Model: LizJuice

Photographer: LizJuice

These are some noname rings I’ve bought in Chania a Portcity of Crete (Greece). I was suprised to find there a Teru Teru ring, even if this one is so small I have to bought it. These rings are definetly insprired by japanse pop culture. It was a small shop, filled with crazy printed T-Shirts and Retro Radio Bags.

And I’ve noticed that they’re selling stuff from an japanese brand I don’t know.


Artist: LizJuice

Movie: My Neighbour Totoro

I was sketching yesterday, and I took my plush pendant to keep me in the right mood. Totoro is one of my favourite movie charakters ever and still now. So I thought: ‘you should do it, it’s good, because he is good♥.’

And here we have a very simple colour sketch, I think it looks really near like an original. ^_^

Model: LizJuice

Designer/Brand: LizJuice

Collection: Pastel Space Collection

Today I was wearing my beloved and self made and designed Pastel Space Collection. I reallly love the Rocket and… well, all of this stuff. A pity that you can’t see my wonderful pastel lila planet earrings….


Model: LizJuice

Jacket: Deorart

Skirt: Yessica

Bag: Sanrio

Jewellry: Konplott & real hand made silver stuff

So as we was at the way back to our academy, marikuishiyutaru have took a photo from me. I want a schooloutfit photo for so long, thank you♥

Before I forgot: I f*ckin’ LOVE this expensive Starbucks frappuchinos♥ So have to bought me one small after eating my ramen~

So you can see my wonderful Kuromi bag in front of the shop I’ve bought it ^_^



Artist: LizJuice

This is taken @ work in the academy this week. This art card is called: ‘Dedicated to Pink’.

The See Horse is the Faith, the Heart is the Love and the pink is the Reason. I’ve made it, because I LOVE pink and I wear this colour on the top of my head for ages. It’s important for me and so… I’ve thought I can made a card with a reason who my own head wants.

Brand: san-x

Mascots: Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma

Here is my second mascot collection photo. This is all what I have from the Rilakkuma bear and his friend Korilakkuma. I love Kurilakkuma more… ‘cause I’m not a friend of brown colour, sorry XD

The newest ones are the pretty headphones♥ Bought them a little more as a week ago~

Brand: LizJuice

This was a loooong way to walk, to made this wonderful & pretty necklace. I was experimental with my polymer clay… and this is what is comes out. It’s inspired by LM.C and Plastic Tree. But more from LM.C, a great japanese band who mixes many different music genres together. They have a total unique style I think♥

The latest album from LM.C is called STRONG POP. So here we are for the title of this accessory. ♥ I don’t know if I should sell this very fist POP accessory… or if this should stay on my side… please decide by yourself. I would sell it to a customer who love it like me♥


Artist: LizJuice

OC: D'Naria

This is the basic drawing sketch for a watercolour ‘artcard’ I’ve made this to decide the colours for her… it was hard and simple together to made her hair, eyes, body and fishtail.

But in the end I really like her. And please note: SHE LIVES IN THE DEEP, DEEP SEA. HER BODY IS UNDER HIGH PRESSURE, AND HAVE TO BE FLEXIBLE. <- This is why I take this pose.

I hope you like her, it would be wonderful♥