Here’s some Heth art. I have owed an art trade to Lizkay for so long. I keep starting it and then scrapping ideas, haha. I need to bump that closer to the top of my priorities list.

Jacky and Alcanter havin’ some tea. I live in Texas, so I look forward to it being winter year round and I don’t need excuses to draw cold scenes and fuzzy blankets.

The bottom sketch is Teckon, who belongs to suzidragonlady. I’ve always kinda wanted to take a crack at his human face. I wanted to do more, but my computer is really fighting me with lag this morning, and it’s about bed time for me anyway.

FINALLY I have remembered to post these. I am terrible.

I was waiting for Lizkay’s package to arrive but the day it got here was the same day I got dog bit XD Then I let myself get distracted. ANYWAY, here are my seasonal packages for 2013. 

From Recklessjack: A Hhoota bookmark that I love, and a glitter coated christmas card!


From xKaseix: Some rocks! And a sketch of Gale that my ipod camera did not treat very well >:I it’s sitting on my shelf now. I couldn’t take this picture outside because it’s so windy.

From Lizkay and Suzidragonlady: CANDY. So much candy. I am spoiled. There’s also a box of tea, two cards, a tiny calender, a dessert that I look forward to trying to cook (and making a disaster of) and some rocks from Spain! There were four rocks, but by the time I took this picture my dad had already made off with one of them. He got a share of the candy too. He is also spoiled.

I got a package in the mail today! This makes the second in about a week, I’ll make a post in the coming days. I’ve been waiting for this one to arrive XD

I also still have one I need to send. Most of my spare change has been going to antibiotics for one of my pets (who seems to be showing progress, finally!)