TUMBLR TUESDAY, my ASK is open with anon on!

These first two ladies I think need no introduction. Both are inspiring me to do a triathlons, they should be inspiring you too. They both have jobs that consume them, huge hearts, and the ability to make time for themselves to train. Regainingmymoxy and Robindoesrunning

Lizwasrunning, I honestly don’t know what else to say about Liz that I didn’t already say in my last Tumblr Tuesday post. If you are looking for someone to follow that is going to leave it all out there and is rocking p90x she is a must follow.

I am not sure there are many people in our community that don’t know of Runlong and his epic ultra-marathons. Oh wait but not only is he a runner that hosts an interactive session every Sunday BUT he is also the race director of the Soaring Wings Half Marathon.

Makes hilarious videos, Dances, Sings, is a mom, has a full time job, and has a munchkin that makes her go to the gym. True story I think the munchkin likes the gym more than everyone else on this list combined. If you said, Who is Reluctantrunner Alex? you would be right.

Lindsaydoeslife, she is a fellow Weight Watcher, aka healthy eating, who has not only hit her goal but reached lifetime status today.  That means she has kept the weight off  +-2 lbs for the last 6 weeks. GO LINDSAY

I really think it is fitting that these last 3 all have the same percentage of my “love” they all of very similar sense of humor. And they all interact with each other and others in a very amusing fashion. Honestly following one you will still get glimpses of the others. ichoose2focus, runningwithguts, and tridad.

Tumblr Tuesday a day late

Robindoesrunning: If you ever aspire to do a triathalon she is a must follow. She embodies determination and what you can do when you believe in yourself.

EasybeingGreene: Emily and Jess are both amazing. I love reading about their running escapades. Plus Jess share my love of Ikea. One last thing you need to keep her honest on her new planking endeavor.

Bendoeslife: I think we all know about Ben and his amazing journey. Now we get to watch a new one as he starts prepping for marriage to his fiancee Brooke.

Lizwasrunninggg: I love Liz because she is so real. She shares her struggles and successes.  But more importantly she has some real life struggles besides trying to work on her healthy and fitness and she shares her perspective on those things too. Basically she doesn’t hold anything back.

Fat-to-fast: This is actually one of my newer follows but everything so far has been amazing.  She shares Robins affinity for fundraising, she is dedicated and has a great sense of humor.

Emilydoesscience: Emily I think was the second Tumblr I ever met, and when we first met I was totally supposed to get a picture with her and didn’t.  One of these days we will meet up for a run. But you should definitely look into following her. I think I have found most of my recent follows through her and she finds some of my favorite things on the web.

ReluctantRunner: She can teach you how to dougy really do you need any other reason to follow her?

HealthyAlexandria: Another new follow but she posts a lot of really good images and thoughts.

BigFatShoe: What can I say about Shoe? HE DID A FUCKING PULL UP. Seriously this has been a goal for a long time for me.  I keep working on it. but he totally owned that pull-up .