Model: LizJuice

Photographer: LizJuice

These are some noname rings I’ve bought in Chania a Portcity of Crete (Greece). I was suprised to find there a Teru Teru ring, even if this one is so small I have to bought it. These rings are definetly insprired by japanse pop culture. It was a small shop, filled with crazy printed T-Shirts and Retro Radio Bags.

And I’ve noticed that they’re selling stuff from an japanese brand I don’t know.


Artist: LizJuice

Movie: My Neighbour Totoro

I was sketching yesterday, and I took my plush pendant to keep me in the right mood. Totoro is one of my favourite movie charakters ever and still now. So I thought: ‘you should do it, it’s good, because he is good♥.’

And here we have a very simple colour sketch, I think it looks really near like an original. ^_^

Model: LizJuice

Designer/Brand: LizJuice

Collection: Pastel Space Collection

Today I was wearing my beloved and self made and designed Pastel Space Collection. I reallly love the Rocket and… well, all of this stuff. A pity that you can’t see my wonderful pastel lila planet earrings….


Brand: san-x

Design: Sentimental Circus

I really have to say: Sentimental Circus is the very best mascot series I’ve ever know. It’s so damn cute and melancholic and oldschool and… well ALL for me in one♥

So I started to collect some of them and here is my small collection♥ I love all and use everything~


These very, very beautiful real silver pieces are bought in Crete (Greece). For me is it the greatest place to get real silver accessoires. I love the old designs and this work. My favourite pieces are the big ring with the black onyx in the middle and the markasits arround, the mermaid pendant and the dolphin ring.

The dolphin accessoires you can gat at this island always remember me on my childhood and this mythology of greece.

Artist: LizJuice

OC: D'Naria

This is the basic drawing sketch for a watercolour ‘artcard’ I’ve made this to decide the colours for her… it was hard and simple together to made her hair, eyes, body and fishtail.

But in the end I really like her. And please note: SHE LIVES IN THE DEEP, DEEP SEA. HER BODY IS UNDER HIGH PRESSURE, AND HAVE TO BE FLEXIBLE. <- This is why I take this pose.

I hope you like her, it would be wonderful♥


Model: LizJuice

Jacket: Deorart

Skirt: Yessica

Bag: Sanrio

Jewellry: Konplott & real hand made silver stuff

So as we was at the way back to our academy, marikuishiyutaru have took a photo from me. I want a schooloutfit photo for so long, thank you♥

Before I forgot: I f*ckin’ LOVE this expensive Starbucks frappuchinos♥ So have to bought me one small after eating my ramen~

So you can see my wonderful Kuromi bag in front of the shop I’ve bought it ^_^



Artist: LizJuice

This is taken @ work in the academy this week. This art card is called: ‘Dedicated to Pink’.

The See Horse is the Faith, the Heart is the Love and the pink is the Reason. I’ve made it, because I LOVE pink and I wear this colour on the top of my head for ages. It’s important for me and so… I’ve thought I can made a card with a reason who my own head wants.

Brand: san-x

Mascots: Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma

Here is my second mascot collection photo. This is all what I have from the Rilakkuma bear and his friend Korilakkuma. I love Kurilakkuma more… ‘cause I’m not a friend of brown colour, sorry XD

The newest ones are the pretty headphones♥ Bought them a little more as a week ago~

Brand: LizJuice

This was a loooong way to walk, to made this wonderful & pretty necklace. I was experimental with my polymer clay… and this is what is comes out. It’s inspired by LM.C and Plastic Tree. But more from LM.C, a great japanese band who mixes many different music genres together. They have a total unique style I think♥

The latest album from LM.C is called STRONG POP. So here we are for the title of this accessory. ♥ I don’t know if I should sell this very fist POP accessory… or if this should stay on my side… please decide by yourself. I would sell it to a customer who love it like me♥



Band: Plastic Tree

DVD Boxes: TENT & Ch.P

Finally I’m a happy Pura girl, because I’ve got my beloved TENT DVD box♥ It’s my absolute favourite one! The sound, the outfits, the hall, the band, the outfits from the performing members, all is just perfect at this concert….

and what should I say? This box was expensive, HOLY SHIT. So I’ve waited and waited… and then, I’ve got THE CHANCE to buy it by the half price! It has need a long time (about 5 weeks) to arrive, but… my ‘pura-ness’ is filled out with happy feelings now♥

EDIT: I’ll show you the inner DVD’s and the exclusive goods pouch annother time.. maybe this weekend♥