanction snugging on company property.)

But he’s launching the next gen of Domino, and Lizzie has a new channel about to launch, and there have been a lot of late nights in their offices apart. They were meant to have lunch today, but it’s three o'clock and neither of them have been able to get away. Until a half hour ago, when he was forcibly removed from his office–banished from his desk by Reynolds, who said he looks terrible, and strong-armed into a mid-afternoon nap by Fitz, who told him he looks like stir-fried shit. When Lizzie climbs into the napping pod, crawling over his legs to collapse with a sign across his torso, the no-cuddling thing seems cruel and unusual.

He slides his hand into her hair as she settles herself more comfortably against his side, muttering sleepily against her forehead.

“Thought you had graphics this afternoon.”

She presses her nose against his neck. “Rescheduled. Katie sent me home.”


“I fell asleep in my sandwich.”

He’s almost too tired to laugh, but the rumble in his chest makes Lizzie harrumph and squeeze him roughly around his middle. 

“You’re one to talk,” she says. “I heard you got soup on your pants. Mr. I Never Spill.”

“I shall never live it down.”

She shakes her head and hikes her leg across his body. He gathers her close, already fuzzy and drifting back into soft drowsiness. 

“We’re working too hard,” Lizzie mumbles.


“Miss you,” she says.

“Me also,” he says.

She giggles. “Vacation soon?”


Lizzie kisses his jaw and sighs. “Where?”

Darcy strokes the hair from her forehead. He rolls them onto their sides, spooning against her, and breathes her in. “Sleep now,” he says.

Lizzie takes one of his hands in both of hers. “Yeah,” she says. “Hawaii sounds good.”

It’s the best sleep they’ve both had in weeks, and when they wake to head for home, it’s almost dawn. They climb right back into the bed they share, where fraternization is not only encouraged, but strictly enforced.

I’m sorry you’ve having a tough day, anon. I’m right there with you. Hope this makes you feel better.

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THIS IS A LITTLE UNRELATED BUT I NEEDED TO SPILL so I went on a date with this reaaallyyy cute guy, and at the end of the date we were standing at the top of this really romantic building and right before we kissed, our noses touched and THE THING AT THE END WHERE DARCY AND LIZZIE ALMOST KISS HAPPENED AND I MELTED AND YEA you were the first blog I could think of who would get it so yeah

Man. Did you happen to kiss his hands first and say “your hands are cold”??????????? (long shot i guess)