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Name: Alyssa Overtoom
Nickname: Pancakes, Pamcake, lil pan
Birthday: Feb. 26th
Gender: im a pancake (girl)
Sexual orientation: bi
Height: 5’3”
Favorite color: blues and aqua/minty greens
Time and date of current moment:  5:02 pm, one month prior my bday
Average hours of sleep: somehow i get 7 hours of sleep but it doesnt feel like it
Last thing I Googled: gaia online vibrant forest rig list
One place that makes me happy: my grandparents house when im alone there
How many blankets I sleep under: i have 3 rn but i only use one, its too hot but i need them

do it if you wanna =w=/

mesonoxianherald asked:

UR ocs on hells kitchen thoo

mimi: I didn’t come here to make friends; I CAME HERE TO WIN *burns literally everything and almost sets the kitchen on fire* HELP ME FRIENDS

rae: *opens a can of coke* ta-dah! *uses those manual can openers. looks into camera* upper body strength *clicks tongue* ladies

val (flower girl) : *probably cooks crazy well and works crazy well under immense pressure because, u kno, God’s been hounding her ass the whole canon story* *leaves positive little note cards under all the dishes*

aiden: we are in high school what makes u think we can cook 

so my little brother is 14 years old, and is turning 15 tomorrow

his birthday is 4/20

he has no idea why all our cousins (and myself) giggle at birthday parties when i say im going to blaze it(the cake candles). even his friends are in on this they showed up 3 years ago to his party and they go “Hahaha hey pedro happy 420″ and he replied “Yea thanks thats my birthday” to which they all apparently silently simultaneously agreed to not tell him anything and are also waiting for him to figure it out on his own

He’s a freshman in high school this year and has SOMEHOW still managed to not figure this out. I wonder how he will be told tomorrow  


2d art and design project all done!!! Made out of tourist trap brochures, an incredible amount of glue, and 13+ hours of cutting and pasting it all together with the help/collaberation of my art class squad of myself, sunkistmisfit, and porrimst4r

some captions on the pictures! 

(PSA the class was walking around looking at each others stuff, and almost everybody instantly recognized the blue blur and got excited over it ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ )

6luestar replied to your post:

“Mmmmm lets see if I’m still good at the knd style lemme boot the…”

no. 4 was always my fave

My fave was always Numbuh 42 lol

but!!! I love this angry little muchkin

sorry to hear Dee isnt on the recommissioned cast list, cant imagine poor Wally was all that happy after Nigel left, I know I’m still not over I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S

also, i need to practice my knd style more im so out of it lol