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Pls draw a lizard with double Ds working ward for the money she earns. Fishnets for bonus points

her job is being a lizard and standing on two D batteries and business is good 

she tried on the fishnets but there were none in her size and they kept getting stuck on her spines, despite her lack of flashy clothing (or any clothing at all) she remains the best paid performer at her club

Yana’s comment on Vincent and Frances (+ clarification of the family tree in ch103)


Kuroshitsuji chapter 132. It was fun to draw the conversation of the Phantomhive siblings. -Toboso

Come to speak of it, I was asked whether Frances isn’t blood-related (to Ciel) since she wasn’t mentioned in Ciel’s family tree that appeared (in the manga) a while ago, however, it was a family tree that featured “Ciel’s [direct] roots”, that’s why Frances, his aunt, wasn’t mentioned. [Vincent and Frances] are real siblings. -Toboso

There seem to be different versions of family trees, the big ones that show the [whole] lineage of the family, and the ones that only show one’s [direct] roots. But I think even if it were supposed to be a family tree with the whole lineage, Frances probably wouldn’t be shown in the family tree of the Phantomhives since she married out of the family. There’s not much detailed material on this though, so it’s just my guess. -Toboso

The Phantomhive siblings, Vincent and Frances, share the same concept as the Midfords siblings, Edward and Lizzie, i.e. I draw them with the typical image of “girls take after their father, boys after their mother” in mind. So maybe Ciel’s grandfather looks like Edward :) -Toboso  

Here’s  the family tree Yana is talking about (ch103)

Breaking NEWS: Guys, Cedric *maybe* looks like Edward!!!