Remember To Live

Happiness is a feeling,
A feeling that can get you nowhere,
Besides in peoples hearts. And people’s hearts fill your soul with kindness.
Once you allow your soul to fill itself with kindness from within your body.
That is when you are the most vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

As you build bridges,
They destroy them as you think that the friendship you two behold is never-ending.
Then you uncover that the friendship you two had was nothing more than a dark, evil, depressing filled memory.
That you withhold in your most deeply thought of memories.

You think of how the companionship ended between you two.
You think of how they had the decency to shatter your soul into a million dark, tiny fragments never to be put in their original places. Ever Again.

As they left you with nothing more but the sorrow your heart has compelled you to live with.
Never to trust or forgive anyone ever again.
Ever since the friendship ended it has been just like this.
But these things cannot depress you into a dark state of anxiety, because the other person expects you to be like this. But you must always
Remember To Live.


It may seem like I don’t care for you. I always see you from a far. I know you never notice me staring at you. Since you’re always with your “friends.” I know you don’t notice how they betray you in every way possible. The second you turn around they burry a knife in your back. You see me just as another water drop in the ocean. Worthless of your time. But I always pretend not to care for you because I know I can mean nothing to you. I always sit there in the back of the room wondering if I’ll ever have the courage to change everything. With a single sentence I can show you how much I care, but I sit here watching time wither away, when I could be spending it with you. All because of one little thing we call Shyness.